Android Studio创建签名报错:Key was created with errors的解决

Android Studio创建签名报错:Key was created with errors的解决




情景:用Android studio的Build工具来生成新的keystore





Key was created with errors

JKS 密钥库使用专用格式。建议使用 “keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore E:\AndroidStudioProjects\Guiwu\DuBest\thingcom12.jks -destkeystore E:\AndroidStudioProjects\Guiwu
DuBest\thingcom12.jks -deststoretype pkcs12” 迁移到行业标准格式 PKCS12。



keytool -genkey -alias *** -keypass *** -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 36500 -keystore E:\AndroidStudioProjects\***\test.jks -storepass ***

注意:***代表根据你自己的情况填写 记得修改路径




keytool -list -v -keystore  test.jks





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"SplitType" in server configuration - allow to select split on pages type between none/pages/printonprev/rowscount + [enterprise] added property "Xml" - "SplitRowsCount" in server configuration - sets the count of rows for "rowscount" split type + [enterprise] added property "Xml" - "Extension" in server configuration - allow select between ".xml" and ".xls" extension for output file + [enterprise] added property "Html" - "URLTarget" in server configuration - allow select the target attribute for report URLs + [enterprise] added property "ReportsFile" - path to file with reports to groups associations and cache delays + [enterprise] added property "ReportsListRenewTimeout" in server configuration + [enterprise] added property "ConfigRenewTimeout" in server configuration + [enterprise] added property "MimeType" for each output format in server configuration + [enterprise] added property "BrowserPrint" in server configuration - allow printing by browser, added new template nav_print_browser.html + [enterprise] added dynamic file name generation of resulting formats (report_name_date_time) * [enterprise] SERVER_REPORTS_LIST and SERVER_REPORTS_HTML variables (list of available reports) depend from user group (for internal authentification) + added drawing shapes in PDF export (not bitmap) + added rotated text in PDF export (not bitmap) + added EngineOptions.IgnoreDevByZero property allow to ignore division by zero exception in expressions + added properties TfrxDBLookupComboBox.DropDownWidth, TfrxDBLookupComboBox.DropDownRows + added event TfrxCustomExportFilter.OnBeginExport + added ability to decrease font size in barcode object + added ability to inseret FNC1 to "code 128" barcode + added event TfrxPreview.OnMouseDown + added support of new unicode-PDF export in D4-D6 and BCB4-BCB6 * improved AddFrom method - anchor coping - fixed bug with WordWrap in PDF export - fixed bug with underlines in PDF export - fixed bug with rounded rectangles in PDF export - fixed CSV export to fit to the RFC 4180 specification - fixed bug with strikeout text in PDF export - fixed bug with incorrect export of TfrxRichView object in RTF format (wrong line spacing) - [enterprise] added critical section in TfrxServerLog.Write - fixed bug with setting up of the Protection Flags in the PDF export dialog window - fixed bug in PDF export (file structure) - fixed bug with pictures in Open Office Writer (odt) export - [enterprise] fixed bug with TfrxReportServer component in Delphi 2010 - fixed minor errors in Embarcedero RAD Studio 2010 - fixed bug with endless loop with using vertical bands together with page header and header with ReprintOnNewPage - fixed bug when using "Keeping" and Cross tables (incorrect cross transfer) - fixed bug with [CopyName#] macros when use "Join small pages" print mode - fixed bug when try to split page with endless height to several pages (NewPage, StartNewPage) - 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changed inheritance mechanism, correct inherits of linked objects (fixups) - fixed bug with Mirror Mrgins in RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, OpenOffice exports - fixed bug when cross tab cut the text in corner, when corner height greater than column height - [fs] improved script compilation - improved WatchForm TListBox changet to TCheckListBox - improved AddFrom method - copy outline - Improved functional of vertical bands, shows memos placed on H-band which doesn't across VBand, also calculate expression inside it and call events (like in FR2) - Improved unsorted mode in crosstab(join same columns correctly) - Improved converter from Report Builder - Improved TfrxDesigner.OnInsertObject, should call when drag&drop field from data tree - improved DrillDownd