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PlantUMLis a component that allows to quickly write :

Diagrams are defined using asimple and intuitive language.

They can be generated in PNG or SVG format.It is also possible to generate ASCII artdiagrams (only for sequence diagrams).

Each diagram description begins with the keyword @startumlthen ends with the keyword @enduml.

You can refer to thePlantUML Language Reference Guide.

Thoses descriptions may be included into :

Of course, if you use Html, LaTeX, APT or Java/C/C++ files, you should putdiagram descriptions into comments.

File naming

By default, .png file have the same name as thesource file used to generated them (only the extension changes).

An automatic sequence is added if a source file contains severaloccurences of @startuml.

It is possible to use a different file name for the .pngfile. For example:

@startuml image.png
Alice->Bob: Authentication Request
Bob-->Alice: Authentication Response

In this example, the .png file will be named image.png.

(Please note that you should not use this feature with Wordintegration.)


To launch diagram's images generation, you should have Java 1.5installed on your machine, and optionally Graphvizsoftware which are used for all diagrams but sequence diagrams .

You can then download the jar file plantuml.jar,and save it on your local disk.

You can run it using several ways:

在 Eclipse 里使用 PlantUML

原文地址: PlantUML 简介 PlantUML 是一个开源项目,通过简单并带指引性语言定义来定义各种...
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注意:PlantUML一定要用到Graphviz。PlantUML使用Graphviz来生成相关图形(只有序列图可以不依赖它),其它图形都需要,因此得安装它,否则生成图形失败,且报错。 1.下载更新 ...
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PlantUML 使用

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活动图(新语法) 当前活动图(activity diagram)的语法有诸多限制和缺点,比如代码难以维护。 所以从V7947开始提出一种全新的、更好的语法格式和软件实现供用户使...
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Idea(Mac) 安装 PlantUML

IntelliJ IDEA PlantUML Graphviz
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