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  1. Sun has a "New To Java" Programming Information Center to help get you started.

  2. Bill Venners, who teaches with me, has created the Java Answers Forum. He said: "I wanted to create a place where programmers could ask and answer each other questions, where the questions and answers would remain indefinitely and be searchable."

  3. The forums at TechInterviews have many people asking and answering Java questions.

  4. IBM DeveloperWorks contains some nice introductory material.

  5. Kathy Kozel has created for the same reason. You can send programming questions to

  6. Marcus Green maintains the Java Certification Exam Discussion Forum

  7. Another page about certification

  8. Raymond Blum is available to answer Java questions. He has several years experience in Java and other O-O languages and is currently consulting as an OO mentor and Java instructor. You can send him questions at

  9. David Reilly has a web site devoted to answering Java questions, which seems well-targeted to beginners. You can go directly to his FAQ.

  10. JFind keeps a list of answers and snippets.

  11. The JavaFAQ specializes in Java questions and answers, including Java Daily Tips, many online Java books, a weekly newsletter, and they provide a free "Java Tips" e-book.

  12. Charles Bell says he will be happy to try to answer questions; he also has a web site at

  13. maintains a set of community-driven, topical FAQs where developers can pose questions or answer those already posed.

  14. Kevin Brown has created an egroup "For those who are working through and would like to discuss the book."

  15. Here's another study group for TIJ:

  16. For JSP (Java Server Pages) questions, JSPInsider claims to have "a refreshing take on JSP." JSPInsider is based upon a group of developers sharing information to help the JSP community make the most out of JSP. They also have a newsletter.

  17. From a bulletin from Sun: "HotDispatch, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. are helping to bring people together in a real-time marketplace for Java technology support ... [if] you like the idea of getting technical help at competitive prices, visit:"

  18. Dr. Heinz Max Kabutz publishes an Advanced Java newsletter. Not for the uninitiated, but I find something fascinating in every issue. To subscribe, either send an email here or do it via the web here. He has back issues here.

  19. Programmer's Heaven provides a Java Message Board for Q & A.

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java web站点帮助链接from