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Axure company and philosophy



Building great software is hard.


Software projects are complex by nature, and not only because of the intricate code they are built upon; designing interactive solutions that meet ambitious business goals and varying user demands, while fitting within a tight budget and timeline, is challenging to say the least. The problem is magnified when working on teams with a wide range of skill sets and different vocabularies.



In 2002, we were working for a start-up in the Bay Area, and found ourselves repeatedly frustrated by limitations of the typical software development life cycle: product teams had difficulty evaluating their solutions before writing specifications, and developers didn’t understand (or read) the specifications they were given. The results ranged from inefficiency to compromised products. Having worked as project managers and developers, we knew both sides of the experience—we lived the pain.



We started Axure to discover how to make software projects better. While others were coming up with extreme new approaches to shift responsibility in the development process, we believed the right people were doing the right job—they just needed better tools to do it. We decided to create a simple tool that would allow non-programmers to build interactive prototypes with documentation.



The product was called RP, for Rapid Prototyping. Its features allowed for a different approach to software projects:

  1. Build a prototype to test solutions and gather feedback.

  2. Iterate until you reach the right solution.

  3. Present the prototype as part of the specification to align development.


  1. 建立一个原型来测试解决方案并收集反馈。

  2. 迭代直到找到正确的解决方案。

  3. 将原型作为规范的一部分提交,以协调开发。


That was 16 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Software has gone on to “eat the world”, and the landscape has only gotten more complex. Teams are more diverse and the expectations for software and software projects are much higher. Axure RP has grown to include powerful new tools for rich interactivity and documentation, publishing and sharing, and team collaboration.

译文:那是16年前的事了,自那以后发生了很大的变化。软件已经“吞噬了这个世界”,情况只会变得更加复杂。团队更加多样化,对软件和软件项目的期望也更高。Axure RP已经发展到包括强大的新工具,用于丰富的交互性和文档、发布和共享,以及团队协作。


For all of the changes, however, our product and philosophy have remained essentially the same. Prototyping continues to be an effective cornerstone for solving many of the biggest challenges in software projects today. And we still love tackling those challenges—the same passion that drove us to create Axure RP is the same passion that fuels our desire to expand and improve upon it. The experience becomes very meta, really: a software company building and refining software to help other software companies build and refine software. Your problems are our problems, and we truly enjoy finding new solutions every day.

译文:然而,尽管发生了所有这些变化,我们的产品和理念基本上保持不变。原型仍然是解决当今软件项目中许多最大挑战的有效基石。我们仍然热爱应对这些挑战——推动我们创建Axure RP的激情,同样也点燃了我们扩展和改进它的渴望。这种体验变得非常元数据化,真的:一个软件公司构建和精炼软件,以帮助其他软件公司构建和精炼软件。你们的问题就是我们的问题,我们每天都在寻找新的解决方案。


As individuals, we take our work and our responsibility to customers very seriously. We do our best to keep an open and honest relationship with our clients, and they keep us vital and alive. After 16 years, we serve over 25,000 organizations, and our software is used by a vast majority of the Fortune 100. The people who use our products are driving our mission forward by keeping us on top of their evolving workflows.



The rise of UX and Design Thinking are the latest cultural tectonics of software development, and Axure RP has been a popular tool supporting these shifts. But our growth has been organic, and has occurred through a steady evolution guided by input and requests from our customers. We don’t concern ourselves too much with short-term trends or chasing unicorns. We long ago left the Bay Area for America’s Finest City—San Diego—and adopted a long-term view for our business. We make something we are proud of and remain humble enough to constantly improve upon it. Our customers are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business and software, and we are there to support them. That’s why we’re here: to help solve the problems of problem solving, however they may manifest.

译文:用户体验和设计思维的兴起是软件开发的最新文化构造,而Axure RP已经成为支持这些转变的流行工具。但我们的增长是有机的,是在客户的输入和要求的指导下,通过稳步发展而实现的。我们不太关注短期趋势或追逐独角兽。很久以前,我们离开旧金山湾区,来到美国最好的城市圣地亚哥,并对我们的业务采取了长远的眼光。我们做一些让我们感到骄傲的事情,并且保持足够的谦虚来不断改进它。我们的客户正在挑战业务和软件领域的极限,我们在那里支持他们。这就是我们在这里的原因:帮助解决问题解决的问题,无论它们如何显现。


We have built an amazing team, and the way we work creates a balance that allows for exciting growth through thoughtful planning. As we eat a bowl of Photo celebrate the release of Axure RP 8, we excitedly look forward to tackling the next set of challenges.

译文:我们建立了一个令人惊叹的团队,我们的工作方式创造了一种平衡,允许通过深思熟虑的计划实现令人兴奋的增长。当我们吃着一碗面庆祝Axure rp8发布的照片时,我们兴奋地期待着迎接下一组挑战。

― Victor and Martin 维克多和马丁






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