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Eclipse Update Manager :

注意: 可以用中文编辑 .properties 文件(帮你把/uxxxx已经转成中文显示了),但是实际保存的是 ISO8859-1的文件(已经帮你用native2ascii转好了)

It is released from the troublesomeness of the Unicode conversion by native2ascii.

- The main functions -

  • Preservation in Unicode reference character form is possible.
  • It is possible to read the text of EUC, Shift-JIS, JIS, and UTF-8 grade.
  • Printing function.
  • Cut & paste function etc.
  • Character sequence reference function.
  • Character sequence substitution function.
  • Undo, a Redo function.
  • Line number display function.
  • An integrated function with JBuilder.¡ÊOpenTools)
  • The selection function of a font.
  • The function to specify the color of a background.
  • The key list display function at the time of integration with JBuilder.
  • LookAndFeel change function.
  • An integrated function with Eclipse.¡ÊPlugin)
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Properties Editor for Eclipse

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eclipse中的properties editor

java如果需要国际化,就要提供不同的语言文件。 但是当语言文件.properties中包含中文等非西欧字符时,需要用SDK自带的nativate2ascii工具,通过命令行转换为unicode编码,...

eclipse 中 *.properties 中 unicode 显示 中文(国际化),需要安装Properties Editor

1:eclipse 中 help>Install New Software 2. 3. Name:Prperties Editor Location:http://propedit.sou...
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