IELST writing task 3

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As for elderly, living in caring house is better than living at home with young children. Present your argument to illustrate whether you agree or disagree.



Nowadays more and more elderly choose living in caring house. Some people are of the opinion that caring houses provide old people with a better environment than homes. Personally I agree with this opinion for the following reasons.

In the first instance, caring house provides the elderly with comparatively first-rate facilities and services, which the family is lacking in. Nowadays working couple need to face intense competition, they need to make more money to support their family. As a result, working couple have less time to care for old people especially when the elderly suffer from serious disease. On the contrary, when old people live in caring houses, nurses can attend their need and advanced facilities also provide a good treatment.

Secondly, in caring houses the older people can meet people of similar age group, taste and hobby who know more about the elderly. The young generation often has a different life style from old generation. Young people many feel other’s presence would upset. Besides, the older people need more serenity and rest while the young need more activities when the elderly choose living in caring house they need not worry about this problem.

Last but not least, elder people living in caring house can maintain harmony of family atmosphere. It is quite obvious that there is a generation gap between the older people and adult children. For example, old people fear change. They adhere to the traditional principle and customs while young people welcome new idea. They are always trying new things. It is inevitable that older people and adult children might have different opinions on something. These differences might result in the disagreement even discord.

From what has been discussed above, we may draw the conclusion that elderly people living in caring house is a good practice not only for adult children but also for older people. However, it does not mean children will give up the responsibility to care older people.

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