TOEFL 语法常见短语

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1. be found in                2. be associated with      3. be typical of

4. the use of                 5. rely on               6. be derived from credited with doing        8.refer to      known as

10. be known for             11. be concerned with     12. in relation to

13.act on                    14. bring about          15.protect …from

16.together with              17.a number of able to similar to      dependent on obtained from

22.according to               23.specialize in doing     24.serve as one time                26.tend to               27.interest in 

28.due to                    29.lead to      least

31.contrary to       equal to            33.contribute to in           dedicated to with

37.belong to        is estimated that resistant to

40.result from                41.consist of    connection with 

43.transform …into           44.take place             45.look for based on      a key role         48.spread to

49.come from       related to           51.a minimum of

52.begin to                  53.begin doing            54.start to

55.start doing       on                57.think of

58.devote to        back to            60.differ from

61.settle down      valuable for considered to be

64.refer to                   65.the ratio of … to …. on familiar with            68.make up      considered to be danger of      nature               72.bring …to light obtained from           74.comment on            75.regardless of

76.familiarity with             77.carry out              78.native to capable of              80.serve as                81.close to

82.give up doing              83.give off       composed of

85.strive to                  86.depend on      appreciated for

88.share …with…   inclined to   forced to do

91.range from …to   destined to           93.change…into…

94.concentrate on             95.a cluster of      means of

97.ask for          subjected to  for famous for   spite of    suited for

103.take charge of            104.account for            105.a great deal able to do    rich in              108.succeed in doing

109.ability to do     the future  supposed to a great extent           113.feed on      honor of one’s goal  more than           117.not more than

118.break away from made from history adapted to    viewed as  filled with…as to                125.give way to            126.shield …from… comparison with        128.spend …doing          129.focus attention on no harm to             131.convert…into…          132.use …to do… woven from   originated from        135.grant sb sth made of      far as in known         138.on account of  

139.substitute for              140.permit sb to do           141.bare of

142.benefit from               143.join…with…   response to involved in             146.use up                  147.rank first among divided into             149.inaterfere with  addition to



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bet-the-company: 孤注一掷 Cath knew that NAM-EA was a bet-the-company decision for MedAMore.   navel-gaz...
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在文法和语言概念这里,比较难理解的是短语、简单短语,所以好好梳理一下。 先给出短语、简单短语的概念: (备注:Vn代表非终结符号集,V+代表字汇表的正闭包,V*代表字汇表的闭包) 所以,短语、简单...
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