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A mother who left her 2-year-old son strapped in his car seat while she went into a Redwood City grocery store agreed Wednesday to a plea deal where she faces no more than 30 days in jail, San Mateo County prosecutors said. The child was unharmed.

Barbara Stepaniuk, 32, who has been in jail since her arrest Aug. 30, entered the plea to one count of misdemeanor child endangerment and was ordered released pending sentencing on Nov. 24 in San Mateo County Superior Court.

Stepaniuk had faced up to six years in prison if convicted of felony child endangerment as originally charged.

She was arrested after people in the grocery store parking lot heard the boy crying and called police. The boy had been left in the car with one window rolled down about two inches, prosecutors said. A passer-by was able to reach into the window, unlock the door and get the boy out, authorities said. Witnesses said Stepaniuk had been gone for about 20 minutes.

The temperature outside was about 92 degrees. But the temperature inside the car - about five minutes after the doors had been opened - was 125 degrees, prosecutors said.

Stepaniuk told police she had just ducked into the store to buy milk.

"I think she truly thought she would be gone for a few moments and everything would be all right," Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt said.

Stepaniuk has no record of child abuse or neglect, and the defense produced numerous people who described her as a loving mother, Pitt said.

"I think that she just made a horrible mistake in judgment," Pitt said.


F9 Forte Evo Redwood Logic for Mac(Kontakt 5红木俱乐部钢琴逻辑) V1.0破解版

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起因,软件开发最重要的还是要基于一个成熟的框架,整合并修改框架,然后工作的重心就转移到与项目相关的插件开发的过程中。以前在做QT开发的时候,使用的成熟的开源框架是非常有名的Monkey Studio,...
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From: 3000/tcp hbci hbci 3001/tcp redwood...
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描述 给出有n个点, m条边的无向图, 每次修改一条边的权值, 求修改后的最小生成树的大小. 修改次数 ≤ 50000. 分析 还是CDQ分治, 但是有点特殊. 目前的CDQ分治...
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曾经做的一个JS小游戏——《Battle City》

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Battle City

Battle City Time Limit : 2000/1000ms (Java/Other)   Memory Limit : 131072/65536K (Java/Other) Tot...
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TSP-simple solution

先看看单机上跑法。精确解是不可能了,近似解法有很多,说说最简单的:Cheapest Link Algorithm和MST的Prim算法差不多,每次选最小权的边,直到选中所有的点。Choose the ...
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China City_Code

var city = new Array();//数组结构:一级根值,二级根值,二级显示值city[0] = new Array(1,319,直辖)city[1] = new Array(13,358...
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BZOJ1683: [Usaco2005 Nov]City skyline 城市地平线 单调栈

1683: [Usaco2005 Nov]City skyline 城市地平线 Time Limit: 5 Sec  Memory Limit: 64 MB Description Inp...
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