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除了在 Error 对象和 Errors 集合中说明的提供者错误之外,ADO 本身也将错误返回到运行时环境的异常处理机制之中。使用编程语言的错误捕获机制(如 Microsoft& Visual Basic& 中的 On Error 语句)可捕获及处理下列错误。下表将同时显示十进制和十六进制错误代码值。

常量名称 编号 说明
adErrInvalidArgument 3001 0x800A0BB9 应用程序使用的参数其类型错误、超出可接受的范围或者与其他参数冲突。
adErrNoCurrentRecord 3021 0x800A0BCD BOF 或 EOF 为 True,或者当前记录已经删除。应用程序请求的操作需要当前记录。
adErrIllegalOperation 3219 0x800A0C93 应用程序请求的操作不允许出现在该上下文中 adErrInTransaction 3246 0x800A0CAE 在事务中应用程序无法显式关闭 Connection 对象。
adErrFeatureNotAvailable 3251 0x800A0CB3 提供者不支持应用程序请求的操作。 adErrItemNotFound 3265 0x800A0CC1 ADO 无法在对应于应用程序请求的名称或顺序引用的集合中找到对象。
adErrObjectInCollection 3367 0x800A0D27 无法追加,对象已经在集合中。 adErrObjectNotSet 3420 0x800A0D5C 应用程序引用的对象不再指向有效的对象。 adErrDataConversion 3421 0x800A0D5D 应用程序使用了不符合对当前操作的值类型。 adErrObjectClosed 3704 0x800A0E78 如果对象关闭,则不允许应用程序请求的操作。 adErrObjectOpen 3705 0x800A0E79 如果对象打开,则不允许应用程序请求的操作。 adErrProviderNotFound 3706 0x800A0E7A ADO 找不到指定的提供者。 adErrBoundToCommand 3707 0x800A0E7B 应用程序无法用 Command 对象将 Recordset 对象的 ActiveConnection 属性更改为它的来源数据。
adErrInvalidParamInfo 3708 0x800A0E7C 应用程序错误地定义了 Parameter 对象。 adErrInvalidConnection 3709 0x800A0E7D 应用程序通过引用关闭或无效的 Connection 对象来请求对对象的操作。

Rela&&o de erros expostos por OLE e OLE_DB para ADO.
Unsigned Signed
---------- ----------- ----------------------------------------------
0x80000001 -2147483647 Not implemented
0x80000002 -2147483646 Ran out of memory
0x80000003 -2147483645 One or more arguments are invalid
0x80000004 -2147483644 No such interface supported
0x80000005 -2147483643 Invalid pointer
0x80000006 -2147483642 Invalid handle
0x80000007 -2147483641 Operation aborted
0x80000008 -2147483640 Unspecified error
0x80000009 -2147483639 General access denied error
0x8000000A -2147483638 The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available.
0x80004001 -2147467263 Not implemented
0x80004002 -2147467262 No such interface supported
0x80004003 -2147467261 Invalid pointer
0x80004004 -2147467260 Operation aborted
0x80004005 -2147467259 Unspecified error
0x80004006 -2147467258 Thread local storage failure
0x80004007 -2147467257 Get shared memory allocator failure
0x80004008 -2147467256 Get memory allocator failure
0x80004009 -2147467255 Unable to initialize class cache
0x8000400A -2147467254 Unable to initialize RPC services
0x8000400B -2147467253 Cannot set thread local storage channel control
0x8000400C -2147467252 Could not allocate thread local storage channel control
0x8000400D -2147467251 The user supplied memory allocator is unacceptable
0x8000400E -2147467250 The OLE service mutex already exists
0x8000400F -2147467249 The OLE service file mapping already exists
0x80004010 -2147467248 Unable to map view of file for OLE service
0x80004011 -2147467247 Failure attempting to launch OLE service
0x80004012 -2147467246 There was an attempt to call CoInitialize a second time while single threaded
0x80004013 -2147467245 A Remote activation was necessary but was not allowed
0x80004014 -2147467244 A Remote activation was necessary but the server name provided was invalid
0x80004015 -2147467243 The class is configured to run as a security id different from the caller
0x80004016 -2147467242 Use of Ole1 services requiring DDE windows is disabled
0x80004017 -2147467241 A RunAs specification must be / or simply
0x80004018 -2147467240 The server process could not be started. The pathname may be incorrect.
