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Miles (trying to explain to Maya why he is so into pinot noirs): "It's a hard grape to grow. As you know. Right? It's, uh, it's thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early. It's, you know, it's not a survivor like cabernet, which can just grow anywhere and thrive even when it's neglected. No, pinot needs constant care and attention. You know? And, in fact, it can only grow in these really specific, little tucked-away corners of the world. And only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand pinot's potential can then coax it into its fullest expression."

Maya (telling Miles why she is so into wine): "I like to think about the life of wine. How it's a living thing. I like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing, how the sun was shining, if it rained. I like to think about all the people who tended and picked the grapes, and, if it's an old wine, how many of them must be dead by now. I like how wine continues to evolve. Like, if I opened a bottle of wine today, it would taste different than if I'd opened it on any other day. Because a bottle of wine is actually alive, and it's constantly evolving and gaining complexity. That is, until it peaks, like your '61. And then it begins its steady, inevitable decline. And it tastes so fucking good." 

grape api参数为array requ...
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rails grape最简单实例

1.添加app/apis/hello_api.rb #由于rails框架会自动require 'grape'这个gem所以可以省略 # require 'grape' #API三个字母大...
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rails grape 的使用详解

1、gem准备       gem 'grape','~> 0.8.0'       gem 'grape-jbuilder‘       gem 'jbuilder', '~> 2.0' 2、建立目...
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grape API

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【USACO 2011 December Gold】Grass Planting种草 树链剖分

题目描述   农夫约翰有N块贫瘠的牧场(2
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用ruby grape搭建微信公众平台回复后台

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usaco 2011 Dec Gold(Grass Planting-树链剖分第一题)

Problem 3: Grass Planting [Travis Hance, 2011] Farmer John has N barren pastures (2 bidirection...
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【打CF,学算法——二星级】Codeforces 705B Spider Man (简单博弈)

【CF简介】 题目链接:CF 705B 题面: B. Spider Man time limit per test 2 seconds memo...
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如何使用 Grape-Swagger 生成 API 文档

在Rails 项目中使用 Grape 来开发 API, 想尝试一下通过 swagger 来自动生成 API 文档,至于为什么要选 swagger 也没有特别的理由, 在 Ruby China 看过几篇...
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洛谷P3038 [USACO11DEC]牧草种植Grass Planting

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