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Imagine this: you wake up one morning to find that your Website has disappeared, your email has stopped working and a person you’ve never heard of is now listed as the owner of your domain name.


Such a Kafka-esque loss of digital identity is actually surprisingly common. The main cause is not the well publicised phenomenon of "domain hijacking", but something much more mundane. It’s this: for one reason or another, the domain was simply not renewed at the end of its expiration period. When this happens, the sponsoring registrar issues a delete command to the registry, and the name is quickly made available for any party to register.

这种卡夫卡式的数字身份丢失实际上出奇地普遍。 主要原因不是广为人知的“域名劫持”现象,而是更为平凡的事情。 就是这样:由于某种原因,该域在其有效期限结束时根本没有被续订。 发生这种情况时,发起人注册服务商会向注册管理机构发出删除命令,并且该名称可以Swift提供给任何一方进行注册。

If the domain is for personal use, then it’s no big deal. You learn from the experience and register a new name instead. But what if the name was an integral part of your business strategy? Losing it could cause untold damage to your business.

如果该域名是供个人使用的,那么没什么大不了的。 您可以从经验中学习并注册一个新名称。 但是,如果名称是您的业务战略的组成部分,该怎么办? 丢失它可能会对您的业务造成不可估量的损失。

成功会增加风险 (Success Increases Risk)

So what exactly are the chances that other parties might attempt to register your name if it ever did get deleted? Don’t be naive and believe that your name is only worth something to you. This is truly not the case. Perversely, the chances of the name being valuable to other parties — domain speculators in particular — increase in proportion to how successful you’ve been in building up your online business.

那么,如果对方确实删除了您的名字,那么其他各方究竟有什么机会尝试注册呢? 不要天真,相信您的名字对您来说仅是物有所值。 确实不是这样。 反过来说,这个名称对其他方(尤其是域名投机商)有价值的机会与您建立在线业务的成功程度成正比。

To understand the reasoning behind this statement, you have to get inside the mind of a typical domain speculator. A year or two ago, most speculators simply registered "virgin" domain names, in the hope that they could sell them on to site developers. In other words, they gambled on the value of the name itself. As it turned out, most speculators were awful at inventing good domain names, and many lost their shirts employing this methodology. "Hurrah!" you say. However, when the dot com bubble burst, speculators came up with a new strategy: the re-registration of "used" domain names. In particular, they like to re-register used domains with "built-in" traffic — i.e. domains that have incoming links from other Websites, search engines and directories.

要了解此语句背后的原因,您必须深入了解典型的域投机者。 一两年前,大多数投机者只是注册了“原始”域名,希望将其出售给网站开发人员。 换句话说,他们押注了名称本身的价值。 事实证明,大多数投机者都难以发明好的域名,许多投机者采用这种方法就失去了领头羊。 “欢呼!” 你说。 但是,当互联网泡沫破灭时,投机者想出了一种新策略:重新注册“已用”域名。 特别是,他们希望使用“内置”流量重新注册使用的域,即具有来自其他网站,搜索引擎和目录的传入链接的域。

With these types of names, speculators are not the slightest bit interested in the actual value of the name itself — it could be rat-splat-drat.org for all they care. If a name produces traffic, an averagely intelligent reptile could make money from it. Just put up a one-page pay-per-click (PPC) search engine, or any decent (or indecent) affiliate program, and the revenues will roll in.

对于这些类型的名称,投机者对名称本身的实际价值几乎没有丝毫兴趣,因为他们关心的可能是rat-splat-drat.org。 如果一个名字引起了流量,那么通常一个聪明的爬行动物就可以从中赚钱。 只需建立一个单页每次点击付费(PPC)搜索引擎或任何不错的(或不雅的)会员计划,收入就会累积。

So, given that domain speculators are now looking for domain names with traffic rather than branding value, you can see that any Website that’s been successful, and has built up tens or hundreds of incoming links, is a prime candidate for domain speculators should the name ever be deleted.


如何找回你的名字 (How To Get Your Name Back)

Now that you know why a speculator might re-register your domain name, let’s move on to the crux of the matter: just how do you go about getting your name back should the nightmare come true, and your name be deleted? The first thing to get out of your mind is the notion that this is still "your" domain name.

现在您知道了为什么投机者可能会重新注册您的域名,让我们继续讨论问题的关键:噩梦成真之后,如何重新找回名字,然后删除您的名字? 首先要弄清楚的是,这仍然是“您的”域名。

While you’ll undoubtedly feel that the name’s still yours, the harsh truth is that your rights expired along with the domain name. Most people will naturally contact their domain registrar first, on the assumption that somehow the registrar will be able to "sort it out" for them. But every registrar will give you the same response. If you didn’t pay the renewal fee and the name was deleted, there’s nothing they can do, and they certainly don’t have any way to get the name back for you.

