Linux 加密压缩的方法

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1.tar 加密压缩
tar -czf - * | openssl enc -e -aes256 -out secured.tar.gz
enc – openssl command to encode with ciphers
e – a enc command option to encrypt the input file, which in this case is the output of the tar command
aes256 – the encryption cipher
out – enc option used to specify the name of the out filename, secured.tar.gz

2.tar 解密解压
openssl enc -d -aes256 -in secured.tar.gz | tar xz -C test
d – used to decrypt the files
C – extract in subdirectory named test

3.Zip 加密压缩:
zip -re filename 回车,输入2次密码
zip -rP passwork filename passwork是要输入的密码

4.Zip 解密解压:
unzip 按提示输入密码
unzip -P passwork passwork是要解压的密码,这个不会有提示输入密码的操作