mechanism, should work correct with master-detail-subtetail nesting - fixed bug with DownThenAcross in Cross Tab - fixed several bugs under CodeGear RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder) 2009 - fixed bug with emf in ODT export - fixed bug with outline when build several composite reports in double pass mode - fixed bug when group doesn't fit on the whole page - fixed "Page" and "Line" variables inside vertical bands - fixed bug with using KeepHeader in some cases - fixed bug with displacement of subreport when use PrintOnParent property in some cases - fixed small memory leak in subreports - fixed problem with PageFooter and ReportSymmary when use PrintOnPreviousPage property - fixed bug when designer shows commented functions in object inspector - fixed bug when designer place function in commented text block - fixed bug when Engine try to split non-stretcheable view and gone to endless loop - fixed bug with HTML tags in memo when use shot text and WordWrap - [enterprise] fixed bug with variables lost on refresh/export - fixed bug whih PDF,ODT export in Delphi4 and CBuilder4 - fixed bug with some codepage which use two bytes for special symbols (Japanese ans Chinese codepages) - fixed bug when engine delete first space from text in split Memo - fixed bug in multi-column page when band overlap stretched PageHeader - fixed bug with using ReprintOnNewPage version 4.7 --------------- + CodeGear RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder) 2009 support + [enterprise] enchanced error description in logs + added properties TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentBegin: TStrings, TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentBody: TStrings, TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentEnd: TStrings + improved RTF export (with line spacing, vertical gap etc) + added support of Enhanced Metafile (EMF) images in Rich Text (RTF), Open Office (ODS), Excel (XLS) exports + added OnAfterScriptCompile event + added onLoadRecentFile Event + added C++ Builder demos + added hot-key Ctrl + mouseWheel - Change scale in designer + added TfrxMemoView.AnsiText property - fixed bug in RTF export with EMF pictures in OpenOffice Writer - fixed some multi-thread isuues in engine, PDF, ODF exports - [enterprise] fixed integrated template of report navigator - [enterprise] fixed bug with export in Internet Explorer browser - fixed bug with font size of dot-matix reports in Excel and XML exports - fixed bug in e-mail export with many addresses - fixed bug in XLS export (with fast export unchecked and image object is null) - [enterprise] fixed bug in TfrxReportServer.OnGetVariables event - fixed bug in Calcl function - fixed memory leak in Cross editor - fixed progress bar and find dialog bug in DualView - fixed bug in PostNET and ean13 barcodes - fixed bug with TruncOutboundText in Dot Matrix report - fixed bugs with break points in syntaxis memo - improved BeforeConnect event in ADO - fixed bug in inhehited report with internal dataset - fixed bug in TfrxPanelControl with background color(Delphi 2005 and above) version 4.6 --------------- + added & , < , > to XML reader + added <nowrap> tag, the text concluded in tag is not broken by WordWrap, it move entirely + added ability to move band without objects (Alt + Move) + added ability to output pages in the preview from right to left ("many pages" mode), for RTL languages(PreviewOptions.RTLPreview) + added ability to storing picture cache in "temp" file (PreviewOptions.PictureCacheInFile) + added EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList (added for multi-thread applications) - set it to False if you don't want use Global DataSet list(use Report.EnabledDataSet.Add() to add dataset in local list) + added new property Hint for all printed objects, hints at the dialog objects now shows in StatusBar + added new property TfrxDBLookupComboBox.AutoOpenDataSet (automatically opens the attached dataset after onActivate event) + added new property TfrxReportPage.PageCount like TfrxDataBand.RowCount + added new property WordWrap for dialog buttons (Delphi 7 and above). + added sort by name to data tree + added TfrxDesigner.TemplatesExt property + added TfrxStyles class in script rtti + changes in the Chart editor: ability to change the name of the series, ability to move created series, other small changes + [enterprise] added configurations values refresh in run-time + [enterprise] added new