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翻译 cp命令详解_cp命令

cp命令详解You can copy a file using the cp command: 您可以使用cp命令复制文件: touch testcp apple another_appleTo copy folders you need to add the -r option to recursively copy the whole folder contents: 要复制文件夹,您...

2020-09-01 13:48:50 472

翻译 cd命令行 python_cd命令

cd命令行 pythonOnce you have a folder, you can move into it using the cd command. cd means change directory. You invoke it specifying a folder to move into. You can specify a folder name, or an entire pa...

2020-09-01 13:39:24 8672

翻译 less命令乱码_less命令

less命令乱码The less command is one I use a lot. It shows you the content stored inside a file, in a nice and interactive UI. less命令是我经常使用的命令。 它以精美的交互式UI向您显示文件中存储的内容。 Usage: less <filename>. 用法...

2020-09-01 13:29:46 1394

翻译 mkdir命令会突然失效_mkdir命令

mkdir命令会突然失效You create folders using the mkdir command: 您可以使用mkdir命令创建文件夹: mkdir fruitsYou can create multiple folders with one command: 您可以使用一个命令创建多个文件夹: mkdir dogs carsYou can also create multip...

2020-09-01 13:20:00 1985

翻译 rmdir命令

Just as you can create a folder using mkdir, you can delete a folder using rmdir: 就像可以使用mkdir创建文件夹一样,也可以使用rmdir删除文件夹: mkdir fruitsrmdir fruitsYou can also delete multiple folders at once: 您也可以一次删除...

2020-09-01 13:10:03 1188

翻译 electron热更新_如何在Electron上设置热重装

electron热更新When working on an Electron app, it’s very handy to set up hot reload, so that the application updates without having to restart it. 在Electron应用程序上工作时,设置热重装非常方便,这样应用程序无需重启就可以更新。 You can ...

2020-09-01 12:59:39 1227

翻译 ls命令输出格式算法_ls命令

ls命令输出格式算法Inside a folder you can list all the files that the folder contains using the ls command: 在文件夹内,您可以使用ls命令列出该文件夹包含的所有文件: lsIf you add a folder name or path, it will print that folder conten...

2020-09-01 12:49:24 596

翻译 pwd命令是什么的缩写_pwd命令

pwd命令是什么的缩写Whenever you feel lost in the filesystem, call the pwd command to know where you are: 每当您在文件系统中迷路时,请调用pwd命令以了解您的位置: pwdIt will print the current folder path. 它将打印当前文件夹路径。 This command ...

2020-09-01 12:38:46 655

翻译 mv命令详解_mv命令

mv命令详解Once you have a file, you can move it around using the mv command. You specify the file current path, and its new path: 有了文件后,可以使用mv命令在文件中移动。 您指定文件的当前路径及其新路径: touch testmv pear new_pearThe pe...

2020-09-01 12:28:39 953

翻译 node util.log_如何解决Node.js中的util.pump不是函数错误

node util.logIf you experience the error “util.pump is not a function” while running a Node.js app or a Node.js snippet, it’s because the app code is too old for the current Node.js runtime. 如果在运行No...

2020-09-01 12:19:15 250

翻译 gatsby_Gatsby,修复“找不到模块gatsby-cli / lib / reporter”错误

gatsbyI created a site using Gatsby and I ran gatsby develop to start a local server. 我使用Gatsby创建了一个网站,并运行了gatsby develop来启动本地服务器。 But a weird error showed up, coloring with red my terminal: 但是出现...

2020-09-01 12:09:52 175

翻译 什么是JavaScript中的对象分解?

Say you have an object with some properties: 假设您有一个具有某些属性的对象: const person = { firstName: 'Tom', lastName: 'Cruise', actor: true, age: 57}You can extract just some of the object properties ...

2020-09-01 11:59:55 160

翻译 如何在JavaScript函数中接受无限的参数

Let’s say we have a function called join() whose job is to join all the strings we pass to it. 假设我们有一个名为join()的函数,其作用是将传递给它的所有字符串连接起来。 For example we write a prototype that accepts 2 strings: 例如,我...

