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1.inventory n. 存货,存货清单;详细目录;财产清册
Gadget inventory
Widget inventory

2.interceptor 拦截器
you may be wondering what an actual interceptor looks like.

3.failover 故障转移 故障切换 容错
use 0 to never failover(give up immediately)

4.archetype n. 原型
the maven archetypes that are provided by camel will get you started much faster.

5.equivalent adj. 等价的,相等的;同意义的
here's the equivalent example using spring xml

6.irrecoverable 不可复原的
by default, they won't react if an irrecoverable error has been set as a fault message.

7.convention [计] 约定
using a convention over configuration approach, developers will become happier.

8.fine-grained 细粒度的
this is often all you will need to use, but there can be situations where you need more fine-grained control, such as when specifying transactional propagation settings.

9.parallel 平行的
using concurrency , the application can leverage concurrency by updating the inventory in parallel.

10. incoming/outgoing
copy the headers and attachments from the incoming message to outgoing message, which can be tedious.

11.essential 必要的,本质的
in the next chapter, we will investigate routing, which is a essential feature and a fun one to learn.

12.dive 跳水
we will dive into this in chapter 3.
to answer this, we need to dive into camel's inner processing, where the error handler lives.

13.overhead 开销
this simplicity and minimum overhead make the direct component a great way of starting routes.

14.vice versa 反之亦然
In Camel, data formats are pluggable transformers that can transform messages from one form to another and vice versa.

15.handy adj. 便利的;手边的,就近的;容易取得的;敏捷的
The vm transport connector in ActiveMQ creates a broker on demand if one isn’t running already, so it’s very handy for quickly testing JMS applications; for production scenarios, it’s recommended that you connect to a broker that’s already running

16.capable adj. 能干的,能胜任的;有才华的
you are pragmatic and want to make a simple and elegant solution that anybody should be capable of maintaining in the future.

17.conversion n. 转换;变换;
in many cases, the conversion happens automatically with type conversion, behind the scenes.

18.subsequent adj. 后来的,随后的
on the subsequent invocation, the previous parameter contains the endpoint uri of the last step.

19.aggregation [数] 聚合,聚集
the splitter eip in camel includes an aggregation feature that lets you recombine split messages into the single outbound messages.

20. complexity 复杂性
this is an important feature in camel, because it hides the complexity of interacting with particular transports.

21.appropriate adj. 适当的;恰当的;合适的
you could potentially view camel as middleware software, but that isn't entirely accurate, because camel leverage thirdparty software where appropriate.

22. compound adj. 复合的;混合的
now you've combined two methods that conform to a compound camel expression.

23. shortly 立刻,不久
it may sound confusing at first, but don't worry -- it will make sense shortly.

24.tackle 处理
by using java code, you have the ultimate control and can tackle any situations.

25.dictate 命令 指示
you may find yourself in a situation where you need more power to do the splitting, such as do dictate exactly how a message should be split.

26.synchronicity 同步性 同时发生
after we have discussed thread pool, we will move on how you can use concurrency with the EIPs, and we'll dive into how message synchronicity words.

27.master vt. 控制;精通;征服 n. 硕士;主人;大师;教师
xslt is a powerful and versatile, but it's also a complex language that takes time and effort to fully understand and master.

28. counter 柜台
over the counter 场外交易(直接交易)

29.canned solution 一揽子解决方案
eips are basically canned solutions to integration problems.

30. straightforward 直接了当地
reading files with camel is pretty straightforward.

31. conclude 结论 推断
this concludes our coverage of scalability with camel.

32.loose 变松
processors are more dependent on the camel api, whereas beans allow loose coupling (低耦合).

33.odd奇数 奇怪
it may seem a little bit odd that you get the exception as a property and not using exchange.

34.omit 忽略 emit 发出
let's move on and take a loot at how you can omit starting certain routes and start them on demand later, at runtime.
Using notifications—Camel emits notifications that you can use to track activities in real time.

35.decouple 解耦 分离
the conditional logic is decoupled from the message consumer and producer.

36.theory 理论
you may view the eip book as the theory and camel as the softeware implementation of the book.

37. consult 查阅
consult the spring documentation for more detail: http://XXXXXXX.com

38. conform/compliance 顺从,遵守, confirm
in the java DSL, there's a lot of text used to conform to the java language.
There may also be business or security requirements to track particular services for compliance and auditing.
Confirm the purchase

39. insight n. 洞察力;洞悉
By doing so, you can gain important insight into the applications and foresee trends that otherwise could cause business processes to suffer.

40. eliminate vt. 消除;排除
Camel can’t eliminate these challenges, but it does provide a great Test Kit that makes writing tests with Camel applications easier and less time consuming.

41. college entrance examination 高考
42. I have 2 days off one week.
43. modern warfare -- a kind of computer game; computer genius.
44. your Chinese sounds good. thank you for your compliment.
45. what's up? what's going on? how is everything today? -- I'm great. I'm doing well. I'm having a bad day. I feel frustrated.
46. don't worry -- reassure someone.
47. My name is Flag. How did you come up with the name?
48. Lunar Calendar(农历) or Solar Calendar(阳历)
49. refrigerator 冰箱
50. degrees celsius 摄氏度
51. sore throat, electronic books, in many households, 'celebrate' the spring festival, population in CHina
52. I have left the office around 3 o'clock and picked up my son from school.
53. Are your earphones connected? My first was also as a software engineer. I worked in a company that outsources products from XXX. One other famous brand is Cisco. It is from America. Huawei is from China. Our company's work is to produce software for XXX. I stayed in that company for around 2 years. THe company is xxx.
Other countries usually use voice calls to connect with people but here in China text messaging is more common. We have service providers that provide different services. Our softwares build bridges between the subscribers and service providers. China has 3 main telephone operators, Chain Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. They give platforms for different services.
When you were a child, what did you want to be? I've always wanted to be a software engineer. I had little understanding about my job. When I started working, I realize there is so much more to it than I thought.

54. sophisticated adj. 复杂的;精致的;久经世故的;富有经验的
this is the most sophisticated technique because it allows you to use an existing route without modifying it.

55. somehow 以某种方式
what you need to do is somehow tell camel to defer shutting down this shared route.

56. statistics n. 统计;统计学;[统计] 统计资料
here you can obtain statistics about the number of threads currently active and the maximum number of threads that have been active.

57. starting from scratch 白手起家
tweaking this skeleton file is much easier than starting from scratch.

58. compensate 补偿
toward the end of the chapter, you will see how to compensate for when you are using resources that don't support transactions.

59. scalable adj.可测量的;可伸缩的;可攀登的
they walk you through how to take the concepts and apply them to many real-life scenarios to provide scalable and efficient solutions that are easy to understand and quick to adapt to your integration needs.

60.delimiter n.定界符;分隔符
the csv data format offers a csvconfig object B that is used to set the semicolon(分号) as a delimiter

61. by comparison
The only way to find these is by comparison, to say "this is better than that".

62.facilitate/effective learning
this is facilitate learning way.

63. adorable/cute 可爱的 (describes a person or animal that is easy to love because they are so attractive and often small)
time is short, I can't get enough of him, he is so adorable.

64. suggestion
you have to improve your intonation and accent, eg, rising and falling of the tone when reading.
The trick is to know the key words in a sentence. so that you will know which ones to emphasize.

65.synonyms n. [语] 同义词,同义字;同一性(synonym的复数)
great, fantastic, awesome, amazing are synonyms.

