W3C Semantic Web Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the Semantic Web?

1.1. How would you define the main goals of the Semantic Web?
1.2. What are the major building blocks of the Semantic Web?
1.3. What is the “killer application” for the Semantic Web?
1.4. Will I “see” the Semantic Web in my everyday browser?
1.5. Is the Semantic Web just research, or does it have industrial applications?
1.6. Does one have to understand the theory of formal ontologies and logic to use the Semantic Web?
1.7. How is the Semantic Web related to the existing Web?
1.8. Aren't there major copyright questions if the data in an integration process are cached?
1.9. What is the Semantic Web activity at W3C?

2. How does the Semantic Web relate to…

2.1. … Artificial Intelligence?
2.2. … Description Logic?
2.3. … XML? When should I use RDF and when should I use XML?
2.4. … XML Schemas? What do ontologies buy me that XML and XML Schema don't?
2.5. … HTML meta headers?
2.6. … tagging, folksonomies
2.7. … microformats
2.8. … Web 2.0?


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