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DWR(Direct Web Remoting)是一个WEB远程调用框架.利用这个框架可以让AJAX开发变得很简单.利用DWR可以在客户端利用JavaScript直接调用服务端的Java方法并返回值给JavaScript就好像直接本地客户端调用一样(DWR根据Java类来动态生成JavaScrip代码).它的最新版本DWR0.6添加许多特性如:支持Dom Trees的自动配置,支持Spring(JavaScript远程调用spring bean),更好浏览器支持,还支持一个可选的commons-logging日记操作.

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DWR - Direct Web Remoting

AJAX is an approach to writing web pages that improves a web site's appeal and usability. It enhances user interaction by targeting updates from the server to specific areas of the web page. It allows information to be changed without long delays or frustrating page refreshes.

DWR reduces development time and the likelihood of errors by providing commonly used functions and removing almost all of the repetitive code normally associated with highly interactive web sites.

DWR is freely available as open source software (ASL version 2.0). It is straightforward to implement with extensive libraries, examples and tutorials. Incorporating it into existing sites is simple as it readily integrates with the most commonly used Java frameworks.

NEWS: DWR version 1.1 beta 3 has just been released. See the download page for more details.

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The current stable version of DWR is version 1.0 with version 1.1 in beta. Downloads of the Jar file and source packages for this and older versions are available.
The DWR documentation index includes getting started overviews, tutorials, demos, reference manuals and links to other site writing introductions to DWR.
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The support pages contain infomation about the available mailing-lists and about commercial support options.
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The development pages give access to our bug database, the CVS source archive and the mailing lists.