Oracle SQL函数listagg实现多行字符串连接


listagg 函数将组内的数据通过 order by 排序后,再连接到一起,可以指定分隔符。输入多行,输出一行或多行。常用来将值连接成逗号分隔的数据。



  • As a single-set aggregate function, LISTAGG operates on all rows and returns a single output row.

  • As a group-set aggregate, the function operates on and returns an output row for each group defined by theGROUPBY clause.

  • As an analytic function, LISTAGG partitions the query result set into groups based on one or more expression in thequery_partition_clause.


场景2,根据 group by 子句的分组情况,每组返回一行;

场景3,作为分析函数,根据 query_partition_clause 子句的分组情况,每行返回一行(同组内的每行返回值可能是一样的)。



SELECT LISTAGG(last_name, '; ')
         WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY hire_date, last_name) "Emp_list",
       MIN(hire_date) "Earliest"
  FROM employees
  WHERE department_id = 30;

Emp_list                                                     Earliest
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------
Raphaely; Khoo; Tobias; Baida; Himuro; Colmenares            07-DEC-02


SELECT department_id "Dept.",
       LISTAGG(last_name, '; ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY hire_date) "Employees"
  FROM employees
  GROUP BY department_id
  ORDER BY department_id;

Dept. Employees
------ ------------------------------------------------------------
    10 Whalen
    20 Hartstein; Fay
    30 Raphaely; Khoo; Tobias; Baida; Himuro; Colmenares
    40 Mavris
    50 Kaufling; Ladwig; Rajs; Sarchand; Bell; Mallin; Weiss; Davie
       s; Marlow; Bull; Everett; Fripp; Chung; Nayer; Dilly; Bissot
       ; Vollman; Stiles; Atkinson; Taylor; Seo; Fleaur; Matos; Pat
       el; Walsh; Feeney; Dellinger; McCain; Vargas; Gates; Rogers;
        Mikkilineni; Landry; Cabrio; Jones; Olson; OConnell; Sulliv
       an; Mourgos; Gee; Perkins; Grant; Geoni; Philtanker; Markle
    60 Austin; Hunold; Pataballa; Lorentz; Ernst
    70 Baer
. . .


SELECT department_id "Dept", hire_date "Date", last_name "Name",
       LISTAGG(last_name, '; ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY hire_date, last_name)
         OVER (PARTITION BY department_id) as "Emp_list"
  FROM employees
  WHERE hire_date < '01-SEP-2003'
  ORDER BY "Dept", "Date", "Name";

 Dept Date      Name            Emp_list
----- --------- --------------- ---------------------------------------------
   30 07-DEC-02 Raphaely        Raphaely; Khoo
   30 18-MAY-03 Khoo            Raphaely; Khoo
   40 07-JUN-02 Mavris          Mavris
   50 01-MAY-03 Kaufling        Kaufling; Ladwig
   50 14-JUL-03 Ladwig          Kaufling; Ladwig
   70 07-JUN-02 Baer            Baer
   90 13-JAN-01 De Haan         De Haan; King
   90 17-JUN-03 King            De Haan; King
  100 16-AUG-02 Faviet          Faviet; Greenberg
  100 17-AUG-02 Greenberg       Faviet; Greenberg
  110 07-JUN-02 Gietz           Gietz; Higgins
  110 07-JUN-02 Higgins         Gietz; Higgins


以上内容均是参考Oracle 11g官方文档

Oracle® Database SQL Language Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)