the big bang

boarding school
to what end
i know the moving can be stressful
i'm no expert, but i believe in the context of a luncheion invitation, you might want to skip the reference to bowel(肠) movements


it's right down the hall

how so

coitus interruptus

here is my spare key 

if you have time to lean, you have time to clean

i have to say i slept splendly ,granted, not long , but deeply and well

sarcasm sign  (讽刺)

 give me back my key

what's up bro.  
not much

love is not a sprint  短跑

no arousal

i've taken your asthma(哮喘) into account
do you understand how creepy this is ?

we discussed it at lenght last night 讨论了好久昨晚

she is so chatty  啰嗦

i'm sure things will pick up  会好起来的

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