win10 linux子系统设置默认用户


新版比如ubuntu, 那么,命令行输入ubuntu /? 即可找到所要的信息

    <no args>
      - Launches the distro's default behavior. By default, this launches your default shell.

    run <command line>
      - Run the given command line in that distro, using the default configuration.
      - Everything after `run ` is passed to the linux LaunchProcess call.

    config [setting [value]]
      - Configure certain settings for this distro.
      - Settings are any of the following (by default)
        - `--default-user <username>`: Set the default user for this distro to <username>

      - Uninstalls the distro. The appx remains on your machine. This can be
        useful for "factory resetting" your instance. This removes the linux
        filesystem from the disk, but not the app from your PC, so you don't
        need to redownload the entire tar.gz again.


      - Print this usage message.

注:1804版,或其它版, 参见商店的页面

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