0x80004019 -2147467239 The server process could not be started as the configured identity. The pathname may be incorret
0x8000401A -2147467238 The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check username/password
0x8000401B -2147467237 The client is not allowed to launch this server.
0x8000401C -2147467236 The service providing this server could not be started.
0x8000401D -2147467235 This computer was unable to communicate with the computer providing the server.
0x8000401E -2147467234 The server did not respond after being launched.
0x8000401F -2147467233 The registration information for this server is inconsistent or incomplete.
0x80004020 -2147467232 The registration information for this interface is inconsistent or incomplete.
0x80004021 -2147467231 The operation attempted is not supported.
0x8000FFFF -2147418113 Catastrophic failure
0x80070005 -2147024891 General access denied error
0x80070006 -2147024890 Invalid handle
0x8007000E -2147024882 Ran out of memory
0x80070057 -2147024809 One or more arguments are invalid
Rela&&o de erros expostos pelo provedor OLE-DB
Unsigned Signed
---------- ----------- ----------------------------------------------
0x80040E00 -2147217920 Invalid accessor
0x80040E01 -2147217919 Creating another row would have exceeded the total number of active rows supported by the rowset
0x80040E02 -2147217918 Unable to write with a read-only accessor
0x80040E03 -2147217917 Given values violate the database schema
0x80040E04 -2147217916 Invalid row handle
0x80040E05 -2147217915 An object was open
0x80040E06 -2147217914 Invalid chapter
0x80040E07 -2147217913 A literal value in the command could not be converted to the correct type due to a reason other than data overflow
0x80040E08 -2147217912 Invalid binding info
0x80040E09 -2147217911 Permission denied
0x80040E0A -2147217910 Specified column does not contain bookmarks or chapters
0x80040E0B -2147217909 Some cost limits were rejected
0x80040E0C -2147217908 No command has been set for the command object
0x80040E0D -2147217907 Unable to find a query plan within the given cost limit
0x80040E0E -2147217906 Invalid bookmark
0x80040E0F -2147217905 Invalid lock mode
0x80040E10 -2147217904 No value given for one or more required parameters
0x80040E11 -2147217903 Invalid column ID
0x80040E12 -2147217902 Invalid ratio
0x80040E13 -2147217901 Invalid value
0x80040E14 -2147217900 The command contained one or more errors
0x80040E15 -2147217899 The executing command cannot be canceled
0x80040E16 -2147217898 The provider does not support the specified dialect
0x80040E17 -2147217897 A data source with the specified name already exists
0x80040E18 -2147217896 The rowset was built over a live data feed and cannot be restarted
0x80040E19 -2147217895 No key matching the described characteristics could be found within the current range
0x80040E1A -2147217894 Ownership of this tree has been given to the provider
0x80040E1B -2147217893 The provider is unable to determine identity for newly inserted rows
0x80040E1C -2147217892 No nonzero weights specified for any goals supported, so goal was rejected; current goal was not changed
0x80040E1D -2147217891 Requested conversion is not supported
0x80040E1E -2147217890 lRowsOffset would position you past either end of the rowset, regardless of the cRows value
0x80040E1F -2147217889 Information was requested for a query, and the query was not set
0x80040E20 -2147217888 Provider called a method from IRowsetNotify in the consumer and NT
0x80040E21 -2147217887 Errors occurred
0x80040E22 -2147217886 A non-NULL controlling IUnknown was specified and the object being created does not support aggregation
0x80040E23 -2147217885 A given HROW referred to a hard- or soft- deleted row
0x80040E24 -2147217884 The rowset does not support fetching backwards
0x80040E25 -2147217883 All HROWs must be released before new ones can be obtained
0x80040E26 -2147217882 One of the specified storage flags was not supported
0x80040E27 -2147217881 The comparison operator was invalid
0x80040E28 -2147217880 The specified status flag was neither DBCOLUMNSTATUS_OK nor DBCOLUMNSTATUS_ISNULL
0x80040E29 -2147217879 The rowset cannot scroll backwards
0x80040E2A -2147217878 Invalid region handle
0x80040E2B -2147217877 The specified set of rows was not contiguous to or overlapping the rows in the specified watch region