66. plug/unplug
a.plug n. 插头;塞子;栓 vt. 插入;塞住;接插头
camel use a pluggable architecture, allowing you to plug in and use your own notifier, which we will cover later in this section.
its extensible and modular architecture allows you to implement and seamlessly plug in support for your own protocols, proprietary or not.

b. unplug 拔去
you can test for errors by unplugging network cables and swinging an axe at the servers, but that's a bit extreme.

rarely 很少
merely/barely 仅仅
entirely adv. 完全地,彻底地
purely ad.纯粹地,完全地
severely adv. 严重地;严格地,严厉地;纯朴地
surely adv. 当然;无疑;坚定地;稳当地

this method is rarely used by end users of camel, but it can be a useful trick.
for simplicity, you’ll skip the processing, so your output will be merely a copy of the original file.
The car went into a pole and was severely damaged.
if you send the string message "camel" to the camel route, the reply logger will surely output "camel camel" as expected

68.atomic [ə'tɒmɪk] 原子的 atom ['ætəm]
transactions ensure the message is moved in what appears to be an atomic operation.
for example, the atom component depends on apache abdera to communicate over atom

69.neat adj. 灵巧的;整洁的;优雅的;齐整的;
web services allow you to write java code and make that java code callable over the internet, which is pretty neat

70.ambiguous a.模棱两可的;分歧的
if camel can’t select a method, an ambigiousmethodcallexception exception is thrown with a list of ambiguous methods

71.thus ad.如此,这样;因而
the registry itself is an abstraction and thus an interface

72.sticky a.粘性的;胶粘的
by using the sticky strategy, you can have the messages with the same level chose the same processor over and over again.

picky adj.挑剔的;吹毛求疵的
you can even be a bit more picky about what route builders are included.

73. vary variety 多样化
english vary from country to country.
load balancer used to balance the load to a given endpoint using a variety of different balancing policies.

74. arbitrary. a.随心所欲的;专断的
but one detail you should be aware of is that camel maps both bodies and headers from the arbitrary types and names allowed in camel to jms-specific types

75. boundary n. 边界;范围;分界线
When an Exchange is done being routed, you hit the end boundary of the UnitOf-
Work, and the registered Synchronization callbacks are invoked one by one.

76. trivial adj. 不重要的,琐碎的;琐细的 微不足道的
with the akka-camel module, it’s almost trivial to implement message exchanges with actors over protocols and apis such as http, soap, tcp, ftp, smtp, jms, and others.
creating the wsdl contract for a particular web service is a non-trivial task

trail 实验
Many drugs were found by trial and error

testing is vital to ensuring that your integration projects are successful

78.glimpse vt.瞥见 n.一瞥,一看 (a glimpse of )
we’ll also give you a glimpse of how to design and implement solutions to enterprise integration problems using eips and camel

79. sole 唯一的
management and monitoring aren’t the sole tasks the operations staff plays with regards to your camel applications

80. coherent adj. 连贯的,一致的;明了的;清晰的;凝聚性的;互相偶合的;粘在一起的
for example, management tooling includes monitoring capabilities in a single coherent dashboard, allowing a full overview for the operations staff

81. tied v. 系(tie的过去式和过去分词) adj. 系住的
this is a powerful way to develop your application without being tied to the camel api

tired 疲劳的

tried-and-true adj. 经过检验而可靠的;靠得住的
the jdbc component allows you to access databases using tried-and-true sql, whereas the jpa component is all about persisting java objects into databases

82.instantiate vt. 例示,举例说明 实例化
these were instantiated by the myendpoint class in listing 11

83.qualified 合格的,限定名 qualifier n.合格者;[语]限定物;限定句;限定符
the format is a qualified name (qname) that has a namespace and name like {http:// order
He is qualified to teach English
you could even have omitted the queue qualifier, because the default behavior is to send to a queue rather than a topic

84. quantity 数量
the publisher offers discounts on this book when ordered in quantity

85.coarse-grained adj. 粗鲁的;木纹粗糙的 粗粒度
this is a very coarse-grained condition

grain 谷物
Corn is America's most important grain.

grand adj.庄严的;伟大的
Claus and Jon bring the saga to a grand finale by showing us how to use the Camel
pattern language to compose real-life messaging solutions.

86. grasp vt.抓住;领会;掌握
if you go down that path, you’ll need to pick up some other books, because osgi is a big concept to grasp and master

87. investigate 调查 研究 invest vt.投资;投入
In the next chapter, we’ll investigate routing, which is an essential feature and a fun one to learn
This approach of using camel is only recommended for simple integration scenarios or when you can’t invest the time to learn the camel dsls

88. extensively adv. 广阔地;广大地 广泛
the same test kit is used extensively to test camel itself, and it includes more than 6,000 unit tests

extent n. 程度;范围;长度
Things are not yet carried to that extent

89.drill down 向地下钻;深度探讨
we’ll first take a look at the high level architecture and then drill down into the specific concepts

thrill 激动
It is quite a thrill to see a real movie star in the flesh

90.precisely ad. 精确地
at the core of the camel framework is a routing engine, or more precisely a routingengine builder

91. overwhelming a.压倒的,势不可挡的
the producertemplate has a lot of methods that at first may seem a bit overwhelming

92. concise adj. 简明的,简洁的
being this explicit results in a clean and concise definition of what is being loaded into camel

ease n.安逸,熟练,轻易
certainly, though, you can’t match the power and ease of use an ide gives you

93. clash n.碰撞声;抵触,冲突
this can clash with a reserved word in some languages; use request instead.
accommodate a clash with spring’s property placeholder feature

94. personnel n.全体人员,全体职员
use tooling to monitor your camel applications so it can react and alert personnel if severe errors occur

peel v. 剥,剥落;削 n. 皮
She sat down in the kitchen and began peeling potatoes.

peak n.山顶,巅 a.最高的
lately there have been problems during peak hours (高峰时段), with customers reporting that they can’t access the web store

95.noticeable a.显而易见的;重要的 (obvious)
notable n.值得注意的;著名的
they’re very versatile and are used in different places, but they’re most noticeable in the camel routes
shows the most notable services that the camelcontext keeps together

blend n. 混合;掺合物 vi. 混合;协调 vt. 混合
you may already have used mocking before; there are many frameworks out there that blend in well with testing frameworks like junit

96.durable a.耐久的,耐用的
note i expect you know about the database acid properties, so i won’t explain what atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable mean in the context of transactions

97. elaborate a.复杂的;精心制作的
camel has an elaborate type-converter mechanism that activates on demand

collaborate vi.协作,合作;协调

98. versatile a.多方面的;通用的
apache activemq is an extremely versatile broker, and it’s even embeddable in unit tests

vice versa 反之亦然

99. diverse adj. 不同的;多种多样的;变化多的
spring also makes it easy to set up diverse environments using minimal configuration

diver n. 潜水者

100.traverse 遍历
camel will traverse the hierarchy from the bottom up to the root searching for an onexception that matches the exception

101.quite quiet quit exit

102. audio audit audience(观众 听众) studio

103. suppressing adj. 制止的 v. 镇压;禁止(suppress的现在分词)
by default, camel handles exceptions by suppressing them;it removes the exceptions
from the exchange and stores them as properties on the exchange.

104.substituting n. 取代;代入
For example, integration testing often involves real live compo-
nents, and substituting mocks isn’t an option, as the point of the integration test is to
test with live components.

