Matt Bross Joins Huawei as Global Chief Technology Officer

[Shenzhen, China, 30 September, 2009] Huawei, a leader in providingnext-generation telecommunications network solutions for operatorsaround the world, today announced that Matt Bross, the form...
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Shenzhen dragnet

A massive sweep by police in Shenzhen during thecountdown to National Day celebrations has netted about 30 Hong Kongresidents among more than 800 people hauled off the streets anddetained.Be...
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First Listings on Shenzhen Board Priced at High End

SHANGHAI — The first 10 companies due to list on ChiNext, theNasdaq-style board in China, plan to sell shares at price-to-earningsratios that are 50 percent above those of their main-board peers, ...
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Suzy Gershman’s Postcard from Shenzhen, China

Dear Peter,You know that we usually save our political discussions for over dinner and in person and I would hardly send a postcard of my views, but now that I have seen the New Shenzhen, I feel...
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Shenzhen artists stand out in national fine arts exhibition

More than 70 works by Shenzhen artists have been selected for the 11thChina National Fine Arts Exhibition (CNFAE), an indicator that artistsfrom the city have become an important force on the na...
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Asia gaining on New York and London as global financial centres

London and New York’s positions as the world’s leadingfinancial centres are being challenged by the rise of Asian cities,according to a survey released Tuesday.The latest independentGlobal F...
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Web rise in China

Shenzhen, China - WhenJiang Dabao lost a hand to a molding machine three years ago, his bosssaid he wasnt eligible for workers compensation. Unemploya...
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Shenzhen OCT, China Merchants Property buy land in Shenzhen

Sep.15, 2009  - Shenzhen Overseas Chinese TownHolding and China Merchants Property Development CoLtd have jointly won the bid for a piece ofresidential land in Baoan District, Shenzhen, Gu...
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Shenzhen BYD plans Shenzhen float

Battery and electric car producer BYD Co plans to list itself on theShenzhen Stock Exchange next year with a 100 million share issue toraise funds for its new energy vehicle projects, according to...
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Rewards for informants paying off for Shenzhen

SHENZHEN : More than 200,000 yuan ($29,280) has been doled out to informants with tips about criminal activity in just over a month.The rewards were green-lighted in mid-July by the government of this South China city, which normally request...
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Milestone AV Technologies Announces Office Move in Shenzhen

MINNEAPOLIS----Milestone AV Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of Chief, Sanus Systems and Raxxess™ brand AV accessories, is pleased to announce that its Shenzhen, Chi...
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Firefox 里面需要使用function showHotspot(){    if(document.mp.document.readyState=="complete")    {                     var len = PointArray.length;        if(len!=0)        {                for(var i=0;i...
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China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co to Launch New Investment

Recently WrittenClassical Chinese Painting Exhibition Carried out in Nansha guangzhou Guangzhou to Ensure 80% Reduction in Total Illegal Land Usage Huangpu Guangzhou Becomes National Demonstra...
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Guangzhou Welcomes Animals

Recently Written Guangzhou Welcomes Animals Personalized car plates available in Guangzhou Langham Hotel to open in Guangzhou China’s first quality and credit assessment system to be built...
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c# vd2005 动态分配字符串数组大小问题,用ArrayList

c# vd2005 动态分配字符串数组大小问题,用ArrayList ...
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写一个应用程序,监视一个文件夹,如果文件里面有新的FLV文件,则调用flvmdi对这个flv文件进行信息注入.flvmdi文件我等会儿会放到你的共享文件里关于flvmdi的用法可以查看:http://www.buraks.com/flvmdi/   private const string FILE_PATH = @"C:Documents and SettingsAdmini...
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TaskVision 需要引用 Excel.dll .在我的机器上找不到Excel.dll,怎么办?

在我的机器上找不到Excel.dll,怎么办?答:你可以找到一个Excel9.olb在vs2003命令提示里面输入tlbimp Excel9.olb 就可以了for example如果 Excel9.olb在C:/c:/>tlbimp Excel9.olb ...
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经过微软.net   Framework 2.0的革新,.net平台的开发越来越精彩。笔者收集基于.net开发的n个项目,一方面为新手提供有价值学习资源,培养起软件开发的乐趣,另一方面共勉已从事.net领域工作多年并有明确发展目标的同仁,提高自己,更上一层楼。SharpDevelop强大的插件系统,通过Addin构建成一个功能齐全的.net开发IDE。核心是AddInTree。跟随...
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 前一阵子,我们项目组在开展CMM学习,CMM的精髓之一,也就是将所有的事务以文档的形式管理起来,因此,在长达半年的学习过程中,每个人都投入了大量时间撰写各类文档,文档齐全当然是件好事,但是当文档的制作会占据大量我们原本就宝贵的开发时间的时候,这些文档是否还必要就成为每个开发人员所担心的事情了,最后就变成了为了记载文档而记载文档,这也是CMM很容易流于形式的原因之一了。        那么,反观我...
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花生壳官方是不支持绑定你的顶级域名的。 如果你需要绑定顶级域名,你可能需要重ORAY里注册,或者,把DNS改到ORAY去,还需要收费。 但是,我教你一招,可以让花生壳免费绑定你的顶级域名。 就是,你在ORAY里申请一个免费域名,比如。aaa.vicp.cc。 然后,你在你的域名比如www.xxx.com管理里处, 把域名的CNAME(不是IP,是域名)指向aaa.vicp.cc, 然后,在服务器或...
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