Dreamweaver MX 笔记

编辑->参数选择(Very important!!!!!)编辑->参数选择->“常规”->“编辑选项”->“允许多个连续的空格”关闭窗口的JavaScript语句:(用一个按钮实现关闭窗口)设计->行为->播放音乐  (onLoad)          -...

2006-05-15 17:36:00

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How to display Chinese characters exactly when using Tomcat.

    When many Chinese coders configure an application using Tomcat, they found there exists some errors about displaying Chinese characters. Here are...

2006-05-14 18:29:00

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How to set the enviroment variables of JDK & Eclipse!

The following steps are only suitable for Windows.Step I:    Download JDK (Java Developers Kit) from Website of SUN, and install it.Step II:   Set th...

2006-05-12 10:39:00

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