105.tetris n.俄罗斯方块
tetris is called a falling block puzzle game

106.mute a.缄默的 n.哑巴
it has play, pause, mute and unmute button with full window support

107.API abbr.应用编程接口(=application program interface)

108.Privacy Policy 隐私权政策;隐私策略
109.prime adj.首要的;基本的
a prime example would be to enrich the current message with the reply from a web service call

110.prior a.在先的;优先的
no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher 不得复制,出版的一部分存储在一个检索系统,或传播,在任何形式或通过电子、机械、复印、或否则,未经事先书面许可的出版商

111.vast n. 浩瀚;广阔无垠的空间 adj. 广阔的;巨大的;大量的;巨额的
Modernization of a vast country like China cannot be done at one go 一蹴而就

112.compatible adj. 兼容的;能共处的;可并立的 (incompatible)
this demo compatible with ios, android, and desktop browsers。
Plug-compatible 即插兼容
plug-compatible implementations of these components can be obtained from different vendors with different optimizations and costs

113.compass 罗盘 指南针 圆规
You have all the tools you need to uncover it: your intuition, your feelings, and your internal compass will guide you.

114. tie
this also conveniently ties camel’s lifecycle with spring’s lifecycle management and ensures that the camel instance is properly started and stopped in the web container

115. depot n. 仓库;停车场;航空站 (repository)
how to get the latest perforce changelist in the depot for the current client spec

116.mental 精神的
The intellectual environment has a significant influence on the mental development of the children.

117.envy 羡慕
I don't envy the young ones who've become TV superstars and know no other world.

118.lyric 歌词
layer will be set manually to synchronize mp3 song with lyrics to make a perfect karaoke。

119.enum 枚举
in c++, an enum type is essentially an integer

120.enthusiasm n. 热心,热忱,热情 enthusiastic enthusiast n. 狂热者,热心家
HI Flag, thank you for your enthusiasm on this.

121.vent pipe 排气管
Examine if the safety valve is normal, vent pipe is fastness 检查安全阀有无异常,排气管支撑牢固。

122.leap 跳
we’ll now take a leap into another world, one that’s often tackled as an afterthought in integration projects: how to handle situations when things go wrong

123.premium 优质的
rider auto parts has a selected number of premium partners who are promoted exclusively on the rider auto parts web store

124.premier n.总理,首相 adj. 第一的;最初的
the osgi service platform provides functionality to java that makes java the premier environment for software integration and thus for development

125.badge n. 徽章;证章;标记 vt. 授给…徽章
The boy pins a badge on his jacket

126.copy that = I get it.

127.permalink 永久链接
128.peep 偷窥 The Peeping 偷窥无罪
129.lung 肺 lung volume 肺活量
130.inch 英寸 it's like using a 10 pound hammer on a half inch nail 杀鸡用牛刀
131.sting 刺 Remove the bee sting with tweezers. 用镊子拔掉蜜蜂的蛰刺。
132. defaulting n.不付欠款;不履行责任 the developer tools report that the page is defaulting to ie9 standard mode
133.wade v.跋涉;涉水 n.跋涉 wade through 艰难地通过; 费力地作完
this is mainly done to make the xml more readable; you probably wouldn’t want to wade through thousands of lines of xml in a single file without some separation
134.rotation n.旋转;循环
looking at the previous image will help to understand the rotation

135. imply 暗示 Exports in June rose 1.5%, implying that the economy was stronger than many investors had realized.

136. MQ stalled vi. 停止,停转;拖延

137.instant n.瞬间;立即adj.立即的;即时的;速成的
applications run in an exploded form, and you can edit resources for instant “hot” reload

138.polled 轮询 adj. 剪去毛的;无角的;截去树梢的 v. 投票(poll的过去分词);剪短
delay=5000 indicates that files should be polled at a 5 second interval

139.twins n.双胞胎
dat files to one file how to sleep in twins beds that are pushed together

140.inversion n.倒转;反向;倒置;
Control Inversion
spring is the most popular inversion of control (ioc) java container out there

141.Subversion n.颠覆;破坏
142.verse 诗 free verse 自由诗
143.versa 反 vice versa
144.onion 洋葱
what can be substituted for green onions when making crab(螃蟹) cakes

145.due to adv. 由于;应归于 due to this i can't use the plugin because there is no workaround to delivery the configuration to the slave
146.adequate adj. 充足的;适当的;胜任的 i'm running jenkins as a service, and the service user has adequate permissions to the directory - so no problems there.
the simple techniques for reading from and writing to files discussed here will be adequate for most of the cases you’ll encounter in the real world.
147.adventure 冒险 Their cultural backgrounds gave them a spirit of adventure.
148.deduce vt.演绎,推论,推断 this will consult spring boot’s default dependency metadata to deduce the artifact’s group and version
149.dispute 争论 in light of this(据此), rider auto parts has developed an application to record what happens, as evidence for when a dispute comes up
150.landing n.上岸,登陆,着陆
developer should avoid how to optimize your website’s landing page for mobile

151.Jersey n. 毛织运动衫,毛线衫;
Jersey: RESTful Web Services in Java
Goals of Jersey project can be summarized in the following points:
1.Track the JAX-RS API and provide regular releases of production quality Reference Implementations that ships with GlassFish;
2.Provide APIs to extend Jersey & Build a community of users and developers; and finally
3.Make it easy to build RESTful Web services utilising Java and the Java Virtual Machine.

152.reverse v.逆转;倒退;互换;改变adj.相反的;反面的;颠倒的n.相反;背面;失败;倒档
and the reverse operation, unmarshaling from xml to an object, is just as simple
-- similar: traverse

153.intensive adj. 加强的;集中的;透彻的;加强语气的 n. 加强器
intense adj. 强烈的;紧张的;非常的;热情的 intensity
Writing this book has been a very intense journey, proven by the fact that we were able to complete the manuscript in a year.
They’re simpler and much less resource-intensive 资源密集的.
When such incidents occur, it’s often a labor-intensive task to investigate and remedy the incident

154.remedy vt. 补救;治疗;纠正 n. 补救;治疗;赔偿
The remedy lies in the hands of the government.

155.provincial capital 省会

156.startle vt. 使吓一跳;使惊奇 vi. 惊吓;惊跳;惊奇 n. 惊愕;惊恐
The telephone startled him. 电话声吓了他一跳。

157.poet n.诗人 poem n.诗 verse 诗 free verse 自由诗

158.bend vt. 使弯曲;使屈服;使致力;使朝向
She bent and picked up a plastic bucket.她弯腰拎起一个塑料桶。

159.tent 帐篷
A huge tent was extended over the field. 一顶大帐篷在原野上扩展开来。

160.variable adj.可变的;易变的n.变量;
set the environment variable h2drivers to c:\programs\hsqldb\lib\hsqldb

161.hierarchy n. 层级;等级制度
applications with a context hierarchy

162.git n.<英俚>饭桶;无用的人n.<方言>=get

163.onwards adv. 向前;在前面 inward adj. 向内的;内部的;精神的;本质上的;熟悉的 westwards 向西 backwards 向后 afterwards adv.以后;后来
upward adv.向上
From 1902 onwards, the signs will be placed before the middle of a vehicles position.
So again, the road pulls me onwards.
I sighed with inward relief.我内心释然地长出了一口气。
when the consumer template was introduced, the template element name was kept to be backwards compatible
I’ll tell you what happened afterwards.
this means that the numbers from 1 to 999 are free for camel users, and the numbers from 1,000 upward are reserved by camel.