2020-09-01 11:40:15 1452

翻译 next. js_如何更改Next.js应用程序端口

next. jsI’ve been asked how to change the HTTP port of an app built using Next.js, when you are running it locally.By default the port is 3000, but that’s a commonly used port and perhaps you have an...

2020-09-01 11:30:06 3737

翻译 如何从JavaScript中的函数返回多个值

When we call a function in JavaScript, we can only return one value using the return statement: 当我们使用JavaScript调用函数时,只能使用return语句返回一个值: const getAge = () => { return 37}const getName = () ...

2020-09-01 11:20:50 1701

翻译 javascript中索引_如何获取JavaScript数组中项目的索引

javascript中索引Suppose you have the value of an item which is contained in an array, and you want to get its index. 假设您具有数组中包含的项目的值,并且想要获取其索引。 How can you get it? 你怎么能得到它? If the item is a primiti...

2020-09-01 11:11:19 3055

翻译 raspberry pi_如何确保Raspberry Pi始终具有相同的IP地址

raspberry piI recently got a Raspberry Pi for testing, and to build some projects ideas I have, and right after installing Raspbian, the Linux version of Debian specifically made for the Raspberry Pi,...

2020-09-01 11:01:19 139

翻译 redis 哈希里存哈希_如何使用Redis哈希

redis 哈希里存哈希So far with Lists and Sets we saw how to correlate a key with a value, or a group of values. 到目前为止,我们已经通过列表和集合了解了如何将键与一个值或一组值相关联。 Hashes let us associate more than one value to a single...

2020-09-01 10:50:41 676

翻译 phaser 设置全屏_设置项目以使用Phaser构建JavaScript游戏

phaser 设置全屏In this tutorial I want to detail an optimal setup to get started building a game using Phaser 3. 在本教程中,我想详细介绍一种最佳设置,以开始使用Phaser 3构建游戏。 Let’s install phaser in a folder using npm: 让我们使用...

2020-09-01 10:40:04 689

翻译 谷歌app使用的是什么字体_如何使用Google字体

谷歌app使用的是什么字体I am a huge proponent of using System Fonts, which are fast, lightweight and work great, but sometimes you need to be a little fancy. 我大力支持使用System Fonts ,这些字体快速,轻便且性能出色,但有时您需要花哨一点。 Yo...

2020-09-01 10:29:56 1054

翻译 函数隐式声明警告如何解决_如何解决C语言中的隐式声明库函数警告

函数隐式声明警告如何解决When compiling a C program you might find that the compiler gives you a warning similar to 编译C程序时,您可能会发现编译器向您发出类似于以下内容的警告 hello.c:6:3: warning: implicitly declaring library function ...

2020-09-01 10:19:00 17306

翻译 git .git目录提交_压扁Git提交

git .git目录提交I use Git every day and I wrote a Git guide and a Git Cheat Sheet in the past. 我每天都使用Git,过去我写过Git指南和Git备忘单 。 I consider myself a Git fan, but …I’m not an expert of Git. 我认为自己是Git的粉丝,但...

2020-09-01 10:09:08 292

翻译 暂存区和版本库_如何创建网站的暂存版本

暂存区和版本库I was in the process of launching a course, and I needed to finalize the landing page that would be up on the “launch day”, without however changing the current version of the site I had up for...

2020-09-01 09:58:25 96

翻译 ppt表格重设链接_如何重设表格

ppt表格重设链接A common need on a Web page that contains a form is to reset it to the original state. 包含表单的网页上的常见需求是将其重置为原始状态。 I think that some time ago many forms had a “reset” button, although now I s...

2020-09-01 09:48:02 136

翻译 如何检测Adblocker是否与JavaScript一起使用

It’s pretty common for prosumers and technical people like programmers to use an adblocker. 对于生产者和程序员这样的技术人员来说,使用adblocker很普遍。 On my website, I estimate about 20% to 25% of the visitors use an adbl...

2020-09-01 09:38:37 455

翻译 如何查看redis安装位置_如何安装Redis

如何查看redis安装位置You can download the latest version of Redis from https://redis.io/download. 您可以从https://redis.io/download下载最新版本的Redis 。 Redis can be installed on any server. In this case we’ll instal...

