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SIGKDD(Data Mining)(1997-2016)
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2016 FRAUDAR: Bounding Graph Fraud in the Face of Camouflage Bryan Hooi Carnegie Mellon University
2015 Efficient Algorithms for Public-Private Social Networks Flavio Chierichetti Sapienza University of Rome
2014 Reducing the Sampling Complexity of Topic Models Aaron Li Carnegie Mellon University
2013 Simple and Deterministic Matrix Sketching Edo Liberty Yahoo! Research
2012 Searching and Mining Trillions of Time Series Subsequences under Dynamic Time Warping Thanawin Rakthanmanon University of California Riverside  
2011 Leakage in Data Mining: Formulation, Detection, and Avoidance Shachar Kaufman Tel-Aviv University
2010 Large linear classification when data cannot fit in memory Hsiang-Fu Yu National Taiwan University
Connecting the dots between news articles Dafna Shahaf Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics Yehuda Koren Yahoo! Research
2008 Fastanova: an efficient algorithm for genome-wide association study Xiang Zhang University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2007 Predictive discrete latent factor models for large scale dyadic data Deepak Agarwal Yahoo! Research
2006 Training linear SVMs in linear time Thorsten Joachims Cornell University
2005 Graphs over time: densification laws, shrinking diameters and possible explanations Jure Leskovec Carnegie Mellon University
2004 A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised clustering Sugato Basu University of Texas at Austin
2003 Maximizing the spread of influence through a social network David Kempe Cornell University
2002 Pattern discovery in sequences under a Markov assumption Darya Chudova University of California Irvine
2001 Robust space transformations for distance-based operations Edwin M. Knorr University of British Columbia
2000 Hancock: a language for extracting signatures from data streams Corinna Cortes AT&T Laboratories
1999 MetaCost: a general method for making classifiers cost-sensitive Pedro Domingos Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
1998 Occam’s Two Razors: The Sharp and the Blunt Pedro Domingos Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
1997 Analysis and Visualization of Classifier Performance: Comparison under Imprecise Class and Cost Di… Foster Provost NYNEX Science and Technology

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ACM SIGKDD 2015 论文集,第五部分

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【论文实现】一篇Sigkdd的弹幕分析论文的python实现【LDA 实践者】

【论文实现】一篇Sigkdd的弹幕分析论文的python实现 【LDA 实践者】Author : Jasper Yang School : Buptwarning : 此篇文章基于较为熟悉Gibbs...


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Moodlens:一个基于表情符号的中文微博情感分析系统(A3, SIGKDD2012)

Moodlens: an emoticon-based sentiment analysis system for chinese tweets Moodlens:一个基于表情符号的中文微博情感分析系...


找到准确的,大家接受的分类是永恒的主题: Title: Automatic Taxonomy Construction from Keywords Author(s): Xueqing Liu, ...

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Papers read

1. Increasing returns, monopolistic competition, and international trade    Krugman 1979    主旨:垄断竞...
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