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The corelib project consists of several basic utilities for MD5 hashing, JSON serialization, advanced string and date parsing, and more.

The corelib project is now hosted on Google Code at:

FlexUnit is a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications. It mimics the functionality of JUnit, a Java unit testing framework, and comes with a graphical test runner.

The FlexUnit project is now hosted on Google Code at:

The Flickr library is an ActionScript 3.0 API for the online photo sharing application, Flickr. It provides access to the entire Flickr API.

The Flickr ActionScript 3 Library is now hosted on Google code at:

Mappr is a service and application that combines images from Flickr with geolocational information. The Mappr ActionScript 3.0 API gives you access to Mappr's geo-tagged image data.

The Mappr ActionScript 3 Library is now hosted on Google code at:

RSS and Atom libraries
Use the RSS and Atom libraries to parse Atom and all versions of RSS easily. These libraries hide the differences between the formats so you can parse any type of feed without having to know what kind of feed it is.

The ActionScript 3 XML Syndication Library is now hosted on Google code at:

The Odeo API provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface for searching and retrieving podcasts from Odeo.

The Odeo ActionScript 3 Library is now hosted on Google code at:

The YouTube API provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface to search videos from YouTube.

The Odeo ActionScript 3 Library is now hosted on Google code at:



The eBay ActionScript 3.0 library provides an interface between the eBay XML API and ActionScript 3.0. This open-source library will allow developers to create novel and innovative applications leveraging both eBay's marketplace services and Adobe's Flash Player 9 runtime! It is written in ActionScript 3.0, so any environment using ActionScript 3.0 can use this library, including Adobe Flex 2 and Adobe Flash Pro 9.




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# showrev -p | grep 119059-61 Patch: 119059-61 Obsoletes: 121868-04 Requires:  Incompatibles:  Pack...
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ubuntu16.04下编译caffe出现.build_release/lib/ undefined reference to google ::protobuf...的问题

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Ubuntu 15.04配置Caffe(cpu)_我遇到的坑

作为一个不怎么用ubuntu的人,为了跑机器学习实验,还是尝试配置下caffe环境。 本来觉得按着不同博客的教程,总能一步一步配好,结果遇到一步一步的难题,总共用了两天才编译通过,所以借此把流程跟坑...
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这周安装了caffe的windows版本和linux版本,依赖关系太多,如果系统选对了,安装起来很easy,选错了,就会遇见各种坑。 1.操作系统最好使用ubuntu desktop 14.04 64...
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最新Google V8 编译(2015-12-09) 之 HelloWorld

如果 大家编译顺利,通过 以上 过程,即可顺利生成 All.sln 工程。然后 ,通过如下 Helloworld 即可测试编译工程 是否正确。 // V8.cpp : 定义控制台应用程序的入口点。 /...
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