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Installation/Update the JSEclipse plugin

JSEclipse 是个Eclipse 下的免费Javascript 脚本编辑器,最大的特点就是支持js的自动完成功能,支持普通DOM对象的点取,如文档对象,screen对象。除过基本的DOM对象支持外,JSEclipse对js文件内的Class和Function也能完美地支持自动完成。除过自动完成功能外,该插件还支持JS的语法高亮,错误和警告提示等等。

该插件支持Eclipse 3.X。 此次发布的新版本中进行了非常重要的提升。其中包括对代码完成引擎的大幅度的改进,增加了代码模板支持以及大量的帮助信息来简化工作。

JSEclipse 1.5 支持JRE 1.4。 目前最新版本为1.5.2


需要注册才能下载,也可以按如下方法在线下载,下载后,将js的编辑关联文件设置为JsEclipse,大功造成,功能非常强大,甚至可以分出是JS类还是function(从功能上讲) 可惜没有代码格式化功能!颇为遗憾。


To install JSEclipse follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Eclipse workbench.
  2. To install new software with the Update manager, in the main Eclipse menu, go to Help > Software Updates ->Find and Install.
  3. In the user interface that opens, select the Search for new features to install.
  4. In the next step you choose what locations will be searched. If this is the first time installing an InterAKT plugin, you have to add a New remote site. If you already have it defined, skip to step 7.
  5. To define a new site to be searched for available plugins, in the user interface click the New Remote Site button.
  6. The New Update Site dialog box opens. It contains two fields that must be completed:
    • Name: this will be the label displayed in the Install or Update software user interface. Enter InterAKT Online.
    • URL: this is the URL to the remote site containing the plugins. Enter:
  7. Check the newly added entry's checkbox. This will set it as active for the software search. You can disable or enable sites on which the software search is performed by checking, respectively un-checking them in the user interface
  8. Click Finish to start searching for software. A new window will appear showing the search progress.
  9. Once the search completes, a list of the features available on the remote site will be displayed, with their respective version, using an hierarchical display
  10. Select the feature to install by checking its checkbox. Click Next to continue.
  11. The license agreement for each selected feature is displayed next. You must accept the licence agreement in order to continue with the install process. Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button, then Next to move on.
  12. Next select where to install the plugin. By default, it is the current folder. Use the default and click Finish to install.
  13. If your configuration is set to check plugins for a digital signature, a confirmation window is displayed, warning if the plugin is not digitally signed. Simply click Install to close the window and install the plugin
  14. After the installation is completed, and all features have been copied to the desired location, a dialog box will ask for a restart of the workbench. Although some features can be enabled without restarting the workbench, a restart is recommended. Select Yes.
  15. JSEclipse has been installed.
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Installation/Update the JSEclipse plugin