I did nothing recently.

原创 2006年06月14日 22:10:00

If you say I have done somthing certainly, It is true that I have entertained for a short time. Recently I just try to change my feeling from upset to happiness. I think it is bad if I am being in the state still.

yesterday,My frind JohnYang fell out of love.he was suffering bitterly.He dated me to go for a walk and He told me the said things for him.I tried to console him. He doesn't have any choice more.They must break apart because she (his girl friend) didn't leave a litter of hopeness for him. He despaired totally. I thought I cann't do any things except of listening to.  After we walked around our campus two loops, his mood became good a little.

I think he is a wonderful and mature boy. He has good temper,excellent scores, extensive hobbies, and kind heart. He should not be injured, He should have a romance love. I hope there is not  biases in his attitude for other good and kind girls after this experiece. I wish the painful time pass quickly for him and he stand on his feet soon from the bad shadow.

this afternoon, I told the things to xiaoguang. She also sad sorry for my frind JohnYang. I believe we have bright  beautiful, and warm tomorrow for our lives like the song 'tomorrow will be better' sang by Luo,dayou. I will love xiaoguang for ever and care about her eternal.I will protect her from being injured. I have promised it.  



UVA - 11222 Only I did it!

题目大意:T 个样例,每个 3 行,分别代表第 1 2 3 个人做的题数,每行第一个数字表示他做了几题,后面是题目编号。我们要找到每个样例中单独完成的题目最多的人,也就是在自己完成的题目当中,另外两个...

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Cheap North Face Gilet The first prank I tried to do I did because everyday he came into my office (

The first prank I tried to do I did because Cheap North Face Gilet everyday he came into my office...

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public class LRUCache { private Map map = null; private int capacity; private int size; ...

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现在的数据越来越多的被存储,对于数据库来讲,访问大数据量会变得越来越慢,于是为了提高访问的速度,将小范围区域的数据存储在一个高速缓冲存储器,以至于不会每次去读取磁盘,而是在内存中直接访问数据。 内存存...

(gedit:1962): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbe

解决方案: 使用 sudo mkdir -p /root/.local/share/命令创建目录: /root/.local/share 这两天捣腾Ubuntu11.10的时候,...

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