How boring is it today!

原创 2006年06月10日 17:56:00

Everything is ocurred by some reasons ,however,annoyance is always coming without any reasons.Today , I am so upset.There are no any reasons.I only feel my aim is so little ,which I may be not  reach.Everybody bielieves that there will be sucess if one endeavor to do by some ways .I believe it so well.But I am often annoyed in  a short period .During the period, I made an effort to do my specialized subjects.Because of no great progress, I will be in bad mood in spite of  continuing to work. 

maybe,I need some advice.I need some encourage from my friends and my girlfriend.I need apprehension. I need strong and persistance more.

I should find the bright sunny day with easy and happy mood. I am a stronger. I am excited, positive, sincere and ambitious. I am a courteous, pleasant, and well-motivated young man. I am not gloomy, cold-blooded, negative , complaining ,irresponsible  and  conservative older heart age gink (odd fish/crackpot/kook).


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