PrisonBreak S2-2-3

1.yeah,yuck it up,funny man.耶,尽情大笑吧,可笑的人
yuck up=开怀大笑
2.we're headed out,man 我们出发了,伙计
3.That is absolutely hogwash. 简直一派胡言
Hogwash=猪食 was scofield able to have exclusive access to you?为什么scofield能单独接触你?
exclusive=专门的,独家的 ; access to=接近...
5.This will be your last outburst,officer. 这将是你最后一次发飙了,长官
6.Is it true you sold the right to run prison industries to the highest bidder. 你将监狱工厂管理权卖给出价最高的人是不是真的?
run=经营 eg. run a company 经营一家公司
highest bidder=最高价竞买人
7.We’ll call for you when we’ve reached a decision. 等我们做好决定后会通知你们
reach a decision=作出决定 (注意reach的用法)8.your call.你决定吧
9.This can go down humanely if you don’t fight,but if you pull a stunt like that again,it's going to get inhumane right quick. 你要不挣扎的话,那接下来我将会很仁慈,不过要是你想再耍花招,我就会变得很残忍
humanely=慈悲地 ;pull a stunt=耍花招 ;inhumane=残忍的
10.if you would have just told us in the beginning that this was going to be a railroad.如果你一开始就告诉我们这是个快速通过案
11.But you need a fall guy,fine. 但是你们需要一个替罪羊
a fall guy=替罪羊;替身演员
12.he went out with his boots on.他死在工作岗位
翻译组的译文是"他走得很平静",我觉得不确切.die with one's boots on”,源自美国西部,它有两
层含义。一为死于工作岗位(“die in harness”)、一为殉职,尤指在战斗中或者为高尚的事业而
献身。因为如果是病死或老死的情况下,一般是躺在床上等待死亡,不会穿着鞋子;如果是在枪战中死去,自然是穿着靴子的。而在英式英语里,通常把它说成“die in one's boots”。
13.i failed him.我让他失望了.

1.well,Hector says that you can serve your full sentence.嗯,hector说你要刑满才释放.
serve the sentence=服刑
2.anything break on the other six.其他六人有什么进展?
3.Listen,you know I'm thankful for the help with the green card,but I just don't want to get involved. 我很感激你帮我搞到绿卡但我不想卷入此事。
be involved in sth=卷入...事情中
4.those ass-hats are worth more dead than you and i are alives.那些混蛋就是死了也比我们值钱
eg. ass hat inside 内心卑鄙的
5.i hope you're holding on to something tight 'cause i'm about to break it down for you.我希望你做好心理准备,因为我要说的东西会让你崩溃
holding on to something tight牢牢扶助什么东西
break down=崩溃 were attending when I first started here. 我刚来的时候你是主治医师。
7.i want to alert you to a possible situation.我要提醒你可能发生的情况
alert sb=warn sb 警告某人
8.Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you in right now. 给我个不告发你的理由。
turn in=告发;上缴;上床睡觉
9.we keep tapping on cracks,and she's going to break.我们深入利用这个弱点,她就会崩溃
tap on=轻轻敲打 ; crack=裂缝
tap on cracks 敲打已有的裂缝,即深入利用弱点
10.humpty dumpty climbed up a wall,humpty dumpty had a great fall.胖墩爬上墙,胖墩摔下来
此句来源于一首童谣,humpty dumpty现在都用来称呼胖墩
11.How do you throw the hunter off the scent?Get rid of the prey.你怎么才能逃过猎人的鼻子? 扔掉猎物。
throw off=摆脱掉 scent=气味,嗅觉
12.your tags are expired.你的车牌过期了
13.provided the transport comes though.若果交通顺利的话
provied和provided that常用于数学属于中,为"假设,假如"的意思
14.You have the right to speak to an attorney before you speak to the police.Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. 在你向警方供述之前,你有权去请律师,但是你所说的一切将成为呈堂证供



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