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Welcome to the official EnGarde Secure Linux Community website. EnGarde Secure Linux is a Linux server distribution that is geared toward providing a open source platform that is highly secure by default as well as easy to administer. EnGarde Secure Linux includes a select group of open source packages configured to provide maximum security for tasks such as serving dynamic websites, high availability mail transport, network intrusion detection, and more. The Community edition of EnGarde Secure Linux is completely free and open source, and online security and application updates are also freely available with GDSN registration.
  The Community Edition of EnGarde Secure Linux was designed to support features suitable for individuals, students, security enthusiasts, and those wishing to evaluate the level of security and ease of management available in Guardian Digital enterprise products. Its development is very much driven by not only the requests from the community, but also their continued participation.

The Community Edition is a dynamic, rapidly-evolving product that serves to exhibit the best-of-breed applications currently under development. Guardian Digital enterprise products provide greater levels of support, support for more advanced hardware, more sophisticated upgrade path, and features more suitable for enterprises, including support for our other enterprise applications.

  * Simple & Secure Remote Administration
  * Powerful Host Intrusion Detection
  * Secure Network Services
  * Built-in Support and Alerts
  * Robust Network Intrusion Detection
  * Quick and Secure Web, DNS email, FTP
  * Network Gateway Firewall
  * Monitor System Access
  * Protect Against Data Loss
  * Security Control Center
  * Engineered to be Secure
  * Significantly Reduces Support Costs


SSH Secure Shell Client—远程控制linux工具

此工具可以使用命令远程控制Linux,而且可以方便地与Linux系统进行文件的交互,使其在Linux与Windows之间搭起一座便捷的桥梁。 使用SSH Secure Shell Client远程控制...


使用secure CRT的SFTP在LINUX与WINDOWS下交换文件 很多用户还是经常在WINDOWS下完成日常工作的,但是同时在管理或测试LINUX系统的时候需要经常与远程LINUX服务器交换...

Linux ssh --Secure Shell客户端

用途说明 ssh命令是Linux下常用的远程登录客户端工具,它常用来替代telnet,因为telnet采用明文传输,安全性差,而ssh采用安全传输机制,是远程访问的首选。   常用方式 格式:...

Linux 下的 ATA Secure Erase

在固太硬盘使用过程中会产生很多碎片,随着碎片的增加固态硬盘的性能也会大大降低,我们可以通过hdparm命令发送ATA Secure Erase 指令将固态硬盘恢复到初始状态来提高硬盘的性能。 使用注意...

Linux scp --Secure copy 远程拷贝文件

scp是secure copy的简写,用于在Linux下进行远程拷贝文件的命令,和它类似的命令有cp,不过cp只是在本机进行拷贝不能跨服务器,而且scp传输是加密的。可能会稍微影响一下速度。当你服务器...

Windows中用SSH Secure Shell Client与Linux共享 2010-02-2

原文地址:http://hi.baidu.com/stoneboy100200/blog/item/e6ad8210f928088b6438db45.html 在linux 与 windows的...

反Secure Boot垄断:兼谈如何在Windows 8电脑上安装Linux

一、自由软件基金会的呼吁 上周,2012年将近结束的时候,自由软件基金会(FSF)发出呼吁,要求人们继续支持反Secure Boot垄断,希望签名者能达到5万人(目前是4万)。 我觉得,这...
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SSH Secure Shell Client用pub key认证登录linux

启动: Edit->settings->Keys 点击“Generate New”->重复点下一步 接着先要用“密码认证方式登录一下” 登录后,再到Edit->Settings...

SSH Secure 链接虚拟机Linux系统

使用SSH Secure Sheel Client 向Linux系统传输文件

反Secure Boot垄断:兼谈如何在Windows 8电脑上安装Linux

感谢HQSQ的投递 一、自由软件基金会的呼吁 上周,2012年将近结束的时候,自由软件基金会(FSF)发出呼吁,要求人们继续支持反Secure Boot垄断,希望签名者能达到5万人(目前是4万)。...