Smart contract security Papers

[SP’20]VeriSmart: A Highly Precise Safety Verifier for Ethereum Smart Contracts
[SP’20]VerX:Safety Verification of Smart Contracts
[VSTTE’19]solc-verify:A Modular Verifier for Solidity SC
[Arxive]SmartEmbed: A Tool for Clone and Bug Detection in Smart Contracts through Structural Code Embedding
[CCS’19]HyperService:Interoperability and Programmability Across Heterogeneous Blockchains
[CCS’19]Learning to Fuzz from Symbolic Execution with Application to Smart contracts
[CCS’19]TokenScope Automatically Detecting Inconsistent Behaviors of Cryptocurrency Tokens in Ethereum
[NDSS’19]Sereum:Protecting Existing Smart Contracts Against Re-Entrancy Attacks
[arxive’19-5]HARVEY: A Greybox Fuzzer for Smart Contracts
[ICDCS’19]Read-Uncommitted Transactions for SC performance
[ICPC’19]Enabling Clone Detection For Ethereum via smart contract Birthmarks
[ICPC’19]Towards Automated Testing of Blockchain-based Decentralized Application
[RAID’19]Towards a First Step to Understand the Cryptocurrency Stealing Attack on Ethereum
[IWBOSE’19]Potential Risks of Hyperledger Fabric Smart contracts
[SANER’19]Towards Generating Cost-Effective Test-Suite for Ethereum Smart contract
[SANER’19]EVM:From Offline Detection to Online Reinforcement for Ethereum Virtual Machine
[ESEM’19]A Large-Scale Empirical Study on Control Flow Identification of Smart Contracts
[ISSTA’19]Exploiting the Laws of Order in Smart Contracts
[ISSTA’19]SAFEVM:A Sfety Verifier for Ethereum Smart contracts
EVMFuzz:Differential fuzz testing of Ethereum Virtual Machine
[IEEE transaction on SMC:systems]blockchain-enabled smart contracts: Architecture,applications, and future trends
[axrive’19]Detecting Standard Violation Errors in Smart Contracts
[PDP’19]Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts: Architecture, Applications, and Future Trends
[security’19]The Art of The Scam: Demystifying Honeypots in Ethereum smart contracts
[raid’19]Towards a First Step to Understand the Cryptocurrency Stealing Attack on Ethereum
[Arxive’19’2]Precise Attack Synthesis for Smart Contracts
[ICSE’19]EASYFLOW:Keep Ethereum Away From Overflow [shortpaper]
[Arxive’19]Mutation Testing for Ethereum Smart Contract
[PACMPL’18]Online detection of effectively callback Free Objects with Applications to Smart Contract
[NDSS’18]Chainspace_A Sharded Smart Contracts Platform
[NDSS’18]ZEUS_Analyzing Safety of Smart Contracts
[ACSAC’18 ]Osiris Hunting for Integer Bugs in Ethereum Smart Contracts
[ICSE’18]Towards Saving Money in Using Smart Contracts
[ISPEC’17-bestpaper]An Adaptive Gas Cost Mechanism for Ethereum to Defend Against Under-Priced DoS Attacks
[OOPSLA’18]MadMax-surviving out-of-gas conditions in Ethereum smart contracts
[ACSAC’18]Finding The Greedy, Prodigal, and Suicidal Contracts at Scale
[ASE’18]ContractFuzzer: fuzzing smart contracts for vulnerability detection
[Arxive’18]Towards Safer Smart Contracts:A Sequence Learning Approach to Detecting Vulnerabilities
[ICSE’18]ReGuard:Finding Reentrancy Bugs in smart contracts [shortpaper]
[ASE’18]S-Gram:Towards Semantic-Aware security auditing for Ethereum Smart Contract [shortpaper]
[ESEC-FSE’18]EClone:Detect Semantic Clones in Ethereum via Symbolic Transaction Sketch [shortpaper]
[IMC’18]Analyzing Ethereum’s Contract Topology
[SECURITY’18]teEther-Gnawing at Ethereum to Automatically Exploit Smart Contracts
[SECURITY’18]Enter the Hydra-Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart Contracts
[SECURITY’18]Arbitrum: Scalable Ethereum’s Opaque Smart Contracts
[CCS’18]Securify: Practical Security Analysis of Smart Contracts
[WETSEB’18]SmartCheck:static analysis of ethereum smart contracts
[CCS’18]BitML: a calculus for Bitcoin smart contracts
[archive’18]Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners
[Euro S&P’18]Ekiden-A Platform for Confidentiality-Preserving, Trustworthy, and Performant Smart Contract Execution
[archive’18]Blockchain and Trusted Computing Problems, Pitfalls, and a Solution for Hyperledger Fabric
[ARXIVE’18]Vandal: A Scalable Security Analysis Framework for smart contracts
[ARXIVE’19]sCompile:Critical Path Identification and Analysis for smart contracts
[Arxive]SmartEmbed: A Tool for Clone and Bug Detection in Smart Contracts through Structural Code Embedding
[PODC’17]FruitChains: A Fair Blockchain
[POST’17]A survey of attacks on Ethereum smart contracts

[master thesis’17]Ethereum Smart Contracts_Security vulnerabilities and security Tools
[SP’16]Hawk-The Blockchain Model of Cryptography and Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts
[CCS’16]Making Smart Contracts Smarter
[CCS’16]The ring of gyges_Investigating the Future of Criminal smart contracts
[FC’16]Step by Step Towards Creating a Safe Smart Contract: Lessons and Insights from a Cryptocurrency Lab
[CCS’15]Demystifying incentives in the concesnsus computer

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