164.reward 报酬 award vt. 授予;判定 n. 奖品;判决
165.poker 扑克 Lon and I play in the same weekly poker game.
166.optimistic adj. 乐观的;乐观主义的
167.pessimistic adj. 悲观的,厌世的;悲观主义的
168.explicitly adv.明白地;明确地
if you need to manage camel from a remote host, you’ll need to explicitly enable this in camel
169.implicitly adv.含蓄地;暗中地;毫不保留地
we’ll end the chapter by looking into camel’s type-converter mechanism, which supports implicitly and explicitly type coercing

170.ably adv. 巧妙地;精明能干地
Yet would we say that banks are performing more ably than they were a half-century ago?
171.holy 圣洁的
To me, this is a holy place
172.cure 治疗 Almost overnight I was cured.
173.joint n.接头,接缝;关节 Her joints ache if she exercises.
174.grounding n.基础训练;染色的底色
if you haven’t already, you might want to read the part ii, “getting started” and part iii, “using spring boot” sections so that you have a good grounding of the basics
175.cross-platform 交叉平台
using html5 and flash, soundmanager 2 provides reliable cross-platform audio under a single javascript api
176.reform n. 改革,改良;改正 adj. 改革的;改革教会的 vt. 改革,革新;重新组成 vi. 重组;改过
his plans to reform the country's economy.
177.wage vi. 进行;发动;从事 n. 工资;代价;报偿 vt. 进行;开展
His wages have gone up.
178.fork n. 叉;餐叉;耙 vt. 叉起;使成叉状 vi. 分叉;分歧
i was wondering if you would have any interest in these if i contributed them back, or if we would need to fork it
179.worm virus 蠕虫病毒
180.fence n.栅栏
They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves. 他们保持中立,拒绝明确表态。

181.bracket 括号
hi, your square brackets(方括号) are not escaped, so the regex engine expects a character set

182.brace 大括号
password=secret" ==> { to("jms:incomingorders") } }the ==> operator is used to start the code block, and the braces indicate the start and end of the block

183.socket ['sɒkɪt] 套接字 n. 插座;窝,穴;牙槽 vt. 给…配插座

184.deformation 变形
It occurs when a component reaches its limit for deformation. 跟读
185.denormalization n.反向规格化;阻碍正常化
elan is parsed into a javascript object with some denormalization.

Hence, even though denormalization goes against what Todd Hoff would call relational data ethics, it is an integral part in BigTable data paradigm. 跟读

186.coordinates n.坐标;v. 使协调;使调和
coords n.横纵坐标(coordinates)
the coords array saves the coordinates of the tetris piece

187.recursively adv.递归地
it will recursively zip a directory as well

188.dine vi.吃饭 vt.宴请
He dines alone most nights. 大多数晚上他都独自进餐。

189.pros and cons 正反两方面;赞成者和反对者
What are the pros and cons of mixing languages within one virtual machine?

190.chef 厨师

191.trend 趋势
192.turing 图灵机
193.cling vi.粘住;依附;坚持
She had to cling onto the door handle until the pain passed. 她不得不紧紧抓住门的把手,直到疼痛消失为止。
194.comma 逗号 semicolon 分号 question mark 问号 exclamatory mark 感叹号
195.otation n.记号;表示法;注释;记法
tip when the value of milliseconds gets large, you can opt for a shorter notation using the s, m, and h keywords
196.quotation n.引用;引文;报价单
(by the way: the id 'btnaddd' in the html structure has one 'd' to many; also the double closing quotation mark directly behind this id label is not a correct straight double quotation mark)

cite vt.引用,引证;举例
to cite a publication with two authors in a presentation, should i write "x and y" or "x et al

197.Ubuntu n. 乌班图;一种Linux操作系统
ubuntu users can run sudo apt-get install maven

198.relevant adj.相关的;切题的;中肯的;有重大关系的;
for more information on the other components, see the relevant pages on the camel website’s components list

199.pant 喘气
I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands. 我张口而气喘。 因我切慕你的命令。

200.protein 蛋白质 Where do you get your protein?

201.lest 以免
I let them go out lest I should be bothered.
we suggest you try asking the authors some challenging questions, lest their interest stray

He crossed his arms over his chest. 他在胸前交叉双臂。

203.vest n.汗衫;背心;内衣
He wore a woolen vest beneath his shirt.

204.bootstrap 自力更生的,引导程序
you can also bootstrap a new project or write your own command for it

205.boot 靴子 引导程序

206.bond 债券
207.bowl 碗

208.Metrics n.韵律学n.度量学 指标
here we can see basic memory, heap, class loading, processor and thread pool information along with some http metrics

209.Misc abbr.混杂的;各种各样的(=miscellaneous)
Housework is usually miscellaneous and toilsome 家务劳动通常是繁杂的。

210.seasoned adj.经验丰富的
seasoned camel users

211.portability n.可移植性;可携带;轻便
however, sometimes portability is not entirely possible

212. porter n.搬运工人 port n.港,港口

213.pray 祈祷
He spent his time in prison praying and studying.

214.fantasy n. 幻想;白日梦;幻觉 adj. 虚幻的 vt. 空想;想像
But in fairy tale, fantasy takes the first place. 而在童话中,幻想却占据最重要的位置。
fantastic a.空想的;奇异的
fantastic collection

215.asynchrony abbr.异步

216.fare n.车费,船费,票价
He could barely afford the fare.

217. overall a.全面的
mock using mocks is a good overall solution

218.bunch n.束,球,串;一群
you’ve learned a bunch of new stuff, so let’s continue with the error handler example and put your knowledge into practice

219.Confluence n.合流;汇合
the enterprise wiki printed by atlassian confluence

220.footprint n.脚印;足迹
this reduces the footprint of functionality that is not under your control

221.Standalone adj.独立的;单独的n.独立的电脑
creates a cluster from a standalone database
222.staff 职员 stuff 材料
223.affair 事情
The administration has mishandled the whole affair. 政府错误地处理了整个事件。
224.affirm 肯定 确认 断言
Everything I had accomplished seemed to affirm that opinion.
225.donation n.捐款;捐赠
if you like my tutorials, consider making a donation to this charity, thanks
226.dock 码头
She headed for the docks, thinking that Ricardo might be hiding in one of the boats.
227.doll n.(玩具)洋娃娃
228.dorm = dormitory 宿舍
229.fallback n.撤退;后备计划;降落物adj.后退的;应变的
to illustrate this, we’ll take the use case from the previous chapter—you’re uploading reports to a remote server using http, and you’re using ftp as a fallback method
230.Pingback n.广播(用来通知网志系统文章被引用情况的手段)
231.variant 变体 adj. 不同的;多样的
3 profile specific configuration files profile specific variants of both application

232.grey gray 灰色的
up until recently, we have had to navigate a grey area in terms of compatibility and definition, and as a result, many of the early adoptions of html5 have been partial or complete disasters
233.dedicated adj.专注的;献身的;专用的 8 5
the spring framework includes a dedicated test module for just such integration testing

234.decompile n.反编译
in order to set method breakpoints, you will need to decompile the class file first

235.precedence n.优先;居先
if an expression is set, it take precedence over the camelfilename header

precede vt.先于… vi.领先
preceded vt.在 ... 之前;先于vi.在前面;领先

236.ounce n.盎司,英两
237.restore vt.恢复;归还;复原
restores a backup of a database
238.Perforce adv. 一定,必须;必然地
239.nutshell n.坚果壳;小容器;简明扼要
in a nutshell(简单地,简约地;极其简括地说), i want to report on all errors / warnings, but not on the summary of errors / warnings when at 0
240.safari [sə'fɑːrɪ] n.旅行;旅行队;狩猎旅行
works great in safari (desktop and mobile) and chrome

241.devote vt. 致力于;奉献
You may be laughing, but my extreme example underscores a problem: what do I devote myself to?
你可能在笑。 但我的极端例子却指出了一个问题:我们要把自己奉献给什么?

