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翻译 python数据挖掘:概念_大数据:概念,安全性和用例

python数据挖掘:概念Introduction 介绍 Big Data refers to data collections that are so large and complex that they are difficult for traditional database tools to manage. Big Data is considered as the base o...

2020-07-23 13:42:57 1604

翻译 如何从Microsoft Access异步运行SQL Server存储过程

The class module is called clsJSA and is as follows: 该类模块称为clsJSA,如下所示: Option Compare DatabaseOption Explicit'ADODB connection object, note withevents so we can capture the completion...

2020-07-23 11:47:28 1138

翻译 自定义表 crud_在Microsoft Office文档“自定义属性”上执行CRUD的帮助程序类-无需担心

自定义表 crudIt is a very common ask in business applications to process Office Documents and many developers take a shortcut using OfficeInterOp - and that includes me as well (well... sometimes). While ...

2020-07-23 11:27:09 994

翻译 exchange怎么改签名_如何在Microsoft Exchange上分析电子邮件签名和免责声明中的链接点击

exchange怎么改签名 If you’re an Exchange admin, the benefits of tracking link clicks in emails may not be immediately obvious to you. The marketing people in your company, on the other ...

2020-07-23 11:17:20 785

翻译 无法运行real.exe_连接,在Real Android设备上配置App并使用Android Studio运行Hello World程序。

无法运行real.exe In this postwe will learn how to connect and configure Android Device (Smartphone etc.) with Android Studio. After that we will run a simple Hello World Program. 在这篇文...

2020-07-23 11:06:38 254

翻译 矩阵的矩阵指数函数_精通R编程:使用包,创建对象和基本矩阵函数

矩阵的矩阵指数函数first article in my series to gain a basic foundation of R and R Studio. You will also find the links for downloading the programs there as well.第一篇文章 ,以获得R和R Studio的基础知识。 您还将在此处找到用于下载程序的链接。...

2020-07-23 10:56:36 628

翻译 html 输入掩码密码_使用输入掩码输入ISO格式的日期并在Microsoft Access中进行完全验证

子网掩码输入错误 输入日期比较棘手 (To enter a date is tricky)The Date Picker is a safe method to always ensure valid dates to be entered without noisy error messages disturbing the user. However, for many scenarios ...

2020-07-23 10:46:32 522

翻译 python开发web框架_选择Web框架:php,python还是node.js? 开发人员的个人感想。

python开发web框架Having spent the last 20+ years operating mostly in theCMSuniverse, the time has come for me to see what else the web development ecosystem has to offer, and what has changed in the rec...

2020-07-23 10:35:38 429

翻译 autohotkey 热键_键盘快捷方式(热键),用于将鼠标移至多显示器配置中的显示器-AutoHotkey脚本

autohotkey 热键IntroductionIn an interesting question here at Experts Exchange, a member requested this: 介绍 在Experts Exchange的一个有趣的问题中,一位成员提出了以下要求: Code for using Windows AutoHotkey to immediately m...

2020-07-23 10:25:36 1492

翻译 窗口最大化后没有显示按键_如何通过一次按键将一台显示器上的所有窗口移动到另一台显示器上

窗口最大化后没有显示按键In an interesting question here at Experts Exchange, a member asked how to "in Windows 10 move all open windows at once/in one go (i.e., not window by window) from one screen (monitor) to ...

2020-07-23 10:15:35 545

翻译 在SQL Server的WHERE子句中使用长于128个字符的字符串时,MS Access VBA错误3146

*Sigh* *叹* Someday there will be progress. 总有一天会有进步。 Not today apparently. 今天显然不是。 In Access 2003, when you went to build a SQL string for building a recordset, as long as it was syntacticall...

2020-07-23 10:06:24 597

翻译 批量撤销文件夹下工作表保护_使用自动批量方法为文件夹及其每个子文件夹中的所有JPG文件创建带有联系表(缩略图的蒙太奇)的PDF文件

批量撤销文件夹下工作表保护 This article provides the solution to a question posed here at Experts Exchange. The asker of the question has many 本文为Experts Exchange此处提出的问题提供了解决方案。 问题的质询者有很多 JPG...