0x80040E2C -2147217876 A transition from ALL* to MOVE* or EXTEND* was specified
0x80040E2D -2147217875 The specified region is not a proper subregion of the region identified by the given watch region handle
0x80040E2E -2147217874 The provider does not support multi-statement commands
0x80040E2F -2147217873 A specified value violated the integrity constraints for a column or table
0x80040E32 -2147217870 Cannot clone a command object whose command tree contains a rowset or rowsets
0x80040E33 -2147217869 Cannot represent the current tree as text
0x80040E34 -2147217868 The specified index already exists
0x80040E35 -2147217867 The specified index does not exist
0x80040E36 -2147217866 The specified index was in use
0x80040E37 -2147217865 The specified table does not exist
0x80040E38 -2147217864 The rowset was using optimistic concurrency and the value of a column has been changed since it was last read
0x80040E39 -2147217863 Errors were detected during the copy
0x80040E3A -2147217862 A specified precision was invalid
0x80040E3B -2147217861 A specified scale was invalid
0x80040E3C -2147217860 Invalid table ID
0x80040E3D -2147217859 A specified type was invalid
0x80040E3E -2147217858 A column ID was occurred more than once in the specification
0x80040E3F -2147217857 The specified table already exists
0x80040E40 -2147217856 The specified table was in use
0x80040E41 -2147217855 The specified locale ID was not supported
0x80040E42 -2147217854 The specified record number is invalid
0x80040E43 -2147217853 Although the bookmark was validly formed, no row could be found to match it
0x80040E44 -2147217852 The value of a property was invalid
0x80040E45 -2147217851 The rowset was not chaptered
0x80040E46 -2147217850 Invalid accessor
0x80040E47 -2147217849 Invalid storage flags
0x80040E48 -2147217848 By-ref accessors are not supported by this rovider
0x80040E49 -2147217847 Null accessors are not supported by this provider
0x80040E4A -2147217846 The command was not prepared
0x80040E4B -2147217845 The specified accessor was not a parameter accessor
0x80040E4C -2147217844 The given accessor was write-only
0x80040E4D -2147217843 Authentication failed
0x80040E4E -2147217842 The change was canceled during notification; no columns are changed
0x80040E4F -2147217841 The rowset was single-chaptered and the chapter was not released
0x80040E50 -2147217840 Invalid source handle
0x80040E51 -2147217839 The provider cannot derive parameter info and SetParameterInfo has not been called
0x80040E52 -2147217838 The data source object is already initialized
0x80040E53 -2147217837 The provider does not support this method
0x80040E54 -2147217836 The number of rows with pending changes has exceeded the set limit
0x80040E55 -2147217835 The specified column did not exist
0x80040E56 -2147217834 There are pending changes on a row with a reference count of zero
0x80040E57 -2147217833 A literal value in the command overflowed the range of the type of the associated column
0x80040E58 -2147217832 The supplied HRESULT was invalid
0x80040E59 -2147217831 The supplied LookupID was invalid
0x80040E5A -2147217830 The supplied DynamicErrorID was invalid
0x80040E5B -2147217829 Unable to get visible data for a newly-inserted row that has not yet been updated
0x80040E5C -2147217828 Invalid conversion flag
0x80040E5D -2147217827 The given parameter name was unrecognized
0x80040E5E -2147217826 Multiple storage objects can not be open simultaneously
0x80040E5F -2147217825 The requested filter could not be opened
0x80040E60 -2147217824 The requested order could not be opened
0x80040E61 -2147217823 Bad tuple
0x80040E62 -2147217822 Bad coordinate
0x80040E63 -2147217821 The given axis was not valid for this Dataset
0x80040E64 -2147217820 One or more of the given cell ordinals was invalid
0x80040E65 -2147217819 The supplied columnID was invalid
0x80040E67 -2147217817 The supplied command does not have a DBID
0x80040E68 -2147217816 The supplied DBID already exists
0x80040E72 -2147217806 The index ID is invalid
0x80040E73 -2147217805 The initialization string does not conform to specification
0x80040E74 -2147217804 The OLE DB root enumerator did not return any providers that matched an of the SOURCES_TYPEs requested
0x80040E75 -2147217803 The initialization string specifies a provider which does not match the currently active provider.