242.denotes vt.表示;象征
each field denotes a date or range of dates

243.testify v.证明,证实,作证
Several eyewitnesses testified that they saw the officers hit Miller in the face.

244.mandates n. 授权;命令,指令;委托管理;受命进行的工作
the current architecture of camel mandates that an error handler must be configured

245.facilitate v. 促进;帮助;使…容易
It facilitates control and communication from defect report to resolution

246.mediate v.调停;斡旋
the service activator mediates between the requestor and the pojo service

247. Actuator n.制动器;传动装置;执行机构
in a running actuator app look at the configprops endpoint

248.algorithm n.算法
sets the key store algorithm

249.evolved adj.进化的
it has evolved to become much more since then, but don’t worry: it’s still simple to use

250. markup n. 涨价;利润;审定
html5 is just the markup – a set of standards that define how a document should be structured and how browsers should interpret it

251.wood n.树林 wool 羊毛
252.noun [naʊn] 名词
253.verb [vɜːb] 动词
254.adjective ['ædʒɪktɪv] 形容词
255.adverb ['ædvɜːb] 副词
256.pronoun ['prəʊnaʊn] n. 代词
257.viewpoint n. 观点,看法;视角
The novel is shown from the girl's viewpoint.
258.revisions n. 校订,[印刷] 修正; revise vt. 修正;复习;校订
we’d also like to thank our awesome copy editor, andy carroll, for catching an amazing number of grammatical errors in the early revisions of the book
259.coerce [kəʊ'ɜːs] vt.强制;威胁
spring will attempt to coerce the external application properties to the right type when it binds to the @configurationproperties beans
260.interpret vt.解释,说明;口译
you need to interpret this custom format and send a status message formatted like the ones from the other sensors

261.Inc abbr.公司(=incorporated )
about © 2015 github, inc
262.manipulate vt.操作;控制,手持
in using a custom processor, you have to manipulate the exchange and message apis directly
processors are used to transform and manipulate messages during routing
263.populate v.构成人口;居住于;【计】填入
what’s missing is an application to populate the collected metrics to the database used by the incident management application
264.upfront adj.在前面的;预付的;直率的
there is no upfront work needed to install them
265.frog 青蛙
266.reside vi.居住;属于;存在
the fact that it resides in camel-core jar indicates its importance—the mock component is used rigorously in unit testing camel itself
267.sidestep v.向旁侧避让;回避
i guess antrun is the way to sidestep the whole maven requirement
268.Saint 圣人
St Patrick's Day 圣帕特里克节为3月17日,以纪念爱尔兰守护神圣帕特里克
269.abbreviation n.缩写
ST is abbreviation for street
270.pagoda [pə'gəʊdə] 宝塔,佛塔
Leifeng Pagoda.

271.cock n. 公鸡 n.旋塞,开关,龙头 hen 母鸡
Chinese Map looks like a cock.

272.systemic adj.全身的;系统的n.内吸性杀虫剂
she said she thinks a lack of resources is the root of the systemic problems in basic education

273.advocacy n.拥护;支持;鼓吹 advocate vt, n.辩护者 vt.拥护
nombulelo nyathela is a spokeswoman(n.女发言人) for the advocacy group equal education

274.cafe n.咖啡馆;小餐厅

275.calm adj.平静的;沉着的
just keep calm, please

276.opposition n.反对;敌对;在野党
however, the opposition disagreed

277.admission 招生 n.允许进入;承认
universities use the scores to make admissions decisions

278.pond 池塘 pool
The path descends to the pond. 小路下斜通到池塘。
This pond often catches in winter. 这个池塘在冬天常常结冰。

279.correspondent n.通信者;通讯员 journalist n. 新闻工作者 reporter 记者
special correspondent 特派员 ; 特派记者 ; 特约记者 ; 特派
war correspondent 战地记者 ; 随军记者 ; 战地访员 ; 通讯记者
Foreign Correspondent 海外特派员 ; 驻外国记者 ; 战前谍影 ; 国外代理银行

280.cron n. [计量] 克龙(时间单位,百万年) Cron job 计划任务 ; 定时任务
corn 玉米

281.wagon n.四轮马车;货车 v.用四轮马车运
you might be able to extend the maven wagon functionality yourself
282.dragon n.龙;凶暴的人
dragon boat festival 端午节

283.glove 手套
284.gloomy a.黑暗的;令人沮丧的
Officials say the outlook for next year is gloomy.

285.glorify 赞美 glory n.光荣;荣誉的事
They sing hymns to glorify God. 他们唱圣诗赞美神.

286.glorious adj. 光荣的;辉煌的;极好的
She is always bucking about her glorious past.
ADJ Something that is glorious is very beautiful and impressive.

287.overcome vt.战胜,克服 conquer
can anyone help me to overcome this issue or this is a bug in plugin?

288.comply vi.应允,遵照,照做
messages are typically xml, formatted to comply with the simple object access protocol (soap) schema

289.comb n. 梳子;蜂巢;鸡冠 vt. 梳头发;梳毛
he combed his hair carefully.

290.chin n.颏,下巴
291.forehead 额头
292.ditching n.开沟
by ditching the specification conformance and any communications with a message broker (which can be costly), an inmemory solution can be much faster

293.alias n.别名
create alias if not exists

294.alleviate vt.减轻;使 ... 缓和
it alleviates the developer from having to deal with explicit locking and thread management

295.alike 相似的
with camel, if you’re having any trouble, users and developers alike will come to your aid promptly

296.align 对齐,使结盟
why not use the name producertemplate to align with the consumertemplate element?

297. confluence n.合流;汇合
I’m a wiki consultant and evangelist, right now working with Atlassian, makers of an enterprise wiki called Confluence. 我是一位wiki咨询师,也是wiki传道人。 现在在Atlassian公司工作,参与企业wiki程序Confluence 的研发。

298.Adobe 泥砖
299.oracle n.神谕;神谕处;传达神谕的人;能提供可靠意见的人
300.encrypt 加密
use encrypted tls (https) connections

301.blueprint n.蓝图;设计图
you can re-use this connection pool via tools such as spring-dm or blueprint

302.lens n.透镜,镜片;镜头

303.amend vt. 修改;改善,改进

304. mild adj. 温和的;轻微的;淡味的;文雅的;不含有害物质的的
A mild person is gentle and does not get angry easily. 性情温和的
"I'm not meddling," Ken said mildly, "I'm just curious. "我不是在管闲事,”肯温和地说,“我只是好奇。”

305.millisecond 毫秒、微秒 nanosecond 纳秒 十亿分之一秒

306.precision n.精确,精密,精密度
the following items are output: date and time — millisecond precision and easily sortable

307.vision n. 视力;美景;眼力;幻象;想象力 vt. 想象;显现;梦见
Jane blocked Craig's vision and he could see nothing. 简挡住了克雷格的视线,他什么也看不见了。

308.Overlay v. 覆盖
dialogs and overlays buttons checkboxes, radios, ratings available for download.
regions are visual overlays that can be resized and dragged around the waveform.

309.overlap vt.与…交搭 vi.重迭
datasource properties to hikari, tomcat and dbcp classes, with each potentially offering overlap of property names

310.bonus n.红利;意外所得之物;奖金;
the bonus of this month has been lost

311. brother-in-law n.内兄;内弟;大伯子;小叔子;姐夫;妹夫 son-in-law女婿
my brother-in-law is an engineer.

312. firecracker 爆竹 firework 烟火
in spring festival, we usually set off firecrackers and fireworks, which may cause pollution.

