Kudaz v1.9.9.9 by Suzuki

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  • Caution(on overwriting versions prior to as some binary storage styles have changed, existing users should delete the following types of files from Kudaz install folder before running Kudaz for the first time after install , if it is being installed in a folder of any prior version. Otherwise, Kudaz may well crash while it is running: *.fml, *.bin, *.mru
  • fixed Fixed: Memory leaks on auto-completion items loading and on bringing up Configuration dialog. (Some amount of memory space occupied by the operations was not released after use)
  • fixed Fixed: Every awkward bug in including those related to HTML image recognition.
  • improved Faster and better auto-completion.
  • improved Increased stability, reliability.

  • Syntax-highlighting for 45 languages/scripts as follows. (fully user-configurable). C/C++ , CA-Clipper, Cascading Style Sheet , COAS Product Manager Report, COBOL , CORBA IDL , Fortran, Foxpro, Gembase, GW-TEL , HP48, HTML, INI File , Inno Setup Script, Java , JavaScript, Modula 3, MS VBScript , MS-DOS Batch , Object Pascal, Perl, PHP , Python, SQL, Standard ML , Structured Text, Tcl/Tk, TeX, Visual Basic , x86 Assembly , XML , Modelica, Semanta Data Dictionary, Galaxy, Cache Object Script, KiXtart, Haskell, Unreal, Progress, UNIX Shell Script, C#, 68HC11, Assembler, AWK, Baan 4GL, Borland Forms.
  • Fully user-configurable automatic word correction.
  • Fully user-configurable automatic code-completion.
  • User-configurable programming source template support (flexible).
  • Supprts Unix/Macintosh/Windows line formats.
  • Detecting current file change by other applications.
  • HTML Quick Table wizard.
  • HTML Color palette.
  • Prefixing/suffixing lines.
  • Removing lines containing certain text.
  • Removing lines devoid of certain text.
  • Powerful SnipText box that accommodates user-defined text snips.
  • Useful and handy Folders panel for quick access to files and folders
  • Advanced MRU manager
  • Few but handy HTML-related functions
  • Find/Replace
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • On the spot file-manipulation(rename, move, delete, ...)
  • Line-sorting(ascending/descending/case-insensitive,-sensitive)
  • Triple text selection mode :Normal/Column/Line
  • Auto-indent.
  • Highlighting the current line
  • Show line number option
  • User-configurable file types for View In Browser operation
  • Trimming leading/trailing blanks(trim trailing spaces on save)
  • Line spacing
  • Adjustable tab size
  • Block-indent/outdent (Tab-indent support)
  • Visible right edge
  • Converting Tabs to spaces
  • Backup creation
  • Advanced user-configurable filter configuration
  • Remembers bookmarks/last status of a document
  • Shows opened file attributes on the status bar
  • HTML tag stripping
  • Removing empty lines only
  • ....


Shinichi Suzuki:Nurtured by Love-The classic Approach to Talent Education

from  http://bbs.huasing.org/bbs.php?B=179_11783780 发觉自己一下子写完好像很痛苦,看这里这么冷清,先贴一部分上来。。。因为读的是英文的,所以写...
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昨天晚上一个群友在群里问我一个问题。他当时在给Oracle 10g配置C3P0连接池。最起初呢,这家伙用的是ojdbc14.jar。写法是标准的Spring的写法,但是就是不行。后来我说,你换个包。换...

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如何去掉Powered by ECShop v2.7.1

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可能还有种方法:安装完成Tomcat时不要选运行软件 解决方法: 方法1:杀掉占用端口的软件。 打开任务管理器,找到Java虚拟机相关的进程javaw.exe,将它结束掉。如果问题没有解决,...

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