2020-07-23 09:56:35 286

翻译 窗口瓷砖

介绍 (Introduction) I created Window Tiler out of the need to monitor multiple running applications. 我创建Window Tiler是出于监视多个正在运行的应用程序的需要。 For example, if I have to run a process that starts a bunc...

2020-07-23 09:47:23 212

翻译 移动应用程序开发_移动应用程序开发生命周期-从开发到应用程序商店的应用程序之旅

移动应用程序开发Lately, app stores have witnessed a meteoric rise in the number of apps available to them. Because the competition is so fierce, it is exceedingly important to deploy an acknowledged mobile ap...

2020-07-23 09:37:31 387

翻译 监视监控系统_综合交易监控与。 实际用户监视:何时使用每种方法?

监视监控系统This article was initially published on Monitis Blog, you can read it here. 本文最初发布在Monitis Blog上, 您可以在此处阅读 。 When it comes to deciding which approach to website performance monitoring is best...

2020-07-23 09:28:15 763

翻译 html 输入掩码密码_在Microsoft Access中输入带有输入掩码和完全验证的24小时时间

子网掩码输入错误 输入时间很困难 (To enter time is difficult)Entering time in a form in Microsoft Access can be difficult. There is no time picker like the date picker, and if there was, it would be too slow to oper...

2020-07-23 09:17:49 582

翻译 wordpress图片插件_为用户增加将图片(或其他内容)上传到WordPress中的插件文件夹的能力

wordpress图片插件 第1步-PHP文件-index.php (Step 1 - PHP File -- index.php) Create a new folder in your plugin folder. For the sake of this example just call it uploaded_images. Next, cre...

2020-07-23 09:07:05 613

翻译 棉花糖多少钱_将我的Android手机升级到Google即时启动器(Android 6 /棉花糖的标准配置)

棉花糖多少钱 I like to keep on the bleeding edge when it comes to the tech I own. It is not only more interesting, but it is also the nature of my job. Many times people come to me wit...

2020-07-23 08:56:17 172

翻译 EE质量检查:Selenium,Java,Eclipse和TestNG如何帮助我们实现测试自动化目标

Introduction 介绍 This article is the first of three articles that explain why and how the Experts Exchange QA Team does test automation for our web site. This article explains our...

2020-07-23 08:45:58 242

翻译 如何通过一次按键将Experts ID的短链接复制到剪贴板

Each comment in Question threads here at Experts Exchange has a unique Identifier ( Experts Exchange此处的问题线程中的每个注释都有一个唯一的标识符( ID). The full path of the link for an ID looks like this: ID )。 ID链接的完整路径...

2020-07-23 08:35:14 413

翻译 以分隔符分隔的文本文件_将固定宽度/定界符分隔的文本文件内容(输入文件)转换为另一个格式的文本文件(输出文件)。 使用什么方法?

以分隔符分隔的文本文件Definitions: 定义: Source System The IT system that provide the original data. Targeted System The IT system that will received the output data from Source ...

2020-07-23 08:24:47 1405

翻译 布隆过滤器算法实现_布隆过滤器

布隆过滤器算法实现In general, the worse case scenario when searching through a data set is when the datum being searched for doesn’t exist. In this case, the complete data storage needs to be searched before i...

2020-07-23 08:14:19 383

翻译 amd系统启动时间长_如何解决系统长时间启动后报告的系统正常运行时间不正确的问题

amd系统启动时间长In an interesting question posted here at Experts Exchange, a member asked for a program/script that would perform a reboot if a Windows system has been up for more than a specified amount o...

2020-07-23 08:04:02 554

翻译 如何创建一个开/关切换以通过单击一次鼠标或一次击键将系统音频/声音静音

Ever visit a web page and, suddenly, your speakers start blaring?! The first thing we reach for in that case is the mute key. Many multi-media keyboards have such a key/button, but, unfortunately, the...

2020-07-23 07:54:13 921

翻译 itsm_现代化ITSM

itsmIT teams define success as solving problems quickly. To enable ITSM modernization we have to think of adopting the tools and methods that will enable resolution of ITSM issues more quickly. To be ...