0x80040E76 -2147217802 The specified DBID is invalid
0x80040E6A -2147217814 Invalid trustee value
0x80040E6B -2147217813 The trustee is not for the current data source
0x80040E6C -2147217812 The trustee does not support memberships/ collections
0x80040E6D -2147217811 The object is invalid or unknown to the provider
0x80040E6E -2147217810 No owner exists for the object
0x80040E6F -2147217809 The access entry list supplied is invalid
0x80040E70 -2147217808 The trustee supplied as owner is invalid or unknown to the provider
0x80040E71 -2147217807 The permission supplied in the access entry list is invalid
0x80040E77 -2147217801 The ConstraintType was invalid or not supported by the provider.
0x80040E78 -2147217800 The ConstraintType was not CONSTRAINTTYPE_FOREIGNKEY and cForeignKeyColumns was not zero
0x80040E79 -2147217799 The Deferrability was invalid or the value was not supported by the provider
0x80040E80 -2147217792 The MatchType was invalid or the value was not supported by the provider
0x80040E8A -2147217782 The UpdateRule or DeleteRule was invalid or the value was not supported by the provider
0x80040E8B -2147217781 The pConstraintID did not exist in the data source
0x80040E8C -2147217780 The dwFlags was invalid
0x80040E8D -2147217779 The rguidColumnType pointed to a GUID that does not match the object type of this column or this column was not set
0x80040E8E -2147217778 The requested URL was out-of-scope
0x80040E90 -2147217776 The provider could not drop the object
0x80040E91 -2147217775 There is no source row
0x80040E92 -2147217774 The OLE DB object represented by this URL is locked by one or more other processes
0x80040E93 -2147217773 The client requested an object type that is only valid for a collection
0x80040E94 -2147217772 The caller requested write access to a read-only object
0x80040E95 -2147217771 The provider could not connect to the server for this object
0x80040E96 -2147217770 The provider could not connect to the server for this object
0x80040E97 -2147217769 The attempt to bind to the object timed out
0x80040E98 -2147217768 The provider was unable to create an object at this URL because an object named by this URL already exists
0x80040E99 -2147217767 The provider could not drop the object
0x80040E9A -2147217766 The provider was unable to create an object at this URL because the server was out of physical storage
0x00040EC0 265920 Fetching requested number of rows would have exceeded total number of active rows supported by the rowset
0x00040EC1 265921 One or more column types are incompatible; conversion errors will occur during copying
0x00040EC2 265922 Parameter type information has been overridden by caller
0x00040EC3 265923 Skipped bookmark for deleted or non-member row
0x00040EC4 265924 Errors found in validating tree
0x00040EC5 265925 There are no more rowsets
