《Agile Web Development with Rails》读书笔记(一)

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        I.              My way of Rails

Working as an embedded system developer, I never know much about web development. When I found my colleague build an website for ordering & managing the dinner for ours work day, I think this is so fantastic, and I want to build a website for myself—sharing & managing the collection of my ebooks.

I want to find a way to build the website quickly and the maintenance is easy to holding. At this point, I just try to learn a new programming language-ruby, and I found a framework for building website with agile method which is introduced by someone. So I just spend some time on it.

The book <<Agile Web Development with Rails>> give me a nice try to build my own website and It’s really so quickly.

The kernel of Rails is mature MVC patterns, maybe everyone who knows design patterns will know it, but Rails tell me what really MVC is.

Note: In order to build a website, you should have the basis of html and CSS, if you are not familiar with these, try to learn some concept and basic usage.

     II.              Install Rails

To get Rails running on windows system, I need the following:

a)        Ruby interpreter. The installation is normal.

b)        Rails. Because I can not install Rails directly via internet, I only can download the rails packet need to my disk, and install Rails through local driver. Change to the directory where you put the packets.

work>gem install rails

This cmd will inform you that you need other dependencies, you should download the packet followed the hint. Using gem install [packet name] to install the dependency first, then using the rails install cmd the get another dependency. Do this loop until the rails has been installed on you windows.

c)        MySQL. Mysql is the official recommended database, so I install it. It just as easy as ruby installation.( I did not create anther administrator, just use the default one, user: root, password: nil )

After this, all the preparation for Rails is completed!


Agile Web Development with Rails

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