demo \Demos\ClientServer\ISAPI + [enterprise] added output to server printers from user browser (see config.xml "AllowPrint", set to "no" by default), note: experimental feature + [enterprise] added reports list refresh in run-time + [enterprise] added templates feature + [enterprise] improved speed and stability + [fs] added TfsScript.IncludePath property + [fs] added TfsScript.UseClassLateBinding property + [fs] fixed type casting from variant(string) to integer/float - changes in report inherit: FR get relative path from current loaded report(old reports based on application path works too) - corrected module for converting reports from Report Builder - fixed bug in CrossTab when set charset different from DEFAULT_CHARSET - fixed bug in RTF export with some TfrxRichView objects - fixed bug when print on landscape orientation with custom paper size - fixed bug when use network path for parent report - fixed bug with Band.Allowslit = True and ColumnFooter - fixed bug with drawing subreport on stretched band - fixed bug with embedded fonts in PDF export - fixed bug with long ReportTitle + Header + MaterData.KeepHeader = true - fixed bug with minimizing of Modal designer in BDS2005 and above - fixed bug with paths in HTML export - fixed bug with RTL in PDF export - fixed bug with SubReport in multi column page - fixed bug with Subreport.PrintOnParent = true in inherited report - fixed bug with SYMBOL_CHARSET in PDF export - fixed bug with the addition of datasets by inheritance report - fixed bug with width calculation when use HTML tags in memo - fixed compatibility with WideStrings module in BDS2006/2007 - fixed flicking in preview when use OnClickObject event - fixed free space calculation when use PrintOnPreviousPage - fixed preview bug with winXP themes and in last update - fixed subreports inherit - Thumbnail and Outline shows at right side for RTL languages - [fs] fixed bug with late binding version 4.5 --------------- + added ConverterRB2FR.pas unit for converting reports from Report Builder to Fast Report + added ConverterQR2FR.pas unit for converting reports from QuickReport to FastReport + added support of multiple attachments in e-mail export (html with images as example) + added support of unicode (UTF-8) in e-mail export + added ability to change templates path in designer + added OnReportPrint script event + added PNG support in all version (start from Basic) + added TfrxDMPMemoView.TruncOutboundText property - truncate outbound text in matrix report when WordWrap=false + added new frames styles fsAltDot and fsSquare + added new event OnPreviewDblClick in all TfrxView components + added ability to call dialogs event after report run when set DestroyForms = false + added ability to change AllowExpressions and HideZeros properties in cross Cells (default=false) + added IgnoreDupParams property to DB components + added auto open dataset in TfrxDBLookupComboBox + added new property TfrxADOQuery.LockType + added define DB_CAT ( for grouping DB components + added TfrxPictureView.HightQuality property(draw picture in preview with hight quality, but slow down drawing procedure) + [FRViewer] added comandline options "/print filename" and "/silent_print filename" + added unicode input support in RichEditor + added new define HOOK_WNDPROC_FOR_UNICODE ( - set hook on GetMessage function for unicode input support in D4-D7/BCB4-BCB6 + added ability chose path to FIB packages in "Recompile Wizard" + added new function TfrxPreview.GetTopPosition, return a position on current preview page + added new hot-keys to Code Editor - Ctrl+Del delete the word before cursor, Ctrl+BackSpace delete the word after cursor(as in Delhi IDE) + added "MDI Designer" example - all language resources moved to UTF8, XML - fixed bug with html tags [sup] and [sub] - fixed width calculation in TfrxMemoView when use HTML tags - fixed bug with suppressRepeated in Vertical bands - fixed bug when designer not restore scrollbars position after undo/redo - fixed visual bug in toolbars when use Windows Vista + XPManifest + Delphi 2006 - fixed bug in CalcHeight when use negative LineSpace - fixed bug in frx2xto30 when import query/table components, added import for TfrDBLookupControl component - fixed bug with Cross and TfrxHeader.ReprintOnNewPage = true - fixed converting from unicode in TfrxMemoView when use non default charset - [fs] fixed bug with "in" operator - fixed bug with aggregate function SUM - fixed bug when use unicode