CSDN Blog Login Bug

This is my first article in CSDN, I name the title as "CSDN Blog Login Bug" because of the procedure I try to use the CSDN Blog.

Actually, I got a CSDN community username for a long time, maybe not such long as u think. It gives me a big help during my study and practise Java to use the CSDN community.  

A couple weeks ago, I decided to use the blog to express my words about the IT skills I am insterested. However, when I follow the steps to create my article, I cannot do that. Everytime the page automatically jumps to my Blog Home Page. When I try to login my blog, the system always mentioned I inputed a wrong password. The fact is that I never set the password for my blog. And when I submited the "send password by email to me", nothing happened. That's strange.

Finally, I wrote my situation to the web master, but no one replied to me.

Last week, I thought I can change my CSDN password, and see if the blog is available for me. When I did that, I found it worked out.

I think the reason is that I am an old user, and at that time, the CSDN never associated the community with the blog, there may be 2 DB for each of them.  I got the community username and password, and I got the blog automatically, but never got a password for it.

When I reseted password, the system updated all the infomation and everything went well.

For the CSDN new users, there won't be this issue. They will get a unique username and password for all the CSDN field.

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