static data in c++ class

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C++ has a second way of defining a constant within a class—using the keyword static:
class Bakery
static const int Months = 12;
double costs[Months];
This creates a single constant called Months that is stored with other static variables
rather than in an object.Thus, there is only one Months constant shared by all Bakery
objects. Chapter 12 looks further into static class members. In C++98 you can use this
technique only for declaring static constants with integral and enumeration values.Thus,
C++98 doesn’t allow you to store a double constant this way. C++11 removes that

chapter 12

A Review Example and Static Class Members


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C++ class中的静态(static)成员 (1)       静态数据成员    ①一般地静态数据成员在该类定义之外被初始化,如同一个成员函数被定义在类定义之外一样。在这种定义中...

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(1)       静态数据成员    ①一般地静态数据成员在该类定义之外被初始化,如同一个成员函数被定义在类定义之外一样。在这种定义中的静态成员的名字必须被其类名限定修饰,例如下面是_intere...

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