string with [TotalPages#] in TfrxMemoView - fixed bug with TSQLTimeStampField field type - fixed designer dock-panels("Object Inspector", "Report Tree", "Data Tree") when use designer as MDI or use several non-modal designer windows - fixed bug with hide/show dock-panels("Object Inspector", "Report Tree", "Data Tree"), now it restore size after hiding - fixed bug in XML/XLS export - wrong encode numbers in memo after CR/LF - fiexd bug in RTF export - fixed bug with undo/redo commands in previewPages designer - fixed bug with SuppressRepeated when use KeepTogether in group - fixed bug with SuppressRepeated on new page all events fired twice(use Engine.SecondScriptcall to determinate it) version 4.4 --------------- + added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 + improved speed of PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, ODS, ODT exports + added TfrxReportPage.BackPictureVisible, BackPicturePrintable properties + added rtti for the TfrxCrossView.CellFunctions property + added properties TfrxPDFExport.Keywords, TfrxPDFExport.Producer, TfrxPDFExport.HideToolbar, TfrxPDFExport.HideMenubar, TfrxPDFExport.HideWindowUI, TfrxPDFExport.FitWindow, TfrxPDFExport.CenterWindow, TfrxPDFExport.PrintScaling + added ability recompile frxFIB packages in "recompile wizard" + added ability to set color property for all teechart series which support it + added, setting frame style for each frame line in style editor + added TfrxPreview.Locked property and TfrxPreview.DblClick event + added 'invalid password' exception when load report without crypt + added new parameter to InheritFromTemplate (by default = imDefault) imDefault - show Error dialog, imDelete - delete duplicates, imRename - rename duplicates + added property TfrxRTFExport.AutoSize (default is "False") for set vertical autosize in table cells * redesigned dialog window of PDF export * improved WYSIWYG in PDF export - fixed bug, the PageFooter band overlap the ReportSummary band when use EndlessHeight - fixed bug with lage paper height in preview - fixed bug with outline and encryption in PDF export - fixed bug with solid arrows in PDF export - fixed bug when print TfrxHeader on a new page if ReprintOnNewPage = true and KeepFooter = True - fixed bug when used AllowSplit and TfrxGroupHeader.KeepTogether - fixed page numbers when print dotMatrix report without dialog - fixed bug with EndlessHeight in multi-columns report - fixed font dialog in rich editor - [fs] fixed bug when create TWideStrings in script code - fixed bug with dialog form when set TfrxButtonControl.Default property to True - fixed twice duplicate name error in PreviewPages designer when copy - past object - fixed bug with Preview.Clear and ZmWholePage mode - fixed bug with using "outline" together "embedded fonts" options in PDF export - fixed multi-thread bug in PDF export - fixed bug with solid fill of transparent rectangle shape in PDF export - fixed bug with export OEM_CODEPAGE in RTF, Excel exports - fixed bug with vertical size of single page in RTF export - fixed bug with vertical arrows in PDF export - fixed memory leak with inherited reports version 4.3 --------------- + added support for C++Builder 2007 + added encryption in PDF export + added TeeChart Pro 8 support + added support of OEM code page in PDF export + added TfrxReport.CaseSensitiveExpressions property + added "OverwritePrompt" property in all export components + improved RTF export (WYSIWYG) + added support of thai and vietnamese charsets in PDF export + added support of arrows in PDF export * at inheritance of the report the script from the report of an ancestor is added to the current report (as comments) * some changes in PDF export core - fixed bug with number formats in Open Document Spreadsheet export - fixed bug when input text in number property(Object Inspector) and close Designer(without apply changes) - fixed bug in TfrxDBDataset with reCurrent - fixed bug with memory leak in export of empty outline in PDF format - line# fix (bug with subreports) - fixed bug with edit prepared report with rich object - fixed bug with shadows in PDF export - fixed bug with arrows in designer - fixed bug with margins in HTML, RTF, XLS, XML exports - fixed bug with arrows in exports - fixed bug with printers enumeration in designer (list index of bound) - fixed papersize bug in inherited reports version 4.2 --------------- + added support for CodeGear Delphi 2007 + added export of html tags in