Export the table decribe from oracle data dictionary

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select b.TABLE_NAME as tablename,
       --c.comments as "表说明",  
       --b.COLUMN_ID as "字段序号",  
       b.COLUMN_NAME as Name,
       b.DATA_TYPE || '(' || decode(b.DATA_TYPE,
                                    b.DATA_PRECISION || ',' || b.DATA_SCALE,
                                    b.DATA_LENGTH) || ')' as type,
       b.DATA_DEFAULT ,
  from all_col_comments a, all_tab_columns b, all_tab_comments c
 where a.owner = b.owner
   and a.table_name = b.TABLE_NAME
   and a.column_name = b.COLUMN_NAME
   and c.table_name = a.table_name
   and c.owner = a.owner
   and a.TABLE_NAME in ('T_ACTION','T_ANSWER')
 order by a.table_name, b.column_id;


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