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'[' '%{buildarch}' = noarch ']'
+ case "${QA_CHECK_RPATHS:-}" in
+ /usr/lib/rpm/check-rpaths
* WARNING: 'check-rpaths' detected a broken RPATH and will cause 'rpmbuild'
*          to fail. To ignore these errors, you can set the '$QA_RPATHS'
*          environment variable which is a bitmask allowing the values
*          below. The current value of QA_RPATHS is 0x0011.
*    0x0001 ... standard RPATHs (e.g. /usr/lib); such RPATHs are a minor
*               issue but are introducing redundant searchpaths without
*               providing a benefit. They can also cause errors in multilib
*               environments.
*    0x0002 ... invalid RPATHs; these are RPATHs which are neither absolute
*               nor relative filenames and can therefore be a SECURITY risk
*    0x0004 ... insecure RPATHs; these are relative RPATHs which are a
*               SECURITY risk
*    0x0008 ... the special '$ORIGIN' RPATHs are appearing after other
*               RPATHs; this is just a minor issue but usually unwanted
*    0x0010 ... the RPATH is empty; there is no reason for such RPATHs
*               and they cause unneeded work while loading libraries
*    0x0020 ... an RPATH references '..' of an absolute path; this will break
*               the functionality when the path before '..' is a symlink
* Examples:
* - to ignore standard and empty RPATHs, execute 'rpmbuild' like
*   $ QA_RPATHS=$[ 0x0001|0x0010 ] rpmbuild my-package.src.rpm
* - to check existing files, set $RPM_BUILD_ROOT and execute check-rpaths like
*   $ RPM_BUILD_ROOT=<top-dir> /usr/lib/rpm/check-rpaths
ERROR   0002: file '' contains an invalid rpath '' in []
ERROR   0002: file '' contains an invalid rpath '' in []
ERROR   0002: file '' contains an invalid rpath '' in []
错误:/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.0yqpeS (%install) 退出状态不好

RPM 构建错误:
    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.0yqpeS (%install) 退出状态不好

#   解决方案:
#   vi ~/.rpmmacros
#   comment this out
#   case "${QA_CHECK_RPATHS:-}" in [1yY]*) /usr/lib/rpm/check-rpaths ;; esac \




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