尽管您无疑会觉得该名称仍然是您的,但严酷的事实是您的权利与域名一起到期。 大多数人会自然而然地首先联系他们的域名注册商,前提是注册商将能够以某种方式为他们“分类”。 但是每个注册商都会给您相同的答复。 如果您不支付续订费而名称被删除,他们将无能为力,而且他们当然也没有办法为您找回名称。

Given that reality, what other methods can you use to get your name back? You could sue the new registrant, but this is often a hugely complicated, time-consuming and costly affair, especially as the new registrant is just as likely to reside in Korea as in California. The two more practical methods are detailed below, these are:

鉴于这种现实,您还可以使用其他哪些方法来取回您的名字? 您可以起诉新注册人,但这通常是一件非常复杂,耗时且昂贵的事情,特别是因为新注册人与韩国一样有可能在韩国居住。 下面将详细介绍这两种更实用的方法:

  • ICANN Arbitration and

  • Domain Purchase.


Method A: ICANN Arbitration


If you have a trademark on the name in question, you have a chance to get it back through ICANN’s "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy" (UDRP for short). This arbitration mechanism has proved to be an effective way to gain control of domains for many trademark holders, but success is by no means certain. In order to successfully win a UDRP case, you need to convince the arbiter(s) of ALL of the following three elements:

如果您在该名称上有商标,则可以通过ICANN的“统一域名争议解决政策”(简称UDRP)找回。 事实证明,这种仲裁机制是获得许多商标持有人域名控制的有效途径,但成功的途径还不确定。 为了成功赢得UDRP案,您需要说服以下三个因素中的所有因素的仲裁者:

  1. The domain name must be identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which you have rights.

  2. The current registrant must have no rights or legitimate interests in the disputed domain name.

  3. The domain name must be being used in bad faith.


The fact that the current registrant has re-registered "your" domain is not relevant to this process. And in fact, most cases brought by trademark holders that do fail, will fail on point (3) — showing the domain is being used in bad faith. In effect, this means that you must demonstrate that the registrant has offered to sell the name — either by emailing you to offer you the name, or by putting up a "For Sale" Website etc. Simple registration of the name without using it is not normally seen as "bad faith" by most arbitration panels.

当前注册人已重新注册“您的”域这一事实与该过程无关。 实际上,商标持有人提出的大多数确实失败的案件将在第(3)点上失败-表明域名是出于恶意使用。 实际上,这意味着您必须通过电子邮件向您提供名称或通过建立“待售”网站等方式来证明注册人愿意出售该名称。简单地注册该名称而不使用它是大多数仲裁小组通常不将其视为“恶意”。

If you’re interested in this course of action, take a look at the full text of the UDRP. To file a dispute, legal counsel is not required, though it is recommended. It typically costs in excess of US$1000, and can be done through several services, such as WIPO, or eResolution. Also, bear in mind that many of the most professional domain speculators will have more experience with the UDRP than you, and will try to use this to their advantage.

如果您对此操作过程感兴趣,请查看UDRP的全文 。 要提出争议,虽然建议这样做,但不需要法律顾问。 它的成本通常超过1000美元,并且可以通过多种服务来完成,例如WIPOeResolution 。 另外,请记住,许多最专业的域投机者将比您拥有更多的UDRP经验,并将尝试利用这些经验来发挥自己的优势。

Method B: Domain Purchase


If you don’t think you can win a UDRP case, then purchasing the name from the new registrant, however unpalatable that may sound, is the other option worth pursuing. Before you contact them, consider the following:

如果您认为您不能赢得UDRP案,那么可以选择另一种选择,那就是从新注册人那里购买名称,无论听起来多么难听。 与他们联系之前,请考虑以下事项:

1. What is the name worth to you? How much money will you lose if you don’t have the name? How much money can you make with the name? Will your business fold without the name? Once you answer these questions and probably several more, you will have a good idea of just how much money the name is worth to you.

1.你叫什么名字? 如果没有名字,您会损失多少钱? 这个名字能赚多少钱? 您的公司是否会折叠而没有名称? 一旦回答了这些问题,可能还会再回答几个问题,您就会对这个名称值得多少钱有了个好主意。

2. What is the name worth to the speculator? As explained above, there are two components to a used name’s value — the brand value and the traffic value. The brand value is hard to calculate, though domain appraisal companies will give you a fair idea. The traffic value is somewhat easier to calculate. If you estimate the traffic (which shouldn’t be difficult because, after all, this was your traffic a few weeks ago) you should be able to take a guess at how much money the speculator might make through a PPC search engine or affiliate program. As a rough example, a domain that gets 100 visitor per day can expect to generate about 10 clickthroughs in that time — and each clickthrough might earn then $0.03 to $0.10, so they might earn $0.30 to $1.00 per day, that’s $100 to $365 per year.

