a concert (IELTS speaking)
Tonight I took part in a concert hold by the France Union in China. I got the news from the newspaper where there was a lottery activity to win one ticket for free. I send a message to join, but to my surprise,  the next day morning, I received a message which told me to go to the newspaper publishing house to get the ticket.

After I got the ticket, I was so excited that I even made a huge poster for holding in the concert. Finally, the night came here, only half an hour before the begin of the concert there were no seat left. At exact 7.30, the concert began. At first the chairman of the France Union gave a lecture, then the Mama Rosin band appeared on the stage, and began to play. But they sang in French and  I had no idea about what they sang. Even so, the melody was wonderful and the rock style can easily burn you up. When they sang the last song, they just jumped down from the stage and played guitar among us, we were so excited and all stood up from their seat and applauded for them. when they came to my front, I tried to talk to them with English "Can I take a photo with you?" To my surprise, they can speak English and said "OK , come on!"  and gave me a knocking instrument, which I did not know its name, to let me play with them. Although I was a idiot in music, I still stood up and knocked with the tempo. The night was amazing and It will be a cherish memory for a lifetime.
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a concert (IELTS speaking)