CSRmesh 2.1 Home Automation简介(三)

2 Using the applications
    This section describes how to use CSRmesh applications with CSRmesh Android and iOS applications to control devices.

    本节介绍如何在CSRmesh Android和iOS应用程序中使用CSRmesh应用程序来控制设备。

2.1 Demonstration Kit 

2.1.1 CSR101x CSRmesh development board
    The μEnergy SDK is used to download the CSRmesh application on the development boards. Refer to the CSR µEnergy xIDE User Guide for further information. Ensure that the development board is switched on using the Power On/Off switch. Figure 2-1 shows the switch in the Off position.

    μEnergySDK用于在开发板上下载CSRmesh应用程序。 有关更多信息,请参阅CSRμEnergyxide用户指南。 确保使用电源开/关开关打开开发板。 图2-1显示开关处于关闭位置。