0x00040EC6 265926 Reached start or end of rowset or chapter
0x00040EC7 265927 The provider re-executed the command
0x00040EC8 265928 Variable data buffer full
0x00040EC9 265929 There are no more results
0x00040ECA 265930 Server cannot release or downgrade a lock until the end of the transaction
0x00040ECB 265931 Specified weight was not supported or exceeded the supported limit and was set to 0 or the supported limit
0x00040ECC 265932 Consumer is uninterested in receiving further notification calls for this reason
0x00040ECD 265933 Input dialect was ignored and text was returned in different dialect
0x00040ECE 265934 Consumer is uninterested in receiving further notification calls for this phase
0x00040ECF 265935 Consumer is uninterested in receiving further notification calls for this reason
0x00040ED0 265936 The operation is being processed asynchronously
0x00040ED2 265938 The method had some errors; errors have been returned in the error array
0x00040ED3 265939 Invalid row handle
0x00040ED4 265940 A given HROW referred to a hard-deleted row
0x00040ED7 265943 The bind failed because the provider was unable to satisfy all of the bind flags or properties
0x00040ED8 265944 A lock was upgraded from the value specified
0x00040ED9 265945 One or more properties were changed as allowed by provider
0x00040EDA 265946 Errors occurred
0x00040EDB 265947 A specified parameter was invalid
0x00040EDC 265948 Updating this row caused more than one row to be updated in the data source
0x00040EDD 265949 The row has no row-specific columns

错误代码 错误消息 说明
ASP0100 Out of memory 内存不足(不能分配要求的内存
ASP0101 Unexpected error 意外错误
ASP0102 Expecting string input 缺少字符串输入
ASP0103 Expecting numeric input 缺少数字输入
ASP0104 Opration not allowed 操作不允许
ASP0105 Index out of ange 索引超出范围(一个数组索引超届)
ASP0106 Type Mismatch 类型不匹配(遇到的数据类型不能被处理)
ASP0107 Stack Overflow 栈溢出(正在处理的数据超出了允许的范围)
ASP0115 Unexpected error 意外错误(外部对象出现可捕获的exception_name错误,脚本不能继续运行)
ASP0177 Server.CreateObject Failed 服务器创建对象失败(无效的progid)
ASP0190 Unexpected error 意外错误(当释放外部对象,产生可捕获的错误)
ASP0191 Unexpected error 意外错误(在外部对象的OnStartPage方法中产生可捕获的错误)
ASP0192 Unexpected error 意外错误(在外部对象的OnEndPage方法中产生可捕获的错误)
ASP0193 OnStartPage Failed 在外部对象的OnStartPage方法中产生错误
ASP0194 OnEndPage Failed 在外部对象的OnEndPage方法中产生错误
ASP0240 Script Engine Exception 脚本引擎从object_name对象中抛出exception_anme异常
ASP0241 CreateObject Exception object_name 对象的CreatObject方法引起了exception_name异常
ASP0242 Query OnStartPage nterface 查询对象Object_name的OnsException

JScript 语法错误
JScript 语法错误是指当 JScript 语句违反了 JScript 脚本语言的一条或多条语法规则时导致的错误。JScript 语法错误发生在程序编译阶段,在开始运行该程序之前。(错误发生在开发过程中),以下是32个语法错误

错误号 描述
十进制 十六进制 说明
1001 800A03E9 内存不足
1002 800A03EA 语法错误
1003 800A03EB 需要“:”
1004 800A03EC 需要“;”
1005 800A03ED 需要“(”
1006 800A03EE 需要“)”
1007 800A03EF 需要“]”
1008 800A03F0 需要“{”
1009 800A03F1 需要“}”
1010 800A03F2 需要标识符
1011 800A03F3 需要“=”
1012 800A03F4 需要“/”
1013 800A03F5 无效数
1014 800A03F6 非法字符