2.投机者的名字叫什么名字? 如上所述,使用名称的价值包含两个组成部分-品牌价值和客流量价值。 尽管域名评估公司会为您提供一个不错的主意,但品牌价值很难计算。 流量值比较容易计算。 如果您估算访问量(这并不难,因为毕竟这是几周前的访问量),那么您应该可以猜测投机者可以通过PPC搜索引擎或会员计划赚取多少钱。 举一个粗略的例子,每天吸引100位访问者的网域可以预期在这段时间内产生约10次点击-而每次点击可能会赚取$ 0.03至$ 0.10,因此他们每天可能会赚取$ 0.30至$ 1.00,即每年$ 100至$ 365 。

3. What is the psychology of the negotiation? Having estimated the value of the domain to you and the speculator, it’s true in nearly all cases the speculator is hoping to sell it to YOU, i.e. the original site owner. Sure, he might earn $200 a year or so from an affiliate program, or more if the name has some brand value, but what he really wants is to make a quick high-value cash sale by selling the name back to its original owner. So in his mind, you are the ONLY potential customer. What this boils down to is a classic game of brinkmanship. If the sale happens, both parties gain. If it doesn’t, both parties lose. Bearing that in mind, here are a few tips to help you succeed in the negotiations:

3.谈判的心理是什么? 在向您和投机者估计了域名的价值之后,在几乎所有情况下,投机者都希望将其出售给您,即原始站点所有者,这是事实。 当然,他可能每年从会员计划中赚取200美元左右,如果这个名字具有一定的品牌价值,他可能会赚到更多,但是他真正想要的是通过将名字卖回其原始所有者来进行快速的高价值现金销售。 因此,在他看来,您是唯一的潜在客户。 归结为经典的边缘游戏。 如果发生出售,双方都将受益。 如果不是这样,双方都会输。 牢记这一点,这里有一些技巧可以帮助您在谈判中取得成功:

  • Avoid conveying any sense of "desperation" to get the name back. If you do, the speculator will take you for every penny you can afford. So don’t rush to reply to emails, and most importantly, always give the sense that you are prepared to walk away from the deal if pushed too far.

    避免传达任何“绝望感”来取回名字。 如果您这样做,投机者将以您负担得起的每一分钱带您。 因此,不要急于回复电子邮件,最重要的是,请始终认为,如果将交易推得太远,您将准备退出交易。
  • Most speculators will "try it on" to start — they may ask for 10 times what they’re willing to accept eventually. Be calm and patient in the knowledge that you can get the name for much less than the speculator says he is looking for.

    大多数投机者会“尝试”开始-他们可能会索要最终愿意接受的价格的10倍。 要冷静,要耐心,因为知道您能以比投机者所说的便宜得多的价格得到这个名字。
  • Stay polite and be professional. Even though you may be overwhelmed by negative feelings about the speculator, they will believe that what they’re doing is legitimate. If you start to insult them, chances are they’ll walk away and you’ll lose the name forever. This is particularly true of speculators from Eastern countries who will not tolerate direct conflict in business situations.

    保持礼貌并保持专业。 即使您对投机者的负面情绪不知所措,他们也会相信自己的所作所为是合法的。 如果您开始侮辱他们,他们很可能会走开并且您将永远失去名字。 对于来自东部国家的投机者来说尤其如此,他们不会容忍商业环境中的直接冲突。
  • Remember at all times – the speculator has as much to gain from the deal as you do.

  • Considering employing an experienced negotiator or domain broker.

预防胜于治疗 (Prevention Really IS Better Than Cure)

Having said all this, it should be noted the best way to avoid the nightmare of the loss of a domain name is to take proper care of your domain names in the first place, and not let them expire at all. Keep a list of the names you own, which registrar they are registered with, and most importantly, what the renewal date is. Renew them at least a couple of months in advance, and consider renewing them for a period of at least two years. Why risk your whole future over a few bucks?

综上所述,应该避免域名损失的噩梦的最佳方法是首先妥善保管您的域名,而不要让它们完全过期。 保留您拥有的名称列表,它们向哪个注册商注册,最重要的是,续订日期是什么。 至少提前两个月对它们进行续订,并考虑将其续签至少两年。 为什么要冒着几美元的钱冒险整个未来?

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