OpenCL Cookbook: Series Reference

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OpenCL Cookbook: Series Reference

Recently I’d been writing a number of primer articles on OpenCL programming under the common reference name of ‘OpenCL Cookbook’ but, caught up in the content, I had completely forgotten to provide a single point of reference to all articles in the series. Here it is finally. This page will always be kept up-to-date, in chronological order, with all new articles in the series.

  1. OpenCL Cookbook: Listing all platforms and their attributes
  2. OpenCL Cookbook: Listing all devices and their critical attributes
  3. OpenCL Cookbook: Creating contexts and reference counting
  4. OpenCL Cookbook: Creating programs and reading kernels from a file
  5. OpenCL Cookbook: Building a program and debugging failures
  6. OpenCL Cookbook: Hello World using C host binding
  7. OpenCL Cookbook: Hello World using C++ host binding
  8. OpenCL Cookbook: Parallelise your host loops using OpenCL
  9. OpenCL Cookbook: Hello World using C# Cloo host binding
  10. OpenCL Cookbook: How to leverage multiple devices in OpenCL
  11. OpenCL Cookbook: Compiling OpenCL with Ubuntu 12.10, Unity, AMD 12.11 beta drivers & AMD APP SDK 2.7
  12. OpenCL Cookbook: Using amdconfig/aticonfig – a powerful utility in the AMD OpenCL toolset on Linux
  13. OpenCL Cookbook: Running remote multi-gpu OpenCL computations over SSH on Ubuntu or Debian using AMD Catalyst drivers
  14. OpenCL Cookbook: Multi device utilisation strategies
  15. OpenCL Cookbook: 10 tips for high performance kernels

《Mali-T600系列GPU OpenCL开发者指南》第六章< 为Mali GPU调整现有OpenCL代码>笔记

本章介绍如何为 Mali GPU 优化现有的 OpenCL 代码。它包含以下小节:  > 关于为优化现有代码  > 为优化现有代码的步骤   6.1 关于为 Mali GPU 优化现有 OpenC...
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本文将作为我《从零开始做OpenCL开发》系列文章的第一篇。   1 异构计算、GPGPU与OpenCL   OpenCL是当前一个通用的由很多公司和组织共同发起的多CPU\GPU\...
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