MyBatis redis缓存

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>  
<!DOCTYPE configuration 
    PUBLIC "-// Config 3.0//EN"
    <!-- 配置mybatis的缓存,延迟加载等等一系列属性 -->

        <!-- 全局映射器启用缓存 -->
        <setting name="cacheEnabled" value="true"/>

        <!-- 查询时,关闭关联对象即时加载以提高性能 -->
        <setting name="lazyLoadingEnabled" value="false"/>

        <!-- 对于未知的SQL查询,允许返回不同的结果集以达到通用的效果 -->
        <setting name="multipleResultSetsEnabled" value="true"/>

        <!-- 允许使用列标签代替列名 -->
        <setting name="useColumnLabel" value="true"/>

        <!-- 不允许使用自定义的主键值(比如由程序生成的UUID 32位编码作为键值),数据表的PK生成策略将被覆盖 -->
        <setting name="useGeneratedKeys" value="false"/>

        <!-- 给予被嵌套的resultMap以字段-属性的映射支持 FULL,PARTIAL -->
        <setting name="autoMappingBehavior" value="PARTIAL"/>

        <!-- 对于批量更新操作缓存SQL以提高性能 BATCH,SIMPLE -->
        <!-- <setting name="defaultExecutorType" value="BATCH" /> -->

        <!-- 数据库超过25000秒仍未响应则超时 -->
        <!-- <setting name="defaultStatementTimeout" value="25000" /> -->

        <!-- Allows using RowBounds on nested statements -->
        <setting name="safeRowBoundsEnabled" value="false"/>

        <!-- Enables automatic mapping from classic database column names A_COLUMN to camel case classic Java property names aColumn. -->
        <setting name="mapUnderscoreToCamelCase" value="true"/>

        <!-- MyBatis uses local cache to prevent circular references and speed up repeated nested queries. By default (SESSION) all queries executed during a session are cached. If localCacheScope=STATEMENT 
            local session will be used just for statement execution, no data will be shared between two different calls to the same SqlSession. -->
        <setting name="localCacheScope" value="SESSION"/>

        <!-- Specifies the JDBC type for null values when no specific JDBC type was provided for the parameter. Some drivers require specifying the column JDBC type but others work with generic values 
            like NULL, VARCHAR or OTHER. -->
        <setting name="jdbcTypeForNull" value="OTHER"/>

        <!-- Specifies which Object's methods trigger a lazy load -->
        <setting name="lazyLoadTriggerMethods" value="equals,clone,hashCode,toString"/>

        <!-- 设置关联对象加载的形态,此处为按需加载字段(加载字段由SQL指 定),不会加载关联表的所有字段,以提高性能 -->
        <setting name="aggressiveLazyLoading" value="true"/>



# Redis settings

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