Win10 下使用 VS2008 开发 WinCE 应用可能遇到的问题

更新 Win10 后 VS2008 开发 WinCE 设备程序时,无法 Deploy 应用,在 VS2008 的输出框中有提示需要使用管理员权限运行 VS2008.
使用管理员权限运行 VS2008 后,还可能出现如下的提示:
1>------ Deploy started: Project: SystemLog, Configuration: Release WinCE7_SDK (ARMv4I) ------
1>All attempts to connect to the deployment target at port 5655 have failed. Addresses attempted:
1>	fe80::75ca:3387:735f:94aa%4;;  
1>The device security configuration may have disallowed the connection. Ensure that you have the appropriate certificates on your device for development. Review your SDK documentation for proper security settings for connecting to this device.
1>Connect to device failed.
2>------ Deploy started: Project: xxx, Configuration: Release WinCE7_SDK (ARMv4I) ------

可以尝试: 在 Windows Mobile 设备中心连接成功后,重启 VS208