1015 800A03F7 字符串常数未结束
1016 800A03F8 注释未结束
1018 800A03FA 函数外有 ’return’ 语句
1019 800A03FB 在循环外不能有“break”
1020 800A03FC 在循环外不能有“continue”
1023 800A03FF 需要十六进制数
1024 800A0400 需要“while”
1025 800A0401 标签定义重复
1026 800A0402 未找到标签
1027 800A0403 一条 “switch” 语句中只能有一个 “default”
1028 800A0404 需要标识符、字符串或者数字
1029 800A0405 需要“@end”
1030 800A0406 条件编译已关闭
1031 800A0407 需要常数
1032 800A0408 需要“@”
1033 800A0409 需要“catch”
1034 800A040A 需要“var”
1035 800A040B “Throw”的后面必须跟有一个表达式,且在同一源代码行上

JScript 运行时错误
JScript 运行时错误是指当 JScript 脚本试图执行一个系统不能运行的动作时导致的错误。当正在运行脚本、计算变量表达式、或者正在动态分配内存时出现JScript 运行时错误时。

错误号 描述
十进制 十六进制 说明
5 800A0005 非法过程调用或参数
6 800A0006 溢出
7 800A0007 内存不足
9 800A0009 下标超界
10 800A000A 此数组被固定或临时锁定
11 800A000B 零除错误
13 800A000D 类型失配
14 800A000E 串空间不足
17 800A0011 不能执行所请求的操作
28 800A001C 栈空间不足
35 800A0023 子过程或函数未找到
48 800A0030 装载DLL出错
51 800A0033 内部出错
52 800A0034 坏文件名或数
53 800A0035 文件未找到
54 800A0036 坏文件模式
55 800A0037 文件已经打开
57 800A0039 设备I/O错误
58 800A003A 文件已经存在
61 800A003D 磁盘空间已满
62 800A003E 输入超出文件尾
67 800A0043 文件太多
68 800A0044 设备不可用
70 800A0046 权限禁用
71 800A0047 磁盘未准备好
74 800A004A 不能用不同的驱动重命名
75 800A004B 路径/文件访问错误
76 800A004C 路径未找到
91 800A005B 对象变量或With块变量未设置
92 800A005C For循环未初始化
94 800A005E Null使用无效
322 800A0042 不能建立所需的临时文件
424 800A01A8 需要对象
429 800A01A9 Automation服务器不能建立对象
430 800A01AE 类不支持Automation
432 800A01B0 在Automation操作中找不到文件名或类名
438 800A01B6 对象不支持这个属性或方法
440 800A01B8 Automation错误
445 800A01BD 对象不支持这个动作
446 800A01BE 对象不支持指定的参数
447 800A01BF 对象不支持当前区域设置
448 800A01C0 指定的参数未找到
449 800A01C1 参数不可选
450 800A01C2 错误的参数数目或非法属性分配
451 800A01C3 对象不是一个集合
453 800A01C5 指定的dll函数未找到
458 800A01CA 变量使用了一个Jscript不支持的Automation类型
462 800A01CE 远程服务器机器不存在或不可用
501 800A01F5 不能分配给变量
502 800A01F6 对象对于脚本不安全
503 800A01F7 对象对于初始化不安全
504 800A01F8 对象对建立不安全
5000 800A1388 不能分配给“this”
5001 800A1389 需要 Number 类型
5002 800A138A 需要 Function 对象
5003 800A138B 不能给函数返回值赋值
5004 800A138C 不能索引对象
5005 800A138D 需要 String
5006 800A138E 需要 Date 对象
5007 800A138F 需要 Object 类型
5008 800A1390 非法赋值
5009 800A1391 未定义标识符
5010 800A1392 需要 Boolean
5011 800A1393 不能执行来自一个自由脚本的代码
5012 800A1394 需要对象的成员
5013 800A1395 需要 VBArray
5014 800A1396 需要 JScript 对象
5015 800A1397 需要 Enumerator 对象
5016 800A1398 需要正则表达式对象
5017 800A1399 正则表达式语法错误
5018 800A139A 未预期的限定符
5019 800A139B 正则表达式中缺少“]”
5020 800A139C 正则表达式中缺少“)”
5021 800A139D 字符集范围无效
5022 800A139E 异常抛出,但无法抓住
5023 800A139F 函数没有合法的 Prototype (原型)对象
5024 800A13A0 待解码的 URI 包含有非法字符
5025 800A13A1 待解码的 URI 编码非法
5026 800A13A2 小数部分的位数越界
5027 800A13A3 精度越界
5028 800A13A4 需要 Array 或 arguments 对象
5029 800A13A5 数组长度必须为一有限正整数
5030 800A13A6 必须赋给数组长度一个有限正数

VBScript 语法错误
如果 VBScript 语句结构违反了一个或多个 VBScript 脚本语言语法规则,就会产生 VBScript 语法错误。
错误通常在执行程序前,编译程序时产生。 以下是53个语法错误:
错误编号 描述
十进制 十六进制 说明
1001 800A03E9 内存不足
1002 800A03EA 语法错误
1003 800A03EB 缺少“:”
1005 800A03ED 需要 '('
1006 800A03EE 需要 ')'
1007 800A03EF 缺少“]”
1010 800A03F2 需要标识符
1011 800A03F3 需要 '='
1012 800A03F4 需要 'If'
