How to install Visual Editor

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Visual editor is one of plugins for eclipse. it could be installed as following :
It is only apply for the version under v3.3. Currently visual editor still not make any release to compatle with v3.3

VE releases can now be downloaded through Update Manager.

VE with Eclipse 3.1.2 has become a little complicated because of some Eclipse update site restructuring that has taken place. Because of this here are the instructions for VE

  1. Install Eclipse SDK 3.1.2 SDK. Download the appropriate zip file for your system.
  2. Unzip into a clean directory
  3. Run the eclipse.exe out of the eclipse directory and select/create a workspace
  4. Do Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...
  5. Select the Search for New features to install... and hit the Next button
  6. Click on New Remote Site... button, and add this site (name it VE):
  7. Click on New Remote Site... button, and add this site (name it EMF):
  8. Click on New Remote Site... button, and add this site (name it Old Eclipse):
  9. Select VE, EMF, and Old Eclipse, and Hit Finish
  10. Select the mirrors to use as they are asked for
  11. Expand the tree VE->VE->Visual Editor SDK, and hit the checkbox on it
  12. Expand EMF tree, EMF->EMF SDK 2.1.2->EMF SDK 2.1.2 and hit the checkbox on it
  13. Expand Old Eclipse->GEF 3.1.1->Graphical Editing Framework 3.1.1 and hit the checkbox on it
  14. Hit Next, accept the licences, hit Next, hit Finish

This will then allow a clean complete installation of VE



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