313.Cheap Copy Mobile 山寨手机
Cheap Copy Mobile is firm at first.

314.mobilize vt.动员 vi.动员起来
Let's mobilize team members to study english together.

promote the automobile industry 振兴汽车工业.

315.pollution 污染 population n.人口;全体居民

316.microwave 微波炉 toaster 烤箱 烤 toast n. 干杯;烤面包
maybe i need a microwave and toaster, and stuff like that

317. fridge n. 电冰箱
mostly, i need to get a fridge right away

318.appliance 电气用具
I need to get some kitchen appliances today

319.reserve vt.保留;预订
reserve a meeting room

320.preserve vt.保护;保存;腌渍
preserved words

321.deserve vt.应受,值得
the greater manning team deserves kudos as well; they’ve made for a very pleasant writing experience over the past year and a half

322.conserve 保存 节省
this is beneficial, if you consume a very big remote file and thus can conserve memory

323.discs n.圆盘;唱片;花盘;磁盘;盘形物 Slipped adj.打滑的动词slip的过去式和过去分词.
slipped discs 椎间盘突出

324.reversible 可逆的
a reversible vest. 一件两面穿马甲
slipped discs is nearly not reversible.

325. panoramic 全景的
Panoramic photos

326.nap 小睡
just a quick nap at noon.

327.apart adv.分别;相距
this allows a higher degree of reuse and loose coupling, so you can keep your business and integration logic clean and apart from camel and other middleware apis

328.apartment n. 公寓;房间
Christina has her own apartment, with her own car.

329.apparent a.表面上的;明显的
also really worthy were : as already said, using the mvn clean install from the command line, apparently much more patient than m2eclipse, and also efficient and verbose, at least for the time being.

330.amusement n. 消遣,娱乐;乐趣 carnival n.嘉年华会;狂欢节
amusement rides = carnival rides

331. sweat n.汗
thank you a million. No sweat.

332.defeat n.击败;失败 defend 保卫 防守

333. heel n.脚后跟,踵,后跟
heel is the rounded back part of the foot

334. waist n.腰,腰部

335.加减乘除 add subtract(minus a.负的 prep.减) multiply divide

336.insired adj.有创见的;有灵感的;授意的
it the name may be inspired by the fact that one of the founders once smoked camel cigarettes

337.acquired adj.已取得的;已获得的;已成习惯的
logging level used when a read lock could not be acquired

338. goat n.山羊
The tiger sprang on the goat. 老虎向山羊扑去。

339.literal adj. 文字的;逐字的;无夸张的
you may remember that camel provides a very elaborate type converter system, and that this system goes beyond converting between simple types and literals

340.fundamental n.基本原则
because scala is quite different from java, it’s recommended that you learn about the language fundamentals before trying to use the scala dsl in camel

341.credential n.证书;证件
<username=rider&password=secret"/> note you may notice that credentials have been added directly into the endpoint uri

342.LEGO n.乐高(商标名称)
the eips allow you to build patterns lego style, which means that patterns can be combined together to form new patterns

343.colon 冒号 comma 逗号 semicolon 分号 question mark 问号 exclamatory mark 感叹号
the object name of the entry is the database short name, plus the path (each colon is replaced with an underscore character)

344.idol 偶像
A great cheer went up from the crowd as they caught sight of their idol. 看见他们的偶像,人群爆发出一阵热烈的欢呼声。

345.fiance 未婚夫 未婚妻
One night, out of the clear blue, my fiance announced he was gay. 一天晚上,突然间我未婚夫向我声称自己是个同性恋者。

346.sustainable adj. 可以忍受的;足可支撑的;养得起的;可持续的
sustainable world.

347.sore a.痛的;恼火的 n.疮
sore throat

348.confronted vt.对抗;遭遇;面临
confronted with such complexity, how can you keep track of the behavior of your camel applications

349.destine vt. 注定;命定;预定
I didn't know it, but i was destined to be your mama.

destiny 命运
I happen to believe you make your own destiny.

350.ice breaker

351.tongue twisters 绕口令

352.modest 谦虚的
He's modest, as well as being a great player.

353.hare 野兔 (run after two hares 做徒劳无益之事)
If you run after two hares, you'll catch neither.

354. intern n.实习生;拘留犯vt.扣留vi.作实习生
i submitted an application for the intern program about a month ago

355.disc = disk n. [计] 磁盘,磁碟片;圆盘,盘状物;唱片

356.exposure n. 暴露;曝光;揭露;陈列 expose
deleting existing exposures.
it's a good exposure to your son.

Are you willing to pose for me ? 你愿意摆姿势让我为你拍照吗?

357.aggressive a.侵略的;好斗的 1 0
the reason is that the cached thread pool is designed to be very aggressive and to spawn new threads on demand

358.co-operation n.合作;协作=cooperation.
thank you for your co-operation

359. contractor n. 承包人;立契约者
please forward this notification to all contractors on your team as they are not included in the ssc's it users group

360.futures n.期货
futures trading is not suitable for all investors, and involves risk of loss

361.recipient n.接受者;收信人
the recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses

362.Calypso n. 海中女神(荷马《奥德赛》中人物)
卡利普索(Calypso),西印度群岛的一种民间歌曲。卡利普索歌曲的歌词押韵,音乐中采用切分节奏。独唱歌手即兴编出歌词,对社会现实、政治事件或各种要人进行诙谐的讽刺。卡利普索起源于特立尼达的种植园,那些来自非洲的奴隶在歌唱中讽刺他们的主人。 卡利普索,一种植物,在[美] 约翰缪尔的《阿拉斯加之旅》中,作者曾经提到,这是他最喜爱的植物之一。

363.CME abbr. 芝加哥商业交易所(Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

364.Clearing 清除;结算

365.classified adj.分类的;类别的;机密的
this email is classified as company internal

366.photocopying n.影印本 v.影印
no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher

367.accompanying adj.陪伴的;附随的
it took a long time to implement the examples and to ensure that the accompanying source code is of the highest standard.

368.authority n.当局,官方;权力
effective january 20, 2015, the gcc has been granted the authority with respect to cme products subject to rule

369.disclosure n.揭发;公开;透露 retention/retain 保留
any unauthorized copying, disclosure, retention or distribution of the material in this email is strictly forbidden

370. DTCC 美国证券托管结算公司(Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, DTCC)
if you are unsure if your systems support tls, DTCC recommends that you check with your internal IT department to confirm your firm’s protocol

all infrastructure support staff should be prepared to checkout their systems post maintenance and report any issues accordingly

372.EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation)

373.RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) 苏格兰皇家银行

374.NYMEX abbr. 美国纽约商业交易所(New York Mercantile Exchange) Mercantile adj.贸易的;商业的
nymex, NEW YORK mercantile exchange, and clearport are trademarks of new york mercantile exchange

375.CET 时间是中部欧洲标准时间
GMT(Greenwich Mean Time)是格林尼治时间

376.LIFFE abbr. 伦敦国际金融期货交易所(London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange) Options 期权

377.OCR Ownership And Client Reporting

378.CFTC abbr. 美国商品期货交易委员会(Commodity Futures Trading Commission)

379.downstream 下游
recontransaction file sent to downstream

adj. 并行的;旁系的;附属的
n. 抵押品;[法] 担保品;旁系亲属
n. 公文包;文件夹;证券投资组合;部长职务
this is the collateral portfolio 这是间接(抵押品)投资组合

381.disclaimer n. 不承诺,免责声明;放弃,拒绝
trademarks & disclaimers

382.compliance n.顺从;服从;遵守
we will continue to emphasize risk management and compliance training throughout the year

383.employer 老板 employee

384.verbose adj.罗嗦的;冗长的
the tracer can be very verbose and your logs can quickly fill up with lines if your application processes a lot of messages

385.semantic adj.语义的
each widget starts with semantic html that will work on any device

386.BCP business continuity planning

387.confidentiality n.保密;机密
limited access confidentiality notice: the information contained in this email is intended for the confidential use of the above-named recipient

388.knight n. 骑士,武士;爵士 vt. 授以爵位
The knight felt no fear in the midst of battle. 那武士在战斗中毫不感到惧怕。

389.Bloomberg ['blu:m,bəg] n. 彭博资讯;彭博社
thanks, i believe that the bloomberg is actually fixed

390.transient adj. 短暂的,转瞬即逝的
private static final transient Log log = null;

391.transition n.转变,变迁;过渡
we thank you for your cooperation through our efforts and during our testing dates, which was instrumental in our ability to provide a seamless transition to migrate solely to tls for all our clients.