2020-09-01 09:28:08 8345

翻译 redis简介_Redis简介

redis简介Redis is one amazing Open Source software that can serve various needs in a Web Application. Redis是一种出色的开源软件,可以满足Web应用程序中的各种需求。 What is Redis? 什么是Redis? It is a NoSQL database, and in par...

2020-09-01 09:17:21 57

翻译 docker删除映像_Docker映像简介

docker删除映像A Docker image is a template for a container. Docker映像是容器的模板 。 Everything starts from a Docker image. 一切都从Docker映像开始。 When you tell Docker to create a container from an image using doc...

2020-09-01 09:06:46 78

翻译 在Docker Hub上共享Docker映像

An image like the one we created in the Node.js Hello World Docker Container from scratch post is simple, yet it’s a perfect example to try one of the cool features of Docker, provided through Docker ...

2020-09-01 08:57:05 125

翻译 docker简介_Docker简介

docker简介Docker is one of the tools that revolutionized how we deploy applications and how we also distribute them. Docker是彻底改变我们部署应用程序以及分发方式的工具之一。 It’s also a technology in high demand and high con...

2020-09-01 08:47:16 97

翻译 redis 自增步数_Redis的第一步

redis 自增步数When you have Redis up and running, you can start using it! Redis启动并运行后,就可以开始使用它了! The simplest way is to use redis-cli, an application installed when you install Redis. 最简单的方法是使用redis-...

2020-09-01 08:36:51 1344

翻译 cobol_关于COBOL的简短介绍

cobolCOBOL is one of those languages you keep hearing about, one of the remains of the past. COBOL是您不断听到的那些语言之一,也是过去的遗留之一。 Turns out it’s the language that makes the world go around, in particular ...

2020-09-01 08:26:49 792

翻译 JavaScript中的命名空间

What is namespacing? 什么是命名空间? Namespacing is the act of wrapping a set of entities, variables, functions, objects under a single umbrella term. 名称间隔是在单个总括术语下包装一组实体,变量,函数,对象的行为。 JavaScript has va...

2020-09-01 08:17:23 121

翻译 JavaScript super关键字

When we work with classes in JavaScript, it’s common to use the super keyword. 当我们使用JavaScript处理类时,通常使用super关键字。 In this post I want to clarify what’s it useful for. 在这篇文章中,我想阐明它的作用。 Suppose you...

2020-09-01 08:07:50 379

翻译 获得超能力_软件是超能力

获得超能力We tend to belittle everything we already know: “since we know it, everyone should also know about this”. 我们倾向于贬低我们已经知道的一切:“既然我们知道,每个人也应该知道这一点”。 But there’s one thing I’d never give for grante...

2020-09-01 07:58:45 143

翻译 redis发布/订阅广播_Redis发布/订阅

redis发布/订阅广播Redis implements a publish/subscribe messaging mechanism. Redis实现了发布/订阅消息传递机制。 Its concept is simple: a publisher sends a message on a channel. Multiple subscribers receive it. 它的概念很简...

2020-09-01 07:48:26 1490

翻译 自适应YouTube视频嵌入

The problem with embedding YouTube videos is that they are an iframe and iframes need to be given an exact height and width otherwise they will look funky. 嵌入YouTube视频的问题在于它们是iframe并且iframe必须具有确切的高度...

2020-09-01 07:38:07 907

翻译 JavaScript代理对象

When working with objects, we can create a proxy object that intercepts and changes the behavior of an existing object. 使用对象时,我们可以创建一个代理对象 ,该代理对象可以拦截并更改现有对象的行为。 We do so using the Proxy native obje...

2020-09-01 07:28:18 192

翻译 milli 加下划线_Milli Micro Nano Pico

milli 加下划线With electronics and time measurements, you will find those terms used often: milli, micro, nano, pico. 通过电子和时间测量,您会发现经常使用的术语:毫,微,纳米,微微。 This post is a quick reference to what each of the...

2020-09-01 07:17:31 388

翻译 如何列出PostgreSQL中的所有用户

From the psql interface, run the \du command: 在psql界面中,运行\du命令: This will give you the list of all users in the system, plus their role attributes and the list of role groups they are member of....

2020-09-01 07:06:46 16779



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