GRBL v1.1版本的限位开关连接

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Wiring Limit Switches

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The limit switchesare used to detect the physical limits of the working area and to position thehead in initial position during the homing process. Properly connected limitswitches can increase significantly the reliability of the GRBL - themicrocontroller pins connected to the switches are very vulnerable to anynoise.


Before starting,make sure your coordinate frame is setup properly on your CNC machine andsatisfies the right-hand rule. If you're not sure, its explained in the quicksetup guide here.Otherwise, you will likely encounter problems with the homing cycle, where itbehaves strangely. If you are having issues with the homing cycle, read this FAQ.


There are twotypes of end switches wiring:


  • Normally Opened end switches (NO) - switches are connected in parallel, if the head hits one of the switches the resistance becomes low (<10 Ohm). The wiring is simple but there is no indication if one of the switches is disconnected (broken wire).
  • 常开型开关-开关是并联的,如果触头碰到一个开关,电平就会变低,这种连接是简单的,但是无法检测开关是否有断开
  • Normally Closed end switches (NC) - switches are connected in serial, if the head hits one of the switches the resistance become high (> 1 MOhm). The wiring is more complicated but if any of the switches is disconnected (broken wire) this will be immediately detected. This is the way how all professional CNC machines end switches were wired.
  • 常闭型开关-开关是串联的,如果触头碰到一个开关电平就会变高,这种连接是比较复杂的,但是一旦有任何开关断开连接都将呗立刻检测到,这是现在许多数控机床使用的一种连接方法

The easiest way toattach limit switches to Arduino UNO is to just connect the switches to thecorresponding pins and to rely on the internal weak pull up resistors (~47K) ofthe ATMega328 chip. The Normal connected (NC) switch wiring is shown below:

有一种简答的arduino uno的限位开关连接方法就是依靠ATmega328内部的弱上拉电阻(~47K)直接连接到引脚上面,下面是常闭开关的接法


The Normal Open (NO) switch wiring is shown below:


One improvement is to connect 1K to 4.7K pull up resistors to 5V and100nF capacitors to GND. The extra pull ups and capacitors have noticeablenoise suppression effect over the GRBL performance.


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