RTF format + improved split of the rich object + improved split of the memo object + added TfrxReportPage.ResetPageNumbers property + added support of underlines property in PDF export * export of the memos formatted as fkNumeric to float in ODS export - fixed bug keeptogether with aggregates - fixed bug with double-line draw in RTF export - fix multi-thread problem in PDF export - fixed bug with the shading of the paragraph in RTF export when external rich-text was inserted - fixed bug with unicode in xml/xls export - fixed bug in the crop of page in BMP, TIFF, Jpeg, Gif - "scale" printmode fixed - group & userdataset bugfix - fixed cross-tab pagination error - fixed bug with round brackets in PDF export - fixed bug with gray to black colors in RTF export - fixed outline with page.endlessheight - fixed SuppressRepeated & new page - fixed bug with long time export in text format - fixed bug with page range and outline in PDF export - fixed undo in code window - fixed error when call DesignReport twice - fixed unicode in the cross object - fixed designreportinpanel with dialog forms - fixed paste of DMPCommand object - fixed bug with the export of null images - fixed code completion bug - fixed column footer & report summary problem version 4.1 --------------- + added ability to show designer inside panel (TfrxReport.DesignReportInPanel method). See new demo Demos\EmbedDesigner + added TeeChart7 Std support + [server] added "User" parameter in TfrxReportServer.OnGetReport, TfrxReportServer.OnGetVariables and TfrxReportServer.OnAfterBuildReport events + added Cross.KeepTogether property + added TfrxReport.PreviewOptions.PagesInCache property - barcode fix (export w/o preview bug) - fixed bug in preview (AV with zoommode = zmWholePage) - fixed bug with outline + drilldown - fixed datasets in inherited report - [install] fixed bug with library path set up in BDS/Turbo C++ Builder installation - fixed pagefooter position if page.EndlessWidth is true - fixed shift bug - fixed design-time inheritance (folder issues) - fixed chm help file path - fixed embedded fonts in PDF - fixed preview buttons - fixed bug with syntax highlight - fixed bug with print scale mode - fixed bug with control.Hint - fixed edit preview page - fixed memory leak in cross-tab version 4.0 initial release --------------------- Report Designer: - new XP-style interface - the "Data" tab with all report datasets - ability to draw diagrams in the "Data" tab - code completion (Ctrl+Space) - breakpoints - watches - report templates - local guidelines (appears when you move or resize an object) - ability to work in non-modal mode, mdi child mode Report Preview: - thumbnails Print: - split a big page to several small pages - print several small pages on one big - print a page on a specified sheet (with scale) - duplex handling from print dialogue - print copy name on each printed copy (for example, "First copy", "Second copy") Report Core: - "endless page" mode - images handling, increased speed - the "Reset page numbers" mode for groups - reports crypting (Rijndael algorithm) - report inheritance (both file-based and dfm-based) - drill-down groups - frxGlobalVariables object - "cross-tab" object enhancements: - improved cells appearance - cross elements visible in the designer - fill corner (ShowCorner property) - side-by-side crosstabs (NextCross property) - join cells with the same value (JoinEqualCells property) - join the same string values in a cell (AllowDuplicates property) - ability to put an external object inside cross-tab - AddWidth, AddHeight properties to increase width&height of the cell - AutoSize property, ability to resize cells manually - line object can have arrows - added TfrxPictureView.FileLink property (can contain variable or a file name) - separate settings for each frame line (properties Frame.LeftLine, TopLine, RightLine, BottomLine can be set in the object inspector) - PNG images support (uncomment {$DEFINE PNG} in the file) - Open Document Format for Office Applications (OASIS) exports, spreadsheet (ods) and text (odt) Enterprise components: - Users/Groups security support (see a demo application Demos\ClientServer\UserManager) - Templates support - Dynamically refresh of configuration, users/groups D2010以上版本(D14_D19)安装必读 delphi2010以上版本(D14_D19)使用者安装时,请将res\frccD14_D19.exe更名名为frcc.exe frccD14_D19.exe是专门的delphi2010以上版本(D14_D19)编码器。其他低delphi版本,请使用frcc.exe


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