How to fix windows installer error: C:/Windows/Installer/xxxxxxx.ipi

When I run into the issue of the windows installer on my computer, I just noticed I can not install any software via windows installer. I just got the message of “Internal Error 2203, C:/Windows/Installer/ xxxxxxx.ipi” (xxxxxxx is a random number) each time during the installation, then the installation is rolled back automatically.
After googled and tried many times, I knew the root reason is windows installer need to use specific temp folder. I’ll list all possible causes as far as I found.
1)      Environment Variable of current login user, make sure it contains the following 2 items:
TEMP: %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temp
TMP: %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temp
2)      Make sure current login user have administrator privilege
3)      Make sure the “MachineName/System” user has full control for the following folder
C:/Documents and Settings/<current login user>/Local Settings/Temp
4)      For some software, it may also need the “MachineName/System” user has full control for C:/Documents and Settings/<current login user>/Application Data