1013 800A03F5 需要 'To'
1014 800A03F6 需要 'End'
1015 800A03F7 需要 'Function'
1016 800A03F8 需要 'Sub'
1017 800A03F9 需要 'Then'
1018 800A03FA 需要 'Wend'
1019 800A03FB 需要 'Loop'
1020 800A03FC 需要 'Next'
1021 800A03FD 需要 'Case'
1022 800A03FE 需要 'Select'
1023 800A03FF 需要表达式
1024 800A0400 需要语句
1025 800A0401 需要语句的结束
1026 800A0402 需要整数常数
1027 800A0403 需要 'While' 或 'Until'
1028 800A0404 需要 'While,'、 'Until,' 或语句未结束
1029 800A0405 需要 'With'
1030 800A0406 标识符太长
1031 800A0407 无效的数
1032 800A0408 无效的字符
1033 800A0409 未结束的串常量
1034 800A040A 未结束的注释
1037 800A040D 无效使用关键字 'Me'
1038 800A040E 'loop' 没有 'do'
1039 800A040F 无效 'exit' 语句
1040 800A0410 无效 'for' 循环控制变量
1041 800A0411 名称重定义
1042 800A0412 必须为行的第一个语句
1043 800A0413 不能赋给非Byval参数
1044 800A0414 调用 Sub 时不能使用圆括号
1045 800A0415 需要文字常数
1046 800A0416 需要 'In'
1047 800A0417 需要 'Class'
1048 800A0418 必须在一个类的内部定义
1049 800A0419 在属性声明中需要 Let , Set 或 Get
1050 800A041A 需要 'Property'
1051 800A041B 参数数目必须与属性说明一致
1052 800A041C 在类中不能有多个缺省的属性/方法
1053 800A041D 类初始化或终止不能带参数
1054 800A041E Property Let 或 Set 至少应该有一个参数
1055 800A041F 不需要的 'Next'
1056 800A0420 只能在 ‘Property’ 或 ’Function’ 或 ’Sub’ 上指定 ’Default’
1057 800A0421 说明 'Default' 必须同时说明 'Public' "
1058 800A0422 只能在 Property Get 中指定 'Default'

VBScript 运行时错误
如果 VBScript 脚本执行系统无法实施的操作,则会产生 VBScript 运行时错误。只有在运行脚本、为变量表达式赋值或
分配内存时,才会产生 VBScript 运行时错误。 以下是65个运行时错误:
错误编号 描述
十进制 十六进制 说明
5 800A0005 无效过程调用或参数
6 800A0006 溢出
7 800A0007 内存不足
9 800A0009 下标越界
10 800A000A 该数组为定长的或临时被锁定
11 800A000B 被零除
13 800A000D 类型不匹配
14 800A000E 字符串空间溢出
17 800A0011 无法执行请求的操作
28 800A001C 堆栈溢出
35 800A0023 未定义 Sub 或 Function
48 800A0030 加载 DLL 错误
51 800A0033 内部错误
52 800A0034 坏文件名或数
53 800A0035 文件未找到
54 800A0036 坏文件模式
55 800A0037 文件已经打开
57 800A0039 设备I/O错误
58 800A003A 文件已经存在
61 800A003D 磁盘空间已满
62 800A003E 输入超出文件尾
67 800A0043 文件太多
68 800A0044 设备不可用
70 800A0046 权限禁用
71 800A0047 磁盘未准备好
74 800A004A 不能用不同的驱动器重新命名
75 800A004B 路径/文件访问错误
76 800A004C 路径未找到
91 800A005B 未设置对象变量
92 800A005C For 循环未初始化
94 800A005E 非法使用 Null
322 800A0142 不能建立所需临时文件
424 800A01A8 需要对象
429 800A01AD ActiveX 部件无法创建对象
430 800A01AE 类不支持自动化
432 800A01B0 在自动化操作中未找到文件名或类名
438 800A01B6 对象不支持该属性或方法
440 800A01B8 Automation错误
445 800A01BD 对象不支持此操作
446 800A01BE 对象不支持指定的参数
447 800A01BF 对象不支持当前的区域设置
448 800A01C0 未找到命名参数
449 800A01C1 参数不可选
450 800A01C2 错误的参数个数或无效的参数属性值
451 800A01C3 对象不是一个集合
453 800A01C5 指定的dll函数未找到
455 800A01C7 代码源锁错误
457 800A01C9 这个键已经是本集合的一个元素关联
458 800A01CA 变量使用了一个 VBScript 中不支持的自动化(Automation)类型
462 800A01CE 远程服务器不存在或不能访问
481 800A01E1 无效图片
500 800A01F4 变量未定义
501 800A01F5 违法的分配
502 800A01F6 脚本对象不安全
503 800A01F7 对象不能安全初始化
504 800A01F8 对象不能安全创建
505 800A01F9 无效的或不合格的引用
506 800A01FA 类未被定义
507 800A01FB 发生异常
5016 800A1398 需要正则表达式对象
5017 800A1399 正则表达式中的语法错误
5018 800A139A 错误的数量词
5019 800A139B 在正则表达式中需要 ']'
5020 800A139C 在正则表达式中需要 ')'
5021 800A139D 字符集越界
32811 800A802B 元素未找到



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