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Dear Sir/Madam:


I appreciate your time in seeing my application.


My name is Luyuanfei, I will graduate from CAU(ChinaAgriculturalUniversity)next July.I am looking forward to an opportunity to be a dispatcher in your company and contribute myself to my work.


Attitudes predict behavior, my unceasing optimism, self-determination and ability to set goals allowed me to achieve academic and personal objectives. During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. Not only I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with others freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question. There is a will, there is a way. I got the outstanding performance through my hard study.


The reputation and growth of your company has attracted me. I am eager to be a member of your corporation. All I need is a starting point.


I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


                                 Your sincerely


记录3--ubuntu在grub resume里修复引导

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  • u013571243
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VB 及 Lotusscript中 Resume 的用法

在错误处理程序结束后,恢复原有的运行。 语法 Resume [0] Resume Next Resume line Resume 语句的语法可以具有以下任何一种形式: 语句 ...
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  • zhai4902176
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Phonegap事件之resume事件 当 应用重新从后台恢复到前台时    事件触发 类似android 中activity生命周期里的 resume   支持平台: Amazon Fir...
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  • aaawqqq
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VBS之on error resume next用法

VBScript语言提供了两个语句和一个对象来处理"运行时错误",如下所示: On Error Resume Next语句 On Error Goto 0语句 Err对象 简单...
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  • icanlove
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VB中On Error Resume Next 什么意思,一般在什么情况下使用

发生错误时 让程序继续执行下一句代码 Private Sub Form_Load() On Error Resume Next Debug.Print 1 / 0 MsgBox "继续执行" End ...
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  • NCTU_to_prove_safety
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主activity报空指针异常java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resume activity

主activity 包含的fragment的listview为空导致 原被 包含的fragment的onCreateView代码 public class RuzhangFragment exten...
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从头认识多线程-1.11 suspend和resume缺点-独占

这一章节我们来讨论一下suspend缺点-独占。1.return的失效package com.ray.deepintothread.ch01.topic_11; public class Suspe...
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1、suspend将线程挂起,运行->阻塞;调用后并不释放所占用的锁 resume将线程解挂,阻塞->就绪 2、suspend和resume这两种方法不建议使用,因为存在很多弊端。 (1)独占:...
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