On September 23, 2012 Mozilla Firefox celebrated its tenth birthday. Or, more specifically, the browser project which ultimately became Firefox was released on September 23, 2002.

2012年9月23日,Mozilla Firefox庆祝其十岁生日。 或者,更具体地说,最终成为Firefox的浏览器项目已于2002年9月23日发布。

Phoenix, as it was then known, was an experimental browser developed by Blake Ross, Dave Hyatt, Pierre Chanial and Joe Hewitt. The amusing version 1.0 (Pescadero) release page remains live today and you can even download the installation (extract and run — no user-friendly installers here).

众所周知, Phoenix是由Blake Ross,Dave Hyatt,Pierre Chanial和Joe Hewitt开发的实验性浏览器。 有趣的1.0版(Pescadero)发行页面今天仍然有效,您甚至可以下载安装(提取并运行-这里没有用户友好的安装程序)

There have been a few obvious interface changes in the past decade, but features such as tabs, preferences and the JavaScript console remain recognizable.


2002年浏览器市场 (The 2002 Browser Market)

In 2002, Internet Explorer 6.0 reigned supreme with a 90%+ market share. Microsoft’s business tactics may have been questionable, but IE had little competition:

2002年,Internet Explorer 6.0占据了90%以上的市场份额。 微软的商业策略可能受到质疑,但IE竞争很少:

  • Opera was good and had a passionate following, but the commercial software was more expensive than the alternatives.

  • Netscape 4.x was an abomination. It’s few remaining users were ditching the old browser.

    Netscape 4.x令人讨厌。 剩下的用户很少使用旧的浏览器。
  • The Netscape 6+ and Mozilla 1+ suites used the same code base and were slow, buggy and bloated. Few people needed a multi-megabyte installation which contained a browser, email client, newsgroup reader, address book, chat client, web page editor, developer tools and Palm Pilot synchronization.

    Netscape 6+和Mozilla 1+套件使用相同的代码库,运行缓慢,漏洞百出且肿。 很少有人需要数兆字节的安装,其中包括浏览器,电子邮件客户端,新闻组阅读器,通讯录,聊天客户端,网页编辑器,开发人员工具和Palm Pilot同步。

Despite the hassle IE6 caused in later years, the browser’s success was largely deserved.


凤凰从灰烬中崛起 (Phoenix Rises From the Ashes)

Phoenix evolved because the developers believed Netscape’s commercial requirements and Mozilla’s scope creep compromised the browser’s future. They wrapped the Gecko rendering engine in a lightweight shell, removed unnecessary features and introduced the concept of add-ons.

Phoenix之所以发展,是因为开发人员认为Netscape的商业需求和Mozilla的范围不断扩大损害了浏览器的未来。 他们将Gecko渲染引擎包装在轻巧的外壳中,删除了不必要的功能,并引入了附加组件的概念。

If you think Firefox releases appear rapidly today, Phoenix 0.2 was released within one week. Version 0.3 appeared on October 16 2002, 0.4 on October 31 and 0.5 on December 7. The browser had started to gain momentum in the developer community. Like many, I had it installed although still used IE6 as my default.

如果您认为Firefox发行版今天Swift出现,那么Phoenix 0.2在一周之内就发行了。 版本0.3出现在2002年10月16日,版本0.4出现在10月31日,版本0.5出现在12月7日。浏览器已经开始在开发者社区中流行起来。 与许多人一样,尽管仍然使用IE6作为默认设置,但我已经安装了它。

Following trademark issues with Phoenix Technologies, the browser was renamed “Firebird” and version 0.6 appeared on May 16, 2003 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Versions 0.6.1 and 0.7 appeared in July and October 2003 respectively. These editions changed everything:

随着Phoenix Technologies的商标问题,该浏览器被重命名为“ Firebird” ,2003年5月16日出现了针对Windows,Mac和Linux的0.6版。 版本0.6.1和0.7分别出现在2003年7月和2003年10月。 这些版本改变了一切:

  • the browser had overtaken IE6 in terms of standards support, stability, speed and functionality

  • a thriving set of add-ons also provided developers with tools that had been sorely lacking

  • while it was still a beta release, developers spread the word and non-technical users began to install the application

  • many people adopted it as their default browser

  • Mozilla scrapped their browser suite to concentrate on Firefox and the Thunderbird email client (originally named Minotaur).

    Mozilla放弃了其浏览器套件,而将精力集中在Firefox和Thunderbird电子邮件客户端(最初名为Minotaur )上。

狐狸吃鸟 (Fox Eats Bird)

The Firebird name didn’t last long, particularly as it clashed with the open source Firebird database server. Following delays in the trademarking process, the browser was re-branded “Firefox” on February 10, 2004. Reactions were mixed — partly because it shared its name with the dire 1982 Clint Eastwood movie — but it stuck and Firefox 1.0 was launched on November 9, 2004.

Firebird的名称并没有持续很长时间,尤其是在与开源Firebird数据库服务器发生冲突时。 由于商标注册过程中的延迟,该浏览器于2004年2月10日更名为“ Firefox” 。React不​​一,部分原因是它与那部可怕的1982年Clint Eastwood电影同名。但是它停滞不前,Firefox 1.0于11月发布。 2004年9月9日。

传统继续 (The Legacy Continues)

Today, Firefox usage accounts for 23% of the browser market — down from its peak of 33% in November 2009. But, without Firefox, the web would not be the same. Would Google and Apple challenged Microsoft’s domination if it were not for Mozilla’s success? Would IE6 still have a stranglehold on the web? Even if you prefer another browser, that application may not have existed had Firefox failed.

如今,Firefox的使用量已占浏览器市场的23%,低于2009年11月的33%的峰值。但是,如果没有Firefox,网络将不一样。 如果不是Mozilla的成功,谷歌和苹果会挑战微软的统治吗? IE6仍会在网络上牢牢控制住吗? 即使您喜欢其他浏览器,但如果Firefox失败,该应用程序可能就不存在。

Firefox usage is slowly dropping but it still provides two major benefits:


  1. It is the best development browser. The competition has caught up, but the quantity and quality of add-ons created by web developers for web developers remains unsurpassed.

    它是最好的开发浏览器。 竞争已经赶上了,但是Web开发人员为Web开发人员创建的附加组件的数量和质量仍然无法超越。
  2. Mozilla is an independent, open-source organization. No one can buy Mozilla or shut it down. Firefox is the only browser not influenced by commercial requirements or shareholder demands.

    Mozilla是一个独立的开源组织。 没有人可以购买或关闭Mozilla。 Firefox是唯一不受商业要求或股东要求影响的浏览器。

Congratulations to Mozilla and the Firefox development team for reaching double-figures. I’m sure the browser will still be around in another ten years. Are you?

祝贺Mozilla和Firefox开发团队达到了双位数。 我敢肯定,浏览器在未来十年仍会存在。 你是?

翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/happy-10th-birthday-firefox/


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