2020-07-23 07:44:57 368

翻译 mysqltuner.pl_使用MYSQLTUNER

mysqltuner.pl 要求 (REQUIREMENTS)Before you start, you'll need the following: 在开始之前,您需要满足以下条件: Your root user must be enabled. See this article for details: Connecting to your server via SSH. 必须启用您的...

2020-07-23 07:35:09 956

翻译 python 需求清单_Python中的清单

python 需求清单Introduction of Lists in Python:Python中列表的介绍: There are six built-in types of sequences. Lists and tuples are the most common one. In this article we will see how to us...

2020-07-23 07:25:23 233

翻译 市场 进入 饼状图_进入市场

市场 进入 饼状图THE MISSING PIECESThe first thing that new or small companies forget about is design. Every app well, every product for that matter begins with design. And if you have no idea what your app w...

2020-07-23 07:14:57 175

翻译 python中的元组_Python中的元组

python中的元组Tuples: 元组: Tuples are one of the built-in types of sequences out of six and just like lists. There is another article published on how to useLists in Python. We want to store the v...

2020-07-23 07:04:55 185

翻译 修改子网 ad_修复AD子网

修改子网 ad 介绍 (Introduction) NoClientSites.exe is a NETLOGON.log parser that is used to get a list of all authentications that happened from clients where the Active Directory site is not defined. N...

2020-07-23 06:55:42 185

翻译 python中布尔值_Python中的布尔值

python中布尔值What is Boolean? 什么是 布尔值? It is just an integer that can have 1 ,0,-1 or floats like 0.32, 3.32 etc. The output of the decisions can be true or false. 它只是一个整数,可以具有1,0,-1或浮点数,例如0.32、3...

2020-07-23 06:45:20 3640

翻译 sass导入sass_SASS的力量

sass导入sass 一点历史 (A bit of history) SASS出现在2006年,代表 Syntactically 小号 yntactically Awesome 一个 wesome Style 小号 tyle sheet and have evolved a lot since then. 小号 HEET从那以后,已经发展了很多。 ...

2020-07-23 06:34:34 708

翻译 arduino_Arduino体验

arduino I am going to be a junior in college this fall as a mechanical engineer. For the last two years, I have been a part of a robotics team, mostly doing Solid Works designing, ...

2020-07-23 06:24:54 120

翻译 clickhouse_ClickHouse:一年!

clickhouseIt’s been a year already since the Yandex team released ClickHouse as open source software. I’ve had an interest in this project from the very start, as I didn’t think there was an open sour...

2020-07-23 06:14:00 331

翻译 UserResourceCleanup

介绍 (Introduction)A GPO exist that can be configured toautomatically delete old user profiles and a process such as CircularLogArchivercan be used to clean up log or old data but what about user dat...

2020-07-23 06:03:17 138

翻译 Office文件对话框

I recently provided a solution to a question around using file dialogues in MS Access. 我最近为有关在MS Access中使用文件对话框的问题提供了解决方案。 Prompt to open File 提示打开文件 The solution I gave was a piece of code ...

2020-07-23 05:53:04 212

翻译 自动链接检查器

Automation and link building do not belong in the same sentence, or do they? Some tasks involved in great link building can be tedious. Why not make your life a little easier? Part of resource link bu...

2020-07-23 05:43:20 382

翻译 h5游戏抽奖游戏源码_抽奖扑克游戏

h5游戏抽奖游戏源码 背景 (Background)A while back I wrote an article called Simple Games which described how to create several "old school" games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman and Blackjack, the latter of which use...

2020-07-23 05:33:05 1261

翻译 angular快速入门_在Angular 6中快速入门

angular快速入门In today's’ web development world, Angular is known as one of the most important and used frameworks. Recently, Angular 6.0 version has been launched. So, in this document, we will discuss ...

2020-07-23 05:22:23 563

翻译 选择案例的要求有_选择案例

选择案例的要求有 作为一个回答很多问题的人,我经常看到可以修改的代码,使其更易于阅读,而且最重要的是,如果将代码修改为使用Select Case语句,则可以更轻松地维护代码。 本文介绍了如何执行此操作。 (As a person who answers a lot of questions, I often see code that could be simplified, made easie...

2020-07-23 05:13:09 422



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