How To Use Codelite

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Use Codelite to Write The First Program"Hello World"

This mini tutorial describes how to create the classic 'Hello World' console application!

  • From the main menu bar go to the 'Workspace' menu and select the entry 'Create New Project'.
  • In the 'New Project' dialog that came up, select the 'Console' category
  • Choose the console project that suits your compiler. For this demo, I selected 'Simple executable (g++)'
  • Enter the project name: "HelloWorld"
  • Select the path for the project. Note: the path must exist!
  • If you check the option 'Create the project under a separate directory', codelite will create a new folder under the selected path with the given project name
  • Click OK

You should now have a workspace + project named 'HelloWorld' with a single main.cpp file.

  • Click F7 to build it and.
  • Once the build completed successfully, use Ctrl-F5 to execute it

Thats it.

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