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PlantUMLis a component that allows to quickly write :

Diagrams are defined using asimple and intuitive language.

They can be generated in PNG or SVG format.It is also possible to generate ASCII artdiagrams (only for sequence diagrams).

Each diagram description begins with the keyword @startumlthen ends with the keyword @enduml.

You can refer to thePlantUML Language Reference Guide.

Thoses descriptions may be included into :

Of course, if you use Html, LaTeX, APT or Java/C/C++ files, you should putdiagram descriptions into comments.

File naming

By default, .png file have the same name as thesource file used to generated them (only the extension changes).

An automatic sequence is added if a source file contains severaloccurences of @startuml.

It is possible to use a different file name for the .pngfile. For example:

@startuml image.png
Alice->Bob: Authentication Request
Bob-->Alice: Authentication Response

In this example, the .png file will be named image.png.

(Please note that you should not use this feature with Wordintegration.)


To launch diagram's images generation, you should have Java 1.5installed on your machine, and optionally Graphvizsoftware which are used for all diagrams but sequence diagrams .

You can then download the jar file plantuml.jar,and save it on your local disk.

You can run it using several ways:

PlantUML 使用

用了一款android studio的 画图插件,觉得还行,推荐给大家下。         安装方式: 首先安装好 Graphviz,然后安装 android studio 插件即可 详细使用网...

GitLab 之 PlantUML 的配置及使用

UML 统一建模语言是一个通用的可视化建模语言,用于对软件进行描述、可视化处理、构造和建立软件系统制品的文档。PlantUML 是一个开源项目,支持快速绘制时序图、流程图、活动图、状态图、用例图、类图...


PlantUML是一个快速创建UML图形的组件,官网上之所以称它是一个组件,我 想主要是因为多数情况下我们都是在Eclipse、NetBenas、Intellijidea、 Emacs、 Sublim...
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1.They are implicitly linked in their definition order. @startuml :Hello world; :This is on define...

IDEA PlantUML画图神器

使用编程语言来描述图表,自动绘图.1.idea打开setting 2.找到pulgin. add plantuml integration 3.可能遇到,cannot find Graphviz,...
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PlantULM 快速入门

时序图 @startuml title 时序图 == 鉴权阶段 == Alice -> Bob: 请求 Bob -> Alice: 应答 == 数据上传 == Alice -> Bob: ...


Unified Modeling Language (UML)又称统一建模语言或标准建模语言,用来描述 类(对象的)、对象、关联、职责、行为、接口、用例、包、顺序、协作,以及状态。是帮助自己理清众多类...

UML类图关系(泛化 、继承、实现、依赖、关联、聚合、组合

UML类图关系(泛化 、继承、实现、依赖、关联、聚合、组合) 继承、实现、依赖、关联、聚合、组合的联系与区别 分别介绍这几种关系: 继承 指的是一个类(称为子类、子接口)继承另外的一个...


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PlantUML —— 应用于 Eclipse 的简单快速的 UML 编辑软件

PlantUML —— 应用于 Eclipse 的简单快速的 UML 编辑软件 简介: 在应用系统软件开发过程中,如果软件由很多对象组成,它的结构仅仅凭借分析很难理清,同时为了有利于软件的开发及重用...