Slick Edit v11.02 最酷特性


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以下翻译自v11.02版本软件自带的Cool Features。另付相应英文对照。

Slick Edit v11.02 Cool Features

Slick Edit v11.02 最酷特性

Code Navigation
Use (Ctrl+.) to jump from a symbol to its definition. Use (Ctrl+/) to list all of the references for the current symbol and optionally jump to the first reference. These operations set a bookmark that can be popped to return you to the previous location (Ctrl+,).


Symbol View
Displays the definition of the current symbol in the editor window, allowing you to see the definition without having to open a separate buffer. The Symbol window also shows previews for other views, including the References window, Defs window, and Classes window.


References View
Displays the list of references for a symbol. Use (Ctrl+/) to open the References view for the current symbol, or you can type or select a symbol in the Symbol drop-down list. Click on a reference to preview it. Double-click to jump to it.

显示一个符号的调用列表。使用快捷键(Ctrl+/) 可以打开当前符号的调用位置以供查看。

Syntax Expansion
Expands common block structures (if, for, try, ...) when the initial keyword is typed.For example, when "if" is typed followed by a space, SlickEdit inserts the parentheses for the condition and the braces. You can define additional structures to be expanded.

当键入初始几个字母时自动扩展常用的块状结构(if, for, try, ...)。例如,当键入if+空格 时,SlickEdit 会自动为判断条件插入括号和大括号。扩展的部分用户可以自行定义。

Surround With
Use to surround existing lines of code with a new structure such as: if, for, while,and try. The existing code is automatically placed inside braces and indented.Additional structures can also be defined for Surround With.

使用新的结构诸如if, for, while,和 try环绕在已经存在的代码周围。已经存在的代码会被自动加上括号,用户可以为环绕操作定义特定的代码结构。

Completions reduce keystrokes by automatically completing symbols as you type. After typing the first few characters of a symbol, a brief pause will pop up a list of possible completions. This list is comprised of matching symbols in the tag database and matching lines of code in the current buffer. If a line match is selected you can add successively more text from that line using the complete-more command (Ctrl+Shift+Space).

通过在用户键入时自动补全符号来减少键盘敲击次数。当用户键入少量几个符号中的字母时,会弹出可能的符号列表。这个列表由tag数据库中的匹配符号和当前 缓冲区中的匹配代码行组成。如果一个匹配代码行被选中,用户可以通过使用补全更多(complete-more)命令 (Ctrl+Shift+Space) 成功的添加更多的代码。

Editable, Dynamic Diff Tool (DIFFzilla)
Use to compare directories and files. When comparing files, the diff highlights the lines and characters that do not match. You can edit the files in the diff view using many of the features available in the editor window. The diff is automatically updated as you edit.


Code Templates
Define templates for commonly used code, like standard class definitions or design patterns. You can create templates for whole files or multiple files. Add a template item to your current project by choosing File > Add New Item from Template from the main menu. You are prompted for values to substitute in the new instance as needed.

像标准class 定义或设计图样那样为经常使用的代码定义模板。用户可以为整个文件或多个文件创建模板。通过在主菜单中选择File > Add New Item from Template来为当前项目添加一个模板项。

Define short names that can be expanded to insert text into a file or directory path in SlickEdit, using (Ctrl+Space). Aliases can automatically insert the date,time, cursor placement, or prompt for parameters.


Comment Wrapping
Formats block comments as you edit them, automatically wrapping based on your settings. Comment wrapping preserves comment border characters.


Backup History
Each time a file is saved, the current version is added to the Backup History. Youcan view the list of versions and compare the current version against a previous version or restore a previous version. This creates a detailed history for versions that are not ready to be checked in.


Smart Line Selections
Line selections for single or multiple lines are pasted above or below the current line of code (depending upon "Line insert style" setting), saving you from tediously positioning the cursor at the beginning or end of a line prior to pasting the selected lines.

被选中的单行或多行代码被粘贴到当前代码行以上或以下(依赖于Line insert style行插入风格设置),让用户从繁琐的从开始行到结束行拖动光标操作中解脱出来。

Automatically formats line selections when pasted. The pasted code is formatted to match the indentation of the new location and the brace style adjusted to match your settings.


Syntax-driven Searching
Use the Color Coding engine to reduce the number of false positives in your searches by restricting searches based on program syntax. For example, you can limit a search to find or omit comments, as well as restrict or omit string literals.Click the Color button on the Find and Replace tool window to configure search options.

通过使用Color Coding引擎基于程序语法限制搜索来减少错误的次数。例如,用户可以限制一个搜索是否可以在注释中查找匹配项,在Find或 Replace工具窗口中单击Color 按钮来配置搜索选项。

Regex Evaluator
Allows you to type a regular expression and run it against test cases, highlighting matched expressions and groups.


Choose from thirteen keyboard emulations, containing the key bindings and behaviors necessary to emulate other editors. Emulation charts are available in the "docs" subdirectory of your SlickEdit installation.


Recorded and Programmable Macros
Use macros to automate frequently repeated tasks. Recorded macros capture a sequence of operations as you apply them and can be replayed at a later time.Programmable macros use the SlickEdit Slick-C programming language to customize and extend the functionality of SlickEdit.

使用宏来自动完成频繁重复的任务。将一系列操作录制成宏以供您在稍后的时候重复执行它。可编程宏使用 SlickEdit Slick-C 编程语言来定制和扩展 SlickEdit 的功能。

Command Line
The command line provides instant access to the most powerful SlickEdit commands without ever touching the mouse. To activate the command line,press Escape (Ctrl+A in Vim emulation or Alt+X in GNU Emacs emulation).Here is a top-20 list of SlickEdit commands:
1. e file Edit a file
2. sa file Save file as
3. number Go to line number
4. f symbol Find a symbol
5. /search_string/options Search for a string
6. c/search/replace/options Replace a string
7. gt/search/options Substring search for a symbol
8. sb name Set a bookmark
9. gb name Jump to a bookmark
10. help topic View help on topic
11. man command Show Unix man page
12. cd directory Change directory
13. dir directory Show directory in the file manager
14. list wildcards Show directory tree in the file manager
15. del filename Delete file
16. pushd directory Push directory
17. popd Pop directory
18. set env=value Set environment variable
19. dos command Execute command outside of editor
20. math expr Evaluate expression

命令行可以不用鼠标直接访问大多数强大的SlickEdit命令。按下Esc可激活命令行。 (Ctrl+A ,在 Vim 仿真器中为Ctrl+A ,在 GNU Emacs 仿真器中为Alt+X).以下为SlickEdit中 top-20 命令列表:
1. e file 编辑一个文件
2. sa file 另存文件为
3. number 跳转到行号
4. f symbol 查找一个符号
5. /search_string/options 搜索一个字符串
6. c/search/replace/options 替换一个字符串
7. gt/search/options
8. sb name 设置一个书签
9. gb name 跳转到书签
10. help topic 按主题查看帮助
11. man command 显示 Unix man 页面
12. cd directory 改变目录
13. dir directory 在文件管理器中显示目录
14. list wildcards 在文件管理器中显示目录树
15. del filename 删除文件
16. pushd directory
17. popd 弹出目录
18. set env=value 设置环境变量
19. dos command 执行编辑器外部命令
20. math expr 计算表达式  
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