Philips ISP1161 combo I

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Please first read ISP1161 Datasheet carefully. It has two address for USB host controller, one is 0x10000000 for Data port, and another is 0x10000002 for Command port.
ISP1161’s register structure is a command-data register pair structure. A complete register access cycle comprises a command phase followed by a data phase. The command points the ISP1161 to the next register to be accessed.
Take the example of a CPU attempting to read a chip’s ID, which is saved in the HC’s HcChipID register (27H, read only) where its command code is 27H, read only. The 16-bit register access cycle is therefore:
1. CPU writes the command code of 27H (0027H in 16-bit width) to ISP1161’s HC command port (0x10000002)
2. CPU reads the data word of the chip’s ID (61xxH) from ISP1161’s HC
data port.(0x10000000)
For C code example, you can refer to TestSuite in the Sitsang CDROM.
By the way, if you want to use it in OS, you need pay more attention to memory map. There will be a address translation work in the OS.

[linux-usb-devel] isp1161-0.9.5 HCD
From: Roman Weissgaerber
Subject: [linux-usb-devel] isp1161-0.9.5 HCD
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 02:09:55 -0800
enclosed is a new experimental version (0.9.5) of the
isp1161 USB HCD for linux. It includes ISOC (untested) support
and dynamic number of packets per URB/frame support. Also
(untested) support for dynamic interrupt enable/disable.
All untested features are undefined (#undef ...) so if you want
to test them you have to switch them on (#define ...).
Until Nov 2003, Troy gave us another choice. Here are his patches against the ISP1161 HCD Version 0.8.
He almost rewrote the whole driver and add quite a lot new functions.
In May 2004, Tango released the new ISP1161 driver which is based on the Version 0.9.5, but rewrite the interrupt handler. You can download it from
Maybe it will work. You'd better subscribe the linux-usb-dev mailing list and get the latest info.

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Recently we have tested three ISP1161 HCD drivers:
Version 0.9.5(Year 2001)
Version 0.8+ Troy's patch(Year 2003)
Version 0.9.6(Tango's release, Year 2004)
and kinds of pc cameras mainly using three camera drivers:
qc-usb(latest version from sourceforge)
pwc(Version 8.8, 9.0)
ov511(Vesion 1.50, 1.63)
Unitil now the best result in sitsang is
kernel 2.4.19 + Tango's ISP1161 HCD driver + ov511 camera driver(Version 1.63) + WebEye V2000(网眼V2000) camera
You can find more details about ISP1161 HCD drivers here:

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