392.transplant 移植;迁移;使移居
He was recovering from a heart transplant operation. 他正从心脏移植手术中康复。

393.asset n. 资产;优点;有用的东西;有利条件;财产;有价值的人或物
You then need to categorize the asset in the next screen

394.assert vt.断言,宣称;维护
you can then use the exchanges to assert that the message arrived as expected

395.assessment n.估定;查定;估计数 assess vt.对(财产等)估价
offer a quick and coarse assessment of the system’s state of health.
the load balancer will call the ping service to assess whether the particular camel instance is ready for regular service calls

396.bypass n.旁通管 vt.绕过
bypass proxy max size limit using curl
397.currency n.通货;通用;市价
398.consolidate vt. 巩固,使固定;联合 vi. 巩固,加强 Consolidated adj.加固的;整理过的;统一的
skipped consolidated err msg

399.dispatch 分配 dispatcher n. 调度员;[计] 调度程序;[计] 分配器
He is a dispatcher at the trolleybus company.

400.deaf adj.聋的 turn a deaf ear 充耳不闻;不加理睬;不愿听
If you turn a deaf ear to my warnings, you'll land in trouble.

401.agency n.经办;代理;代理处

402.fancy n.想象力;设想;爱好
using java code isn’t a worse solution than using a fancy mapping tool

403.occurrence n. 发生;出现;事件;发现
Complaints seemed to be an everyday occurrence

404.derivative n.派生物;衍生物 derive vt.取得 vi.起源
DTCC derivatives repository
it’s very common when creating a new camel component to have the component, endpoint, consumer, and producer all derive from default implementations in camel-core

405.deposit n. 存款;保证金;沉淀物 vt. 使沉积;存放 vi. 沉淀
Time deposit 定期存款 ; 按期存款 ; 定期账户 ; 按期放款
Demand deposit 活期存款
bank deposit 银行存款 ; 河岸沉积〔物 ; 信贷 ; 行存款

406.COUPON n.息票;参赛表;票券;礼券;(购物)优惠券
a money-saving coupon. …一张省钱的优惠券

407.dissemination n.传播;宣传;传染
dissemination of rt messages will be held during the migration process

408.affiliates n.分公司;附属机构
copyright © 1995, 2014 oracle and/or its affiliates

409.self-contained adj.自足的;完备的;沉默寡言的
you can easily create a self-contained http server using embedded tomcat, jetty, or undertow

410.circumstance n. 情况
this can be used in special circumstances when you need access to all camel’s moving parts

411.Macro adj.宏观的
412.myth n.神话;虚构的故事
It's only a myth

413.troubleshoot v.寻找故障;调试;故障检测
I really don't know about these workspace and stream thingy and have no idea to troubleshoot

414.regulatory adj.管理的;控制的;调整的
regulatory reporting
415.acre n.英亩(=6.07亩)
It was about one acre in his garden, hedged in for planting vegetables
416.violin n.小提琴
The music of the violin blended sweetly with her voice. 小提琴的乐曲和她的嗓音很和谐
417.vain a.徒劳的;自负的
He stopped at the door, waiting in vain for her to acknowledge his presence.

418.volt n.伏特,伏

419.addressee n.收信人;[计]被访地址
this e-mail message is confidential and for use by the addressee only

420.analytics n.分析学;解析学;分析论 analytic a. 分析的,解析的
the xxx platform will bring together our capabilities across data, analytics and software to provide a more integrated solution for our clients

421.canal n.运河;沟渠;管
grand canal

422.spreadsheet n.电子制表软件;电子表格;试算表
we cant always agree with the trades on the spreadsheet provided

423.spread v.传播;展开;
please spread the news to everybody you know and bring a good job opportunity to them

424.gasp vi.喘息;喘气
She gasped for air and drew in a lungful of water.

425.proprietary adj.专利的;所有权的n.所有权;所有人
each vendor offered a proprietary solution

426.nary 连。。。都没有
he and his men dragged that river for three days and nary a gun was found

427.bonus n.红利;意外所得之物;奖金
the IT positions and bonus scales:

428.thoroughly adv.充分地;彻底地
error handling is covered thoroughly in chapter 5

430.volatility n.挥发性;挥发度;轻快;(性格)反复无常
As per the normal review of market volatility to ensure adequate collateral coverage, the chicago mercantile exchange inc ...

431.typo n.打字排版错误

432.litre n.升

433.degrades v.降格;使屈辱;贬低;退化;降解
the new application works well initially, but after a couple of months its performance degrades

434.soup n.汤 soap n. 肥皂
435. fiction n.小说;虚构,杜撰
fictional 虚构的
in this chapter, we’ll first introduce the fictional company that we’ll use as the running example throughout the book
436. motion n.运动;手势;提议
actuators can generate a large amount of motion from a small change
437.arch n.拱门 vt.用拱连接
438.banned v.禁止;剥夺权利n.禁令;禁止
has banned your access based on your browser's signature
439. cumbersome adj.笨重的;不方便的
the camel type system includes file-based converters, so there is no need to fiddle with the various cumbersome java io file streams
440.cube n.立方形;立方 骰子
water cube水立方(北京奥运会主游泳馆)

441.steam n.蒸汽 vi.蒸发 vt.蒸
Leave the vegetables to steam over the rice for the 20 minutes cooking time.
442.tram n.(有轨)电车
I am assuming that the XXX support tram have made some progress
443.axis ['æksɪs] n. 轴;轴线;轴心国
what is the scale of the y axis of the histogram in lightroom

444.solar a.太阳的,日光的
445.nod 点头;打盹 摇头: shake one's head
"Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded and smiled.
446.entitled adj.有资格的;entitle vt. 称做…;定名为…;给…称号;使…有权利
download account information for any entitled accounts and services from the accounts tab
They are entitled to first class travel. 他们有权享受头等舱旅行。
447.facility n.设备;容易;便利
if it's not web project i don't think you will be able to deploy to tomcat via eclipse's server facility
448.endeavors n.尽力;努力v.尽力;努力;力图
I do wish you all success in your future endeavors .
Building complex systems from scratch is a very costly endeavor
449.amend vt.修正;改进
please help to check and amend the proper files under the xxx folders

450.undertake vt. 承担,保证;从事;同意;试图
order any other action or undertaking to address or relieve the emergency

451.akin adj.同族的;同类的;近似的
camel uses an integration language that allows you to define complex routing rules, akin to business processes

452.sneaking adj.秘密的;不公开的
she said she was glad i knew, that she hated all the sneaking around

453.mimick n.模仿
the idea is to use the unit of work as a way of mimicking transactional boundaries

454.awful adj. 可怕的;极坏的;使人敬畏的
We met and I thought he was awful.
bloody awful 血腥恐怖

455.awesome adj. 令人敬畏的;使人畏惧的;可怕的;极好的

456.chop n. 砍;排骨;商标;削球
Chop the butter into small pieces.

457. silly a.傻的,愚蠢的
silly me

458.IMHO abbr.恕我直言(=In My Humble Opinion) Humbel 谦逊的 简陋的
IMHO, the best free open-source tool for the job is eclipse testing and performance tools platform (tptp)

459.presently 目前;不久
She is presently developing a number of projects.
at present 目前,现在

460.opinionated adj.固执己见
we take an opinionated view of the spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with minimum fuss

461.crop n. 产量;农作物;庄稼;平头 vt. 种植;收割;修剪;剪短 vi. 收获
Cash crop 经济作物 ; 现金作物 ; 商品作物 ; 农作物
Each year it produces a fine crop of fruit.

462.noop n.无操作;停止操作指令
the noop flag tells camel to leave the original files as is

463.mitigate vt.减轻;缓和
let’s look into why, and look at what camel has under the hood to help mitigate such problems

464.remit n. 移交的事物 vt. 宽恕;免除;减轻;传送;使恢复原状 vi. 汇款;缓和
XXX was closely involved in man’s expansion in the region and part of his remit included direct responsibility for finance, transfer agency, and investor services

465.unified unify vt. 统一;使相同,使一致
unified JSP and JSF

466.fever n.发热,发烧;狂热
i am working from home today , since my wife is having high fever and i have to bring kids from school

467. proving 证明
the spring framework has opened the door to the enterprise, proving that the pojo programming model and a lightweight container indeed meet the ....

468.heap n.(一)堆;大量;许多
outofmemoryerror: java heap space it seems this is happening when the log parser runs out of memory trying to parse a huge log

469.reap v.收割,收获
if you want to reap the benefits of asynchronous messaging but aren’t concerned with jms specification conformance or the built-in reliability that jms provides

470.Collapsible adj.可摺叠的 collapse n. 倒塌;失败;衰竭 vt. 使倒塌,使崩溃;使萎陷
you mean to have any build 'sections' also be a collapsible tree.

471.cap 帽子
472.foundry n. 铸造,铸造类;[机] 铸造厂
for example, cloud foundry operates in this way

473.problematic adj.问题的;有疑问的
this can be problematic if you are looking to distribute a self-contained application

474.modularity n.模块性;可组合性
osgi is a fairly new deployment model in the java enterprise space and brings promises of modularity to the extreme

475.aka -- also known as
476.distill vt. 提取;蒸馏;使滴下
note the load balancer was not distilled in the eip book, but it will likely be added if there is a second edition of the book
477.distro 发行版
we will notify this email distro at the beginning and upon completion of this maintenance
478.liable adj. 有责任的,有义务的;应受罚的;有…倾向的;易…的
we won't be liable with the message and its attachments.
479.cater v.提供饮食及服务;迎合;满足
to cater for that situation and others, camel provides five different completion conditions, which are listed in table 8
480.replicate v.复制 replication n. 复制;回答;反响

481.shouldering 肩托
rather than shouldering all the responsibility for presentation and functionality, html5 gets back to basics

482.sword n.剑,刀
long sword

483.palm n.手掌,手心;掌状物 calm 使平静;使镇定
Dornberg slapped the table with the palm of his hand.
484.preface n.序言,前言,引语
the preface to Camel In Action
485.ANSI abbr. 美国国家标准学会( American National Standards Institute)
486.angle 角度
in this section, we’ll look at scalability from a different angle
487.angel n. 天使;守护神;善
Thank you a thousand times, you're an angel.
488.thumb n. 拇指
the rule of thumb 大拇指规则 经验法则
the rule of thumb is that error handlers in camel only trigger when ...
489.compromising adj.妥协的;损害名誉的;有失体面的
more important, you learned how to shut down a running application in a reliable way without compromising the business
490.drawback 弊端
it has come drawbacks for example, reading fonts on windows is hard and it just support latest safari, chrome and firefox versions

491.compilation n.汇集;编写;编辑 decompilation [计] 反编译, 解码
if you try to run the main class now, you’ll get a compilation error saying myroutebuilder can’t be found
492.compat == Compatibility 兼容性
493.frills n.臭架子;虚饰
it offers a quick way to start camel development, but you don’t get any frills beyond what a regular java project would give you
494.pitfall n. 陷阱,圈套;缺陷;诱惑
however, it's worth reiterating those points as part of a more coherent discussion about some pitfalls to avoid when using profiles
495.chase n.追逐,追赶,追求
I will chase them again, however if the issue has not been resolved by 15:30 GMT, would it be possible for input the file to XXX manually.
we have raised an urgent request with mtex and are chasing them to get this done asap
496.chalk n.粉笔
497.intermittent adj.间歇的;断断续续的
it has been successful today but the issue is intermittent
498.agnostic n.不可知论者
language agnostic
499.wipe vt.揩,擦
you aren’t fit to wipe his boots
500.locale [ləʊ'kɑːl] n. 场所,现场
Therefore, how to enable globalization is about how to work with the locale.

631.I need to step out now, and relogin later
632.tank n. 坦克;水槽;池塘
633.provision n.规定,条款,条项 provisioning [prə'viʒəniŋ] n. 准备金提取
provisioning exp 3/16/2015
634.Lender n.出借人;贷方
named best securities lender in APAC
635.screw n.螺旋,螺丝 vt.拧紧
note this is a partial release so hotfix will screw the current env
636.scrum n. 扭打,混乱;[橄榄球]并列争球 vi. 参加并列争球 vt. 抛(球)开始并列争球
as a scrum master for the agile development team, you will be expected to: • organize and facilitate sprint and release planning meetings, daily stand-ups, reviews, retrospectives
637.swaption n.参与利率掉期的选择权
reflecting the time decay effects on interest rate swap and swaption products
638.swallow 吞,咽

639.hot-swapping n.热交换
since spring boot applications are just plain java applications, jvm hot-swapping should work out of the box

640.commuter n.通勤者;每日往返上班者;<美>乘火车或公共汽车 commute v.通勤;折换;减刑;改变;交换n.乘车上下班
this means no subway, trolleys or commuter rail trains will depart boston after 7:00 p.
I just went through a brutal commute and made it to the office an hour late than usual

641.predicate vt. 断定为…;使…基于 vi. 断言,断定 predict v.预言,预告,预测
a lot of the if conditions could be camel predicates that control flow between endpoints

642.formula n. 公式,准则;配方;婴儿食品
prerequisites: introduction to common excel formulas & basic macro training

643.outbound adj.(离开某一特定地点)向外去的 inbound 入境的;归本国的;回内地的
please take a look, i believe the archival should be done for us outbound file

644.discrepancies n.差异;不一致;分歧
investigate and resolve stock discrepancies

645.proactively adj.先发制人的;积极的〈心理〉
in case there are any issues that would slow down brm, there is a way to identify that and proactively communicate to the teams

646.Distinguished adj.卓越的
dear toastmasters and distinguished guests
647.Grammarian n.文法家;语法学家
if you are interested in becoming timer, ah counter and grammarian
648.Acquisition n.获得;所获之物;采集
China talent acquisition team
649.world-class adj.世界级的;国际水准的
global inclusion happy spirit club is proudly presenting a world-class workshop: the secret of happiness, as a new year gift for all employees and your family
650.intervention n.介入;干预;调停
camel cannot answer the question for you as its meant for human intervention

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