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Sept.28, a sunny Friday, I had an interview with Live labs from Microsoft.

I arrived at #19 at 8:00am, and wait until 9:25am to talk with HR. After 10 minutes talk, he found that I would have my next interview with Live labs in downtown Seattle:( Then at 11:30am, finally I got Smith Tower in Pioneer Square, and started my 5 hrs interview.

Maybe my timing was not that good, the interview schedule changed several times. Everybody had his own plan for the weekend, not enough time to meet with me. But I really enjoyed the process. There was a berkerly graduated PM who had lunch with me, and another PM who spilt water all over the desk. There was a Asian guy who looked like Zuming Fang with great voice and a Spanish beauty who was really nice... Finally was the SDET lead, who talked with me a lot of team work.

I think the whole process went on well, I was not nervous at all. Another lucky thing was that, they didn't ask me much of technique questions:-) However, I was still declined by Live labs this afternoon, only 2 days after the interview!! They need someone who's more skilled...

The brighter part is that, I will have another interview with MS next week, OFFICE team. Maybe they can accept me, a fresh graduate with no experience but passion. It's just a headache even thinking of flying to Seattle again. With >7hr flight, I can almost get my sweet home